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The Wiccan Religion

The word & # 8220 ; Witchcraft & # 8221 ; dates back many hundred of old ages and means literally

& # 8220 ; The trade of the wise & # 8221 ; . This is because the Witches of the old were the

wise 1s of their small town, knowing in the art of healing, legal

affairs and religious fulfilment. A Enchantress had to non merely be a spiritual

leader, but besides the physician, attorney, and psychologist of the small town.

Today, people have reclaimed this word in their chase of Wiccan faith.

A With is an novice of Wicca, one who has earned the right to name

themselves Priest, or Priestess, through survey, self rating, and

religious life. Wicca itself, is an effort to re-create European

( largely ) Shamansistic Nature Religion, accommodating it to suit our modern lives.

Enchantresss are believers of the Earth and it^ & # 210 ; s

many rhythms. We believe that

divinity is found non merely outside to our kingdom, or plane of being, but

that is found within every life thing and all that support it. Therefore,

we attempt to populate in harmoniousness with the Earth and each of it^ & # 210 ; s


Wiccan tend to affect themselves with ecological chases.

Wicca observe the vacations of Pagan Europe ; Eight festivals spaced equally

about the wheel of the twelvemonth, at the quarters ( equinox^ & # 210 ; s and solstices )


the cross-quarters ( centers between the equinox^ & # 210 ; s and solstices ) .


are called: Christmas ( Dec 21 ) Tmbolc ( Feb2 ) , Lady Day ( March 21 ) , Beltaine ( May

1 ) , Midsummer ( June 21 ) , Lugnassed ( A

ug 1 ) , Mabon ( Sept 21 ) , and Samhain

( Oct 31 ) . Actual day of the months vary somewhat from twelvemonth to twelvemonth, as they are based

upon existent heavenly events. Many Wiccans besides celebrate the Full Moon,


which we have 13 per twelvemonth.

The footing for Wiccans moral behavior is found in the statement

& # 8220 ; An Ye Harm

None, Do What Thou Wilt. & # 8221 ; This is a mock antediluvian phrase, proposing that

any behaviour that harms none, is morally acceptable. Harm is defined by

anything that takes off, or works against an individual^ & # 210 ; s free will.


is, of class, impossible to be, or even discontinue to be, without doing

injury, so Wiccans look to carry through this every bit closely as possible. A Wiccan

efforts to do picks based on what will do the least injury, and

advance the greatest overall positive consequence.

Wicca teaches self subject, personal duty affinity with our

works and its animals, open-mindedness and the virtuousnesss of diverseness.

Witchs do non proselytise, as we believe that each must happen the way that

is right for them, and that all faiths are different waies to the same

truths. We draw our beliefs and patterns from our ain experiences, and

that of others, understanding that age does non makes a faith any more

valid, non does political support, Numberss of followings or stuff

retentions of it temple. Religion is a really personal thing, one which


merely be validated by the experience of the person. Wicca provides a

nexus for those who follow similar waies to portion their experiences.