Utopia Essay, Research PaperUtopiaMy ain personal vision of New California would be based on little, communal type life ; opposed to a centralised authorities system.

I was fighting with the fact that I don t know if this type of life could really work, but it is my Utopia. I do experience this would hold a better opportunity of really working here in New California due to its instead secluded location off from the urban conurbation of Old California and the remainder of the universe. The little population up here would besides assist communal life to go a world. Furthermore, I m under the premise that this is the North Coast and it seems like there are by and large more good people here.

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Good people are rather necessary for communal life to basically take topographic point. Without a governmental authorization to state the people what they can and can t make, a wholly new manner of life will be experienced. Residents of New California will be free to make whatever they choose. However, each individual will be straight duty for their actions and the actions of those around them. Those who help back up the community will in bend be supported themselves by the community. I feel that a simpler manner of life would ensue from communal life.

This will greatly cut down emphasis and anxiousness amongst New California s dwellers, advancing togetherness and harmoniousness between community members.Equally far as the construction of my Utopia, there will be one major rule of New California that will fundamentally take to any undermentioned rules. That is, there is non traveling to be any type of authorities in topographic point to state the people what they can and can non make. The population will be divided up into comparatively little communities who are free to make up one’s mind how they want to populate their lives. This means each community will come to a consensus on whether or non to elect functionaries, whether or non to run into with outside communities, they will make up one’s mind their ain regulations, guidelines, criterions of life, etc.

The people will be free to populate in whichever community they see fit, and are free to go forth at any clip. Since everybody will be populating in little communities with no autocratic authorities, there will be no demand for the ownership of land. The 2nd rule is that no land will be owned. Peoples will decidedly busy land to populate and turn nutrient on, but no 1 will have it. It will be community land, opposed to some sort of private belongings. I fell this will, in a manner, assist do everyone equal. They will portion the land and work together for the good of the people. Another method to assist accomplish equality will be the swap system.

Goods will be traded amongst people alternatively of being bought. U.S. currency will still be used, nevertheless, it will be used as a trading mechanism instead than as legal stamp. This means people will be able to merchandise goods for money or goods for goods.

Equally far as instruction and wellness attention go, it is fundamentally up to the communities to make up one’s mind how to manage the affair. If a group wants to form a schooling system, apprenticeship plan, OR whatever, they will be free to make so. If a individual wants to larn a trait and are unable to make so in their place community, he/she will be free to go to another community to happen a instructor.

Health attention will be treated really likewise. Each community will take whether it wants modern type medical specialty or more traditional whole Earth type medical specialty. If a individual is ill than the community will assist to acquire that individual better. Infrastructure and energy will probably be changed from how we know it now.

There won Ts be any authorities to supply these types of services, so it is up to the people to make it themselves. Alternative energy will about necessarily originate because where else is it traveling to come from. Almost everything I could even believe of will follow the same form. It will be the people populating in the community and the community itself s duty to carry through anything.

If they want something, it is up to them to make something about it. Without a authorities, the people would be free to make as they choose. They must however recognize that this freedom will besides do them straight responsible for any actions taken. It would be a whole new manner of life, and I think it would be a good one.

They are basically different in every manner. One state, named C.A.L.S. by my group, is based on more of a socialist position. We provide free instruction and free wellness attention for all of our citizens. Equally far as authorities services are concerned, these are two major strengths of our state.

I besides truly like the manner we tried to stress community service as a manner to go a legal immigrant and as penalty for less terrible offenses. This will assist cut down the sum of province employees we will necessitate and salvage our money for other things. Free public transit would be another strong plus of C.A.L.S.

This will assist to cut down emanations from autos and decrease the demand for cars. I feel these were the major strengths of our state, along with our overall more eco-friendly life styles. Now it is clip to dig into the failings of C.A.L.S.

One defect in our authorities is that land will be governmentally owned to assist all of our trees from being cut down. This about sounds like a good thought, but why should the authorities have the right to have the wood and make up one’s mind what trees will travel? If any type of corrupt functionaries happens to govern our state at any given clip, our beautiful woods will be in their custodies. What we truly wanted was for everyone to have the land, but I think we were ill-defined in conveying this message. Another failing was our higher revenue enhancement for households with more than two kids. The thought behind this is to promote smaller households with the concluding end of holding the whole small town raise the kids. I like the construct of the small town raising the kids, but I do non hold with the authorities stating its citizens how many childs they can hold. The following failing is merely holding a authorities.

If it genuinely were a Utopia, no authorities would be needed. The people would be able to regulate themselves and life would be great.