This was in my opinion, the most important episode in the history of Undercover Boss. This week’s Undercover Boss featured Sheldon Yellen, The CEO of the omnipotent Belfore. The company is the world’s biggest disaster restoration company. Quick tangent: Socrates once poses the question of Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Translate to English, the phrase is “Who watches the Watchmen? ” The answer to that question is Sheldon Yellen. The company is providing a plethora of disaster relief and reconstruction services all over the world after natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. Since Belfore had such wide range and diverse people working for it, I was very intrigued to see how Sheldon Yellen will respond to the various task put in front of him. Sheldon work with four different people.

He worked with a demolition supervisor, a restoration carpenter, a cleaning technician and lastly and (infamously) a water technician.Sheldon discovered that his perception of his environment was wrong. He thought of himself as a good boss who helps others people in need and gave job to thousands of workers. However, he discovered that his demolition supervisor took odd jobs to make ends meet, the restoration carpenter was in debt because of loans incurred while in college, the cleaning technician never graduate high school and the cleaning technician was promote over a year ago but never receive a raise because of his personal decision to freeze pay raise.Sheldon was so surprised by all of this events, he confessed the cleaning technician on the spot that he is in fact, her boss. His admission startled me. I was shocked to seem a CEO of this company crying and breakdown on national television.

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However, I appreciated the fact that he learned the perception is not reality and that he took a proactive approach to ensure that his employees was happy by giving them deserve raise and cutting back on corporate expenses.