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Case Study #1: Types Of sports psychologists.

Megan should be placed under the care of a clinical continuum because her parents are having a hard time and this is affecting her performance on the track. It is not easy to deal with such kind of a situation (Leslie,    2002). She will need to be watched properly because it will eventually affect her academic performance. Allison should be placed under an educational continuum because she was able to deal with comments about her being skinny which does not affect her personality in any way. Her performance on the other hand after the competitions, where she has never won does not seem to affect her in any way. Cayle should be placed under the clinical continuum to talk her into not cowering because of  the many spectators. She needs focus on her performance than on the spectators (Kalat,   2007).

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In Megan’s case, I would change the fact that she is having problems performing on the track and say that she is performing poorly in her academics because of taking too much time practicing in the field. In Allison’s, case I would change the fact that she is not bothered with her performance in the competition to the fact  she is bothered by the fact that, she does not perform very well in class either.  In Cayle’s, case I would change the part that she is nervous because she will be running in front of so many people to that, she has not  had enough practice (Nevid,  2008).

For further information on performance enhancement I would go to the Sport psychology and leisure centre, which it covers health and social psychology among other areas. There they will learn more about improving their performance.







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