Upon entering my career of a Professional Healthcare Administrator, I would choose to work at my local community hospital which is a non-profit organization.

Our local community hospital is a somewhat large hospital that provides quality care to its local community members and has extended its services out to other areas, but has become less about its patients on many levels. It currently needs some upgrading and newer more modernized renovations to appeal to the younger generation. It sits within a city filled with crime. The hospital is profited by its board members, employees, volunteers, patients, and donors. Most funding is issued through donations, fundraising, charities, grants, cash payments, and through insurance whether private or through state funded.  Without the support of its community, volunteers, and employees the hospital would not be able to provide the much-needed care it provides to its patients. Most of the hospitals finances are paid through private or government funded insurance companies such as Medicaid and Medicare. Somewhere down the line of serving healthcare to our community quantity has become a prior over the quality of its services.

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As the Healthcare Administrator of this hospital it would be my job to provide quality healthcare. Meaning patients would receive quality care and services. Seen within an appropriate amount of time. This is a huge problem within many health care facilities. Patients should not have to wait hours to be seen even if their situation is not life-threating.

Employees should greet their patients and be kind and courteous to their needs. Nurses should not be over-worked or over whelmed because this jeopardizes the quality of care a patient is receiving and could lead to severe medical errors. Physicians needs to be more understanding and listen to their patients complaints, and understand why they are there. Another concern is the rise in addiction and physicians need to be more aware of the signs that a person maybe struggling with an addiction and looking for a prescription for narcotics. As healthcare professionals whether we are doctors, nurses, or healthcare Administrators we must listen more effectively to the needs of those we serve. It’s the reason we are there. To ensure that everyone’s needs are being met, and that each patient is being treated with the upmost care possible. We also must remember that we could not provide such quality service without our stakeholders and t keep them happy we need to keep them updated, use active listening to their thoughts and ideas.

Also involve them in target events such as charitable events, community functions etc. Communicate effectively with the stakeholders, keep them updated and conduct surveys to get their opinion or ideas on new ways to improve our services. We must remember that our patients are the core of our business and to be successful we need to make sure that their visit with us makes them feel safe and secure enough to return when they need our services.