In today’s society, technology has become more advanced. Our society has become dependent on technology, specially the cell phone. We use our cell phones to talk to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Generally, we use our cell phones in the cars, while we are running errands or conduction business from one place to another place. Which has lead to numerous accidents on the American highways, so the nation has begun to question should cell phones be used while driving?

First of all, studies have shown talking on the phone while driving will cause accidents. For example, the National Safety Council estimates that at least 1. 6 million crashes are caused each year by drivers using cell phones and texting. ”National Safety Council” In addition, people are killed or injured from accidents that occur from talking or texting on a cell phone while driving.

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According to an analysis “by the Los Angeles Times,” “at least 4,699 reported accidents were blamed on drivers using cell phones, and those crashes killed 31 people and injured 2. 8786”. (3) (Drivers on Cell Phones Kill Thousands, Snarl Traffic) Next, while driving a person needs to pay more attentions to their sounding. By the person staying off the phone, the person has more control of the wheel, and they can consternate on the road. If the person is texting or trying to make a call, they are not consternating on what going on around them.

From the Eagle County Sheriff Department, Joe Hoy said, “Whether your texting, talking on a hands free device or anything else, your not giving you driving the attention needed to keep everyone safe. ”(4) (Vail Daily) To conclude, our society has become dependent on using our cell phones. While driving cell phones usage has also become a distraction while driving. With all the accidents that are cause by texting, or talking on cell phones. This has lead to numerous accidents that has caused injuries even death.