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Horizontal amalgamations may hold some serious effects on the competition conditions on the markets. Due to this fact, they are frequently sctunized by the competition governments or antimonopoly supervising governments.

Unilateral effects can be a topic of an econometric researches comparing to the co-ordinated effects of such actions of the houses because of their discernible end product and monetary value fluctuation effects.

As opposed to the legalistic attack, in the economic attack such sorts of theoretical and empirical analysis can be a valid cogent evidence for anti-trust tests.

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In the analysis the market constructions and monetary value theoretical accounts are really important and they closely consequence the consequence with regard to competition effects.

There two major categories of empirical methods in the related country, one of them is amalgamation simulation and the other 1 is reduced form empirical mold. In the first type of surveies related sector chief features are imitated in a theoretical account and the monetary value and market sector fluctuations before and after amalgamation are studied in the latter type surveies alternatively, natura experiments are used to do such an rating.

In our state these sorts of analysis about impossible due to the deficiency of relevant informations. Because of these troubles merely post amalgamation ratings which can non be considered scientifically as the genuinely amalgamation analysis can be executed. The legalistic attack towards to competition issues and so legalistic model are the other troubles such sorts of surveies.


Horizontal amalgamations may hold some serious effects on the competition conditions on the markets. Due to this fact, they are frequently sctunized by the competition governments or antimonopoly supervising governments. In the analysis of the one-sided competitory effects of the amalgamations: there is no cooperation within the houses in contrast with the co-ordinated effects. In the first instance the houses try to maximise their ain net incomes individually unlike the latter. Merger straight or indirectly bring on its challengers to change their reactions against other histrions in the market. In essence one-sided horizontal amalgamation instance the chief focal point is houses ain involvement unlike that of co-ordinated effects.

By making such an reorganisation houses can internalise the the competition. Common patterns of amalgamations are 1s which do non ensue monopoly so this simplistic type of amalgamations are non covered in the paper on the other manus more common duopolist signifiers are covered in the anlysis subdivisions of the paper.

In this paper foremost the theoretical model of these sorts of constructions will be held and so some specific instances and empirical surveies will be besides presented briefly with the purpose of finding of their likely effects on the competition conditions on the market.

Since the likely effects of the amalgamations closely depend of the market construction, the issues with them will be analyzed in the context of different market constructions such as Cournot Industries, Betrand Industries. They besides wil be held by sing different theoretical accounts such as Bargaining Models and Auction Models.

In the research method of the paper fA±rstly related theoretical freamework is presented. The presentation of this model is completed by reexamining different market construction based on their merchandise type for homogeneous merchandise markets Cournot Model and for the differentiated merchandise markets Chamberlin Model was used as a analysis theoretical model. Auction and bargainning theoretical accounts are besides used for the command processes and dialogues.

Following building of the theoretical model, two categories of emprical methods are presented in the empirical portion of the survey. These emprical methods are: amalgamation simulation analysis and reduced-form emprical mold. By utilizing amalgamation simulation method, the major characteristic characteristics of the market are determined and they are calibtated to suit for the market which is under rating. The consequences of this simulation are used to do refence to the likely consequences for the existent universe instances. By utilizing decreased form emprical modeling, experimental attack is adopted but the experiments are in the signifier of natural experiment. This means experiment are executed by the nature by altering market characterictics accross the related market or over clip. As an important illustration of this sort of anticipation ; FTC ‘s ( Federal Trade Comission ) anticipation whic was made on the likely monetary value effects of Staples ( 1997 )

In the rating of the competitory effects of the houses one shooting oligopoly game instruments are used through Nash Game theory model. The responds of the houses for each other is the chief focal point of the asessment of the possible effects of the related organisation.

In the whole analysis anti competitory agencies in the broadest sense ; as the consequences of monetary values and lower end products. In this instance in contrast with the co-ordinated effects of the horizontal amalgamations

The writers think that the one-sided competitory consequence analysis for amalgamations was neglected at the beginning of the formative epoch which was from 1940 ‘s to 1960 ‘s. The ground for this neglection, at least harmonizing to the authors of the paper is about the deficiency of attending of the research workers to the Cournot and Bertrand Models in the U.S in the related period of the clip.

The authors besides think that most of the authors agree upon this fact with them in their surveies such as Fellner 1949 Fisher 1898 Leonard 1994 ; Meyerson 1999.

Amalgamation policy foundation of the U.S authorities is critisized by the authors for developing that policy without any clear foundation of economic theory. Columbia Steel ( 1948 ) , Brown Shoe ( 1962 and Philadelphia National Bank ( 1963 instances are given as illustrations of such spreme tribunal determination for the period of three decennaries.

All over the universe amalgamation control chiefly aims to reexamine the amalgamations and acquisitions to forestall any consumer loss which is the consequence of the maltreatment of the market power of these freshly formed organic structures.

Last it can be quoted for the chief model of the paper from this paper chief beginning publication Gregory J. Werden Luke M. Froeb Unilateral Competitive Effects of Horizontal Mergers as the undermentioned looks:

“ What makes the amalgamation anticompetitive is that it internalizes the competition between the meeting houses and thereby causes them to change their actions. What makes the anticompetitive consequence “ one-sided ” is that the actions of nonmerging houses are determined by the same, Nash-equilibrium, best-response maps before and after the amalgamation. The effects are one-sided even though non-merging houses do non take the same actions after the amalgamation that they took before it, and even if the alterations in their actions increase the incorporate houses ‘s net income. Merger effects besides would be one-sided even if the merged house played an oligopoly game different than that the meeting houses had played. ”[ 1 ]

I-Theoretical Model

First, a horizontal amalgamation can be defined as “ a amalgamation between houses that produce and sell the same merchandises, i.e. , between viing houses ( at the same degree of production procedure ) . Horizontal amalgamations, if important in size, can cut down competition in a market and are frequently reviewed by competition governments. Horizontal amalgamations can be viewed as horizontal integrating of houses in a market or across markets. ”[ 2 ]

When one company takes over another and clearly established itself as the new proprietor, the purchase is called an acquisition. In the pure sense of the term, a amalgamation happens when two houses, frequently of about the same size, hold to travel frontward as a individual new company instead than stay separately owned and operated. This sort of action is more exactly referred to as a “ amalgamation of peers ”[ 3 ]

Amalgamations have to be monitored authorised organic structures because they likely violate one of the of import conditions of absolutely competitory market construction. One of the perfect competition conditions is about the figure of the houses in the market harmonizing to this status in such a sort of market at that place has to be adequate figure of houses which guarantee that each of them are monetary value takers. Obviously any amalgamations will decrase the current figure of houses in the market. Beyond that consequence there may be some alterations unilateraly or coordinating form of attitude differences between before and after a amalgamations. From the competitory analytical position the latter sort of analysis is more of import and most rating purpose to capture this relation.

The competitory effects of such actions which are studied are called as “ one-sided ” because this characteristic is typical from other sorts of effects which are created by houses ‘ coordinating dealingss against competition in the related sector. Thorough such actions the houses in kernel pursue their ego involvements. These are some sort of internalisation of the competition within the confluent houses. As a consequence the organic structure which is formed thorough amalgamations may hold market power to some extent. Main concern with regard to protecting competition is on the mistreating this market power against rivals and finally against consumers and harmin them.

In the analysis of one-sided effects there are some differences depending on whether the merchandise is homongenous or non. If the merchandise is homogeneous, the analysis will be more straightforward: the more market portion of unifying houses in entire production of the related merchandise the more likely they have market power and this will be harmful for competitory market conditions. On the other manus, if the merchandise is non homogeneous in other words if there is a differentiated merchandise so the substituatiblity of the merchandises which are produced by the meeting houses will be the chief focal point of the analysis. In this heteregenous merchandise instance the more substituable the merchandises of meeting houses the more extremely likely they will hold market power.

When finding the competitory effects of the horizontal amalgamations it is of import to present pre- and -past equilibrium of the meeting houses so the general regulation of thum for this finding can be stated that the larger a house ‘s end product portion, the larger is its border and the lower its fringy cost.

Cournot A°ndustries

As beforementioned these sorts of industries oligopolistic markets in which homogeneous merchandises are produced and the houses play the game by following their challengers ‘ end product degrees.

For Cournot Industries the general rating regulation can be stated as the followers:

This concluding consequence provides a ready to hand regulation of pollex: To forestall a monetary value addition following a amalgamation in a Cournot industry, amalgamation synergisms must cut down the incorporate house ‘s fringy cost, in absolute footings, by at least every bit much as the pre-merger monetary value exceeds the meeting houses ‘ fringy costs.

It follows that the amalgamation raises the monetary values of both merchandises unless it besides reduces fringy costs or induces the entry of a new trade name or investings changing consumer perceptual experiences about incumbent trade names ( termed “ shifting ” )[ 4 ]

Bertrand Industries

As defined before these sorts of industries are the oligopolistic markets in which differentiated merchandises are produced and houses play their game by sing their challengers ‘ monetary value determinations

Similar general rating consequence can be stated for Bertrand Industries similar rating consequence can be stated as the followers: While both the monetary value and pass-through effects of amalgamations in Bertrand industries depend on the curvature of demand, that is non true of the magnitude of marginal-cost decreases that precisely restore pre-merger monetary values, presuming the amalgamation induces neither the entry of a new trade name nor repositioning of bing trade names.[ 5 ]

The analysis can besides be made in the auction and bargaining theoretical accounts. In the auction context context amalgamation is modelled as the alliance of bidders, each of which continues to take a separate draw from the joint value distribution. The alliance, nevertheless, makes merely a individual command.

Auction and bargaining theoretical accounts specify the procedure which followed to make to the equilibrium unlike Cournot and Bertrand Models. In these theoretical accounts different auction regulations yield different theoretical accounts and chiefly considered the auctioneer sells an point through go uping unwritten command. So in this procedure: The victor of an go uping unwritten auction is the bidder who places the highest value on the point, and the winning command is the upper limit of the values placed on the point by the losing bidders.

Bargaining and Auction Models

In the analysis of competitory effects of horizontal amalgamations in these theoretical accounts the procedure of equilibrium has to be more deterministic comparison to Cournot and Bertrand Models. On the other manus general rating resulted can be stated as the following such sorts of theoretical accounts:

aˆ¦more successful bidders earn higher expected net incomes, much as equilibrium borders in Cournot and Bertrand theoretical accounts tend to be greater for houses with larger portions. The foregoing consequences yield closed-form looks for the effects of a amalgamation.[ 6 ]

In this procedure there are some fundemental differences between auction and bargaining theoretical accounts as it can be stated as the abstraction of the procedure from the ultimate solution. The auction unlike the bargaining theoretical accounts there is such sort of abstraction which can be considered as the chief difference from the first instance.

II-Empirical Methods

There are approximately two categories of empirical methods used to do quantitative anticipations of possible amalgamations. One of them is a sort of simulation

Merger Simulation

Merger Simulation is chiefly building a theoretical account which match critical characterstics oc the related industry. Through this theoretical account the station amalgamation equilibrium conditions and step its effects. In this computation one shooting not concerted oligopoliy game method is used. It is posssible to gauge the competition effects of the internalisation of the competititon after amalgamations. By utilizing this technique it is besides possible to avoid high costs to be caused by anti competitory consequences of possible amalgamations in the pre-merger period.

This method is considered as the most of import alteration in the analytic model used for amalgamation enforcement due to the its part to the literature.

The amalgamation simulation is chiefly based on two of import constituent of analysis: these are the monetary value snaps of related goods and the market portions of unifying houses. These factors maps as indexs to show likely competitory effects of the amalgamations. If the monetary value snaps of meeting houses, in the instance of differantiated goods instance, are high at that place will likely be a high anti competitory effects as a consequences of new merged house ‘s market power.

Again market portions of unifying houses factor is besides used as an index for the likely anti competitory consequences of the amalgamations. Probably because of its monetary value snap tools chance it is accepted that Merger simulation largely has been used non homongenous but chiefly with differentiated consumer merchandises.

In a healthy analysis the market word picture is needed but in this method particularly heterogeneous markts it is non a necessity so this is accepted as the major advantage of amalgamation simulation with differentiated consumer merchandises.

Another advantage of Merger simulation is that it besides permits an expressed tradeoff between the anticompetitive effects of internalising competition between the meeting merchandises and the pro-competitive effects of cost decreases ensuing from the amalgamation.

On the other manus as a formal modeling, amalgamation simulation forces premises to be made explicit. This can be both advantage or dis advantage. So this can be considered as serious restrictions in modellin portion of the method.

Another disadvantage of this method can be stated that at least current proficient province, amalgamation simulation predicts merely the immediate monetary value and end product effects of amalgamations.

Reduced Form Empirical Modeling

Reduced Form Empirical Modeling is a sort of extrapolation method from old experiences from amalgamations. Unlike simulation method, this method does non trust on any spesific theoretical account of rival interaction. In this method, in kernel some experimental consequences are used to do illation to gauge likely resulst of related amalgamations. But these experiments are performed by nature. In the extrapolation from these observed relationships between monetary value and market structures the common features of the related amalgamations with old 1s are important.

This theoretical account is a sort of deductive method because of its attack from parts to whole image. In this theoretical account this map is made possible by adding up little parts and in the terminal it could be reached the decision for the ultimate intent. In this rating all similar parts should be collected and combined carefully. The natural experiment which are used to make a decision can be analyzed by agencies of termed reduced signifier of appraisal in footings of monetary values or monetary value cost borders which are regressed on an explanatory variables. Merket concentration could be among these explanotary variables.

In the analysis the beginning of two chief indexs have important importance: these are the fluctuation of market construction and monetary value.

In the states which adopted economic attack for anti competitory instances this sort of methods could be used in the bench processes for case: The Staples instance is the first in this sort of procedure in which arrested developments of monetary value on market construction variable were introduced at a test.

III-Country Spesific Outlook for the Competition Issue- Turkey

In Turkey There is a formative attack to the competition A±ssues like in Continental Europe so there is a regulative government which is applicable to the reorganisations of the houses like amalgamations and acquisition minutess including joint venture constitutions. Enforcement of this ordinances is under the duty of Turkish Competition Board which is independent supervisiory organic structure for this map.

The chief statute law for the are is Law on Protection of Competition ( Law No. 4054 ) was published in the Official Gazette dated and December 13,1994 and Number 22140 ( the “ Law ” ) . The intent of the Law is stated that “ to guarantee the formation and development of markets for goods and services in a free and sound competitory environment ” . To accomplish such intents the Law and the back uping statute law focuses chiefly on three countries of intercession: agreements/concerted patterns curtailing competition ; maltreatment of dominany place ; and amalgamation control.

This authorized organic structure has a independent place in Turkish populace system and independent from cardinal authorities structrue with public legal personality, and an administrative and fiscal liberty. The Board is established with the before mentioned Law. The variety meats of the Board is briefly as the followers: the determination doing organic structure of the authorization is the “ Competition Board ” . Other organic structures within the authorization includes the “ Presidency ” and “ Service Units ” . The bureau is authorized by the Law with this entitlement: The Turkish Competition Authority ( hereinafter referred to as the “ Authority ” or the “ Competition Board ” ) is the regulative bureau responsible for the enforcement of the Law

Harmonizing to the Turkey Country Report which is announced by International confer withing house Ernst & A ; Young has announced amalgamations and acquisitions minutess are record-breaking with 264 minutess in Turkey in 2011. Harmonizing to a Amalgamations and Acquisitions 2011 study prepared by the company, volume of minutess was realized at about 14 billion dollars last twelvemonth which is less than expected. On the other manus, minutess affecting little and moderate-sized concerns have increased. Research consequences say the involvement in SMEs will go on in 2012


In decision we should be able to build a nexus to the our class and the state spesific coonditions to profit from these other state experiences. One of the likely applicatio country in our contry in public sector could be current privitazitions in the electricity sector. After the privitization such a sort of possible amalgamations should be monitored closely to forestall anti competitory actions.

Beyond the intent of presentation of related literature on the analysis of one-sided competitory effects of amalgamations. Some points could be discussed for our contry. These points could be replies for some inquiries for which we should happen replies for Turkey:

There could be the likely application of these methods in the denationalization country: Monetary value and market construction fluctuation effects of the current and future denationalizations should be monitored after privitazion or if it is possible before denationalization the before mentioned emprical methods should be used to gauge likely consequences of these policy options.

To some extent these sorts of empirical surveies are possible in Turkey but it is non presently possible to be consiedered as a existent cogent evidence in our judiciary system: The application of such emprical surveies is really restricted because of the restriction of the relevant information for executing of the methods. In merely really limited range, station amalgamation rating were made like the Study of Karaaslan & A ; YA±ldA±z which on telecommunication sector denationalization by comparing with OECD states panel informations.[ 7 ]On the other manus, such sorts of analyses can non be proper manner of amalgamation analysis because of deficiency of pre amalgamation informations.

But there can be other concerns in denationalization country in developing states like our contry such as some transmutation and infrastures. In Turkey Telecommunication and electricity market denationalizations were non made for merely public budgeting and finance concerns instead they aimed to transform the market towards to more competitory conditions.

Because of the legalistic aproach which adopted by, Turkey it is hard to be valid cogent evidence in a test.

In broader sense holding more competitory market construction or in narrower sense denationalization is non an ultimately economic determination it is political. Just like denationalization determinations being political determination it is finally will be a tribunal determination. On the other manus since bench organic structures and political organic structures consequence each others ‘ in return determination the determination even could be a political determination. So such an anlyses need to hold relative size to the their marks. In other words making such an analysis without sing proficient or legal foundation jobs it will be irrelevant to that state. So a inquiry may come to research workers ‘ that head: If finally the denationalization is a political determination all these computations are truly necessary? But possible and sensible inquiry coul be for this inquiry is: Yes.Because at least to make political statements in a logical manner and to show the principle for the concluding political determination.

From another position these sorts of anlyzes could be considered as an luxury because of their advanced degree. Turkey ‘s current market constructions are non competitory so it is useless to protect their unreal fight or we should foremost set up such a competitory markets and so keep their fight.