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Types of evidence & admissability

The theme of the paper is to compare and contrast the statues of South Carolina and Georgia. In this essay we will see the differences and similarities of South Carolina (SA) and that of Georgia in terms of statues. First, we will note the features of statues in South Carolina and then the features in Georgia. Statue means the rule or regulations which govern a state. This paragraph gives the statues in South Carolina. South Carolina has the following statues. (Brancik. C Kenneth. (2007), p.220)

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The South Carolina Director.
The South Carolina Government.
The South Carolina Legal representative General.
The South Carolina desk of state.
The South Carolina County.
The South Carolina Public Corporation.
The South Carolina Elections.
The South Carolina children’s policy.
The South Carolina probate policy.
Alcohol and intoxicating Beverages.
The Libraries, records, and Arts.
The Schooling.
The Aeronautics.
The Cruise Vehicles.
The ports and nautical issues.
Physical Condition Issues
.Communal Services.
Employees Recompense.
Work and employ.
The judges.
Customer Defense Policy. (Richman M W, Reynolds. L W, 2005, p.15)
The following are the features of statues in Georgia. (Environmental Law institute, 2002, p.28)

The Parliament.
Withdrawal and annuity
Clerks Bureau.
House of finance.
House of infrastructure.
Income and Duty.
State Administration.
Execution of wills and Trust.
Community Offers and service.
Professions and commerce.
Cerebral physical condition.
Intoxicating Beverages.
Handicapped being.
Cover on insurance.
Physical condition issues.
Protector and District.
Sport and fish.
Conservative and natural resources.
Social Practice. (Brancik. C Kenneth, 2007,p.389)
The following are Similarities/ Comparison of Statues between South Carolina and Georgia. (Brancik. C Kenneth, 2007, p.400)

Both have the code of schooling or a system of Education.
They both have a system of Election.
They both have parliament or legislature.
They both have the code of Farming.
They both have the code of physical condition and health.
They also have the code of intoxicating and beverages.
The following are the Differences/Contrast of statues between South Carolina and Georgia. (Brancik. C Kenneth, 2007, p.420)

Georgia has the code of torts while South Carolina does not have that code.
Georgia has the policy of irritation or nuisance while South Carolina does not have this statue.
Georgia has the statue of insurance cover unlike South Carolina.
South Carolina has a statue of Director or governor while Georgia does not have.
The following is a discussion on Federal codes or rules for the admissibility of evidence. Admissible evidence is any allowable or justified evidence that can stand in any court. Allowable evidence is any concrete proof that can be given to the interested party. This is done to assist in developing a tip made by another party. For evidence to be considered by the judge. it must not be detrimental. It should show some information that; it is a subject in the happening. However, this proof should not be shaken by the judge and his remarks. The basis of evidence should also be strong. (Brancik. C Kenneth, 2007, p.450)





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