Utopia, 1984 Comparison Essay, Research PaperResearch Paper: Love in Utopia, Brave New World and 1984Love is without a uncertainty one of the most powerful emotions in the universe. Most people in the universe who have experienced this emotion know that with love, about anything is possible.

When in Love, the greater is his/her capacity for agony, or anything else in that affair ( Miguel de Unamuno, The Tragic Sense of Life ) . The authoritiess in both Brave New World and 1984 understand that extinguishing love and trueness is of import in their continual procedure of domination over their societies. In Sir Thomas More s Utopia, his Utopian society understands the importance of love and trueness. There is a immense contrast between the manner love is treated in Utopia, and Brave New World & A ; 1984. In both Brave New World and 1984, the authoritiess have replaced love and trueness, with intuition and hatred, while in Utopia it is treasured.In the novel 1984, many illustrations are provided as to how the Inner Party manages to pull strings the populace into contemning emotions, love and trueness. Intuition and hatred are the chief two feelings that replace love and trueness, in the society of 1984.

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The smallest thing could give you off. A nervous tic, a expression of anxiousness, a wont of mumbling to yourself ( Orwell, 65 ) . This illustration shows the unfortunate replacing of trueness with fright and intuition of everyone in 1984. It was awfully unsafe to allow your ideas wander when you were in any public topographic point, or near a telescreen ( 65 ) . Intuition is a dominant feeling felt by about all the members of the Outer Party in 1984. For illustration, when Winston met Julia for the first clip, his immediate ideas were ; She must be with the thought constabulary ( 45 ) . The society of 1984 is a entire incubus, in which everyone is leery of everyone and really small trueness exists. An illustration of treachery in the novel occurs when Winston entrusts his close relationship with Mr.

Charrington. Then, Mr. Charrington turns about and betrays Winston, by turning out to be a member of the ill-famed thought constabulary! It occurred to Winston that for the first clip in his life, he was looking, with cognition, at a member of the thought constabulary ( 234 ) . Love in 1984 does non be and has been eradicated because the interior party knows that it is unsafe.

Feelingss towards other human existences can sometimes oblige us to make things that we would non usually do. Emotions such as rebellion, and trueness all occur when people are in love.The Inner Party understands that the atomic household is really unsafe, because love amongst household is likely one of the strongest bonds between worlds.

The Parsons household in 1984 is a authoritative illustration of how the Inner party has destroyed the normal love within households. The kids were portion of the undercover agents ( 23 ) , an organisation advancing kids to descry upon their parents, doing certain that no thoughts against the party existed. Having kids spy on their parents is one of the many ways the Inner party has eliminated love from the household. It destroys the normal manner a household maps, and causes disharmony amongst the members in the household. The kids besides have the power to turn in their parents to the thought constabulary, which show that love clearly no longer exists in 1984. I m in for thoughtcrime K my girl was listening through the keyhole K I was speaking in my slumber ( 245 ) . The Spies and Anti Sex League both are organisations, intended to carry through the Inner party s true undertaking of puting intuition, hatred and fear amongst each other. 1984 is a society that is governed by totalitarian authoritiess.

The Inner party understands that the people must be loyal to one individual merely, that individual being Big Brother. In this society, love and trueness are replaced by intuition, fright and hate of everyone.In Brave New World, the feelings of love and trueness are non replaced by intuition and hatred. These feelings, or any feelings in that affair, have all been eradicated through clever methods, with the usage of scientific discipline and engineering. In the World State, the kids are trained from the minute they are created, to hold no emotions in life. The authorities in the World State understands that emotions are a unsafe thing to hold ; hence, they have concluded that the best manner of keeping societal stableness is by brainwashing and developing kids from a immature age to hold no feelings. All conditioning purposes at maintaining the people happy with their chosen societal fate ( Huxley, 13 ) .

As mentioned, conditioning is used to do the people happy, this manner they won T feel love or felicity, nor will they experience hatred or intuition. I had six misss yesterday, one on Monday, two on Tuesday, two on Wednesday and one on Saturday ( Huxley, 141 ) . The authorities downplays the importance of sex by promoting multiple spouses. As shown by this remark made by Bernard, the authorities has decreased the significance of love amongst the members in the World State.

Now kids, articulation in on the titillating drama ( 22 ) . Since early childhood, kids are taught to play with each other bare and to caress each other. The society has eliminated love, and replaced it with changeless sex. One illustration of how small the general population understands about love is demonstrated when John tells Lenina I love you. Lenina s immediate response is that she wants to hold sex. The society has been brainwashed so much that they relate love merely with sex.

To the people in the World State, they do non understand what true love is.Another method of extinguishing feelings all together is through the enforcement of their wonder drug Soma. Why don T you take some Soma? It ll do you experience much better ( Huxley, 64 ) . Another common phrase in Brave New World is A gm is better than a darn.

This phrase refers to a gm of Soma, is better so taking in and experiencing hurting. By utilizing this alleged admiration drug, the mass population has been drugged so much that they have really few emotions. I want him but I can t hold him K. take Soma so ( 70 ) . In this illustration, Lenina is speaking to her friend Fanny. Lenina describes to Fanny how she has some uneven feelings for John, feelings she s ne’er felt for any other adult male.

This illustration shows how Soma one time once more is used to brainwash the society, because Lenina resolves to taking Soma to work out her jobs over her uneven feelings for John. Soma and sleep instruction are all methods used by the Controllers, to extinguish love and trueness from the World State.In Utopia, love is by far one of the societies most profound feelings.

The society in Utopia feels that love, and matrimony is really of import parts of their society. In contrast to the state of affairs in 1984, the citizens of Utopia attempt and momintain and even increase the importance of love, alternatively of seeking to wipe out or eliminate love. Marriage is one of the most of import events to Utopians. Even if the individual is an wrongdoer, they may be allowed to get married even while functioning for perpetrating a offense K every bit long as they re in love ( More, 104 ) . In contrast to the other two societies, love and matrimony are really of import parts of the Utopian s lives. Even when person is functioning clip as a slave, they lose all their rights, except for matrimony ( love ) , which is to the Utopians, an of import right. Another illustration of how beloved love is to the Utopians, is when they come to the subject of seduction. Attempted seduction is treated merely the same, and no less of a offense so seduction ( 105 ) .

That shows the absolute importance of love to the Utopians. Their adult females are non married before 18, nor their work forces before two-and-twenty K if earlier, penalty will be warranted ( Utopia Marriage, 8 ) . Utopians enforce rigorous Torahs upon matrimony merely because matrimony, which is symbolic of love, is of import to them. Utopians enforce a rigorous minimal age for matrimony, so that love will be honored and respected amongst members in a matrimony.

Divorce is out, but in certain instances, if there is no other pick, they may have a royal forgiveness from the Prince ( Utopia Marriage, 9 ) . The grounds for prohibiting divorce in a matrimony is merely because ( as mentioned before ) love is of extreme importance to Utopians.Unlike 1984 or Brave New World, Utopians aim at seeking to continue love between the spouses in a matrimony. Slavery is sentenced upon those that have disgraced their matrimony, the guilty are made ill-famed, and ne’er allowed to get married once more.

( Utopian Marriage, 12 ) . In 1984 and Brave New World, the worst penalty is placed upon those that engage in love. In contrast to Utopia, citizens experience the worst signifier of penalty ( bondage ) , if they cause injury to their matrimony, or dishonor their matrimony by rip offing or loving another individual.

The citizens of Utopia hoarded wealth love, and seek to maintain love alive, alternatively of denying the importance of it like that of 1984 and Brave New World. This is evidently the biggest difference between Utopia, and the other two novels, because in Utopia feelings and emotions are terrific, while in both 1984 and Brave New World, emotions are condemned.Yet like all battles throughout history, there have ever been subsisters. Rebels, as some may name them, in this instance seek to continue love and trueness in 1984 and Brave New World. In 1984 the Rebels are evidently Winston and Julia, who are continuing love by prosecuting in their rebellious relationship. Their relationship is one of the few instances in 1984 in which traditional emotions such as love still exist. Winston loved Julia, and promised himself that he would ne’er bewray her ( Orwell, 129 ) . The two of them have a particular relationship, one in which traditional emotions such as love really exist in it.

In Brave New World, merely one character battles for the usage of traditional emotions. John, who is known to many as the Savage, is the lone character in Brave New World who continues on true emotions by showing love. His beliefs contradict those of The Word State, as he shows in his battle over his love for Lenina ( Astrachan, 3 ) . John is the lone character that understands about love and trueness. The remainder of the society has been treated and brainwashed so the society has perfectly no thought what John is speaking about. Winston, Julia and John are one of the few characters, and in some instances the lone characters who preserve traditional emotion in their societies.In 1984 and Brave New World, both societies have tried many times to eliminate love and trueness. Their grounds for eliminating love is simple, love and loyalty tend to do people to be loyal to person else, other so their state or authorities.

In 1984 and Brave New World, virtually no love exists between people, the few persons that continue this rare emotion are John, Winston and Julia. Winston and Julia face changeless convulsion from their close relationship in the fresh 1984. In the society of 1984, it is through the usage of telescreens, thought constabularies and other methods that the populace has become leery of everyone.

Loyalty is one of the chief things that are missing in 1984 and is shown throughout the book, like when Winston met Julia for the first clip. In Brave New World, John is the lone subsister that has been spared from the brainwashing and is the lone 1 that is able to show and see existent emotions. In the World State, the society has been wholly brainwashed through the usage of superior scientific engineering. Soma, sleep-teaching, all are methods that are used to keep public stableness and felicity. John is the lone character in the novel that really experiences love, in which he feels for Lenina. The effects of the encephalon lavation are shown when jobs arise, all the people of course resolve to take Soma.

The society has become passionless, and lacks normal human compassion and love. Utopia is an first-class illustration of how 1984 and Brave New World should be. The Utopian society shows how everyone should handle love, and to prize it, alternatively of being fearful of it.

In Utopia, love is without a uncertainty, one of their most of import emotions. The ground Utopians create Torahs to implement true matrimonies, is so that the citizens of Utopia ne’er bury how of import love is. The rigorous penalty on seduction, criminal conversation and the kind, are all illustrations of how love is treated, in contrast to 1984 and Brave New World. In both societies ( 1984 and BNW ) , they punish those that experience certain emotions, while in Utopia, those that shame love are punished for making so. Love is ever in every society, whether it is allowed, like in Utopia ; or whether it s out, like in Brave New World and 1984. Love is like visible radiation, it shines through the dark dark K it easy melts off all the immorality.

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