Last updated: June 28, 2019
Topic: ArtMovies
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Once my friend and I where in the woods and my friend had a lighter, she decided to smoke, but she dropped her lighter and the grass caught on fire. We were both screaming and running, the fire spread like a forest fire. I ran and I stepped on a snake’s tail, and the snake bit me. I couldn’t move and my friend ran away and left me behind. I was so afraid that I couldn’t move, and then a wolf and her cubs came running from behind some trees. The cubs looked strong and they were almost as big as their mom. One of the cubs stopped running when they saw me on the ground in pain.

I was looking straight into the cubs’ eyes. The cub seemed to understand that I was in trouble, so it walked towards me. It nudged my side with its nose and I raised the top half of my body with my arms. The cub walked under me and I lay down on its back. The cub started to run after the other cubs while I gently put my arms around its neck. When I got out of the woods, my parents ran towards me, and stopped dead in their tracks when they saw that I was on a wolf. The wolf carefully walked up to them and my dad helped me up, the fire truck came with an ambulance.

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My dad said for me to go inside while they kill the wolves. But I said I’m not going anywhere. I won’t let you hurt them, they saved me and you want to kill them. I slowly got up and limped over to the cub’s side and the other cubs and their mother came over to me. I started to howl like my grandfather taught me to, and I slowly lay down in the grass and the wolves made a circle around me and we all went to sleep. The next mourning I woke up and I was sweating really badly. I looked down and noticed the wolves were lying on my legs.

I smiled and tried to sit up, but a strong gabbing pain went up my back. Then one of the wolves woke up and helped me to sit up. I was allowed to keep the cub that saved me, so I named him Taylor, after my favorite person, hoping that he would one day he would meet me. This person is TAYLOR LAUTNER. Now Taylor is all grown-up. His brothers and sisters still come to my house and visit. When the mother passed away, I buried her with tender and loving care. All of the wolves howled with sorrow, now I put them to sleep by singing a little lullaby for them.

I’m there mother now, and they come to me whenever I’m hurt, they help me gain self-esteem and they help me know that I can do many things. Whenever someone tries to beat me up, they are there to back me up. I have helped them in return many times, I even help them hunt and take care of them when they get sick. They are like my family, and when something happens to my parents, I can always turn to them for love and care. I can go and live with them in the woods if I have to. I will never go anywhere and leave them behind, unless it’s for a tournament or to make movies. Where I move they move no matter what happens.