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Uploading To E Groups Essay, Research Paper

This is Quad-Damage how to upload on Yahoo E gorups!

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1.Go to

2. on the top it says Register & # 8211 ; Sign In Click on Register ( it & # 8217 ; s 1 Register Per game )

3. Fill out what it wants make certain u put in the bithday ur over 30 and for Alternate Email put nil usage bogus Info but do certain u put a user name U can retrieve.

4.Sumbit this signifier when ur done.

5. You will acquire a mistake Please re-enter the entries labeled in ruddy

6. but merely chink or Activate and utilize Yokel! Mail alternatively

7. so subject this signifier

8. agian a Error make the name forge if u want it dosn & # 8217 ; t affair Fill it in

9.submit it agian

10. chink on Continue to Yahoo! Groups

11. Near the top right side U will see 4 things Start a Group My Groups My Preferences Sign Out

12.Click on Start a Group

13. for Name your Group put Quadwarez ( and the name of the game ) Like QuadwarezStarCraft or whatever game

14. for Enter your Group electronic mail reference put Quadwarez ( and the name of the game )

15 for Describe your Group put Quadwarez.cjb.ent

16. for Select directory naming type MAKE SURE U PUT UNLISTED!

17. eveything else leave every bit is so Hit Continue

18 Now the Hard portion Step 2 of 4: Classify your Group Put ur Group IN ANY Group BUT! Sex & A ; Romance ( DON & # 8217 ; T PUT IT HERE ) U can & # 8217 ; t download files in Sexual activity and Romance. Put it in Games so Computer & A ; Video Games so in Emulation ( THEY CAN & # 8217 ; T DELETE EMULATION )

19.then Click on Place my group in Emulation

20. Contine

21. Step 4 of 4: Invite people to your Group Move down and Click Skip THIS Measure!

22. Congrats

U merely made your group CLick on Customize your group page

23. Travel down a spot do u see Features and Options Click on Edit!

24. See Files travel the point to Public ( anyone, including non-members, can see files ) U merely need to travel it to that

25. so travel down and hit Save Changes

26. On the Side Click on Files ( it looks like this )







27. see the Add File Click on that

28. Snap On browse and happen the File ( under 5mg ) and under the Description of it Like File 1 or File 42

29. Snap on Upload file

*NOTE IF U open a 2ed Ie Windowss U can upload 2 files at the same clip like this*

*Note 20mg per history so don & # 8217 ; t uploader 20mg per account*

30. When that group is filled up chink on Start a Group agian Do stairss 13-26 agian but this clip Name your Group Quadwarez ( the name of the File A ) and when that group is filled Start a 3ed group and name the group Quadwarez ( the name of the File A )

31. it & # 8217 ; s Unlimited groups Per Account So do a new Account on evey Game! they don & # 8217 ; t if u go over 400mg in a group!

Quad-Damage I can & # 8217 ; t Spell so action me!

To acquire u links Click on Files

hypertext transfer protocol: // they will look like this

hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: //

DON & # 8217 ; T Upload Over 5mg File Sizes and don & # 8217 ; t travel over 20mg per Group and Yahoo E groups is really cool!


My upload skillz to upload to a kickass sever