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Utopia Z Essay, Research Paper

Utopia Z: Diversion

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Besides being able to populate comfy and easy, the people besides have a batch of diversion to make, with in Utopia Z. All of the diversion, is located in the diversion dome, which is located between the Construction Plant, and the Hospital Dome.

The Recreation Dome is filled with different activities, such as unreal ski-mountains, a swimming pool, and amusement park, an ice sphere, a resort area, a football field/track, a bungee jumping station, and a big field for assorted activities.

One of the biggest attractive forces in this dome, is the unreal ski-mountains. These mountains are constructed with hardy steel frames, and with unreal snow. This mountain is equipped with chair lifts, and three different ski-runs designed for different accomplishment degrees.

The dome besides has an excess big swimming pool, equipped with many slides. This pool is designed to suit in every bit many as 1,000 people. The swimming pool can besides imitate tidal moving ridges. And aside of that, it has a vortex, and a steam room.

For the childs? amusement, we have put in a mini-amusement park, which contains a twosome of rollercoaster drives, a Ferris wheel, and many other drives, designed for kids and grownups of all ages. Along with that, the amusement park, besides has many carnival games.

Beside all of that, we have the football field, which besides includes a path for running. The football field includes a computerized umpirage system, which will run the game, and besides maintain path of the mark.

Another large add-on to the Recreation Dome is the constitutional Ice Arena. This Ice Arena besides has a computerized umpirage system. But besides that, the Ice Arena is reasonably close to the modern 1s we have today, along with a twosome of small betterments.

The dome besides has another small add-on, the resort area, which is specially designed for the younger childs. This big resort area is reasonably close to the 1s we have today. This resort area maintains and cleans itself, which makes the resort area sanitary for the childs.

One of the biggest, and most unusual attractive forces to the dome, is the 400 pess bungee leap site, designed for the older more-daring people. This site is restricted to citizens 19 or younger, so this is merely intended for grownups. This site is equipped with a vacuity capsule, which transports the users to the top of the tower.

Along with all those activities, we have besides included a mammoth playing field for whatever activities the citizens can believe of. Whether it is Baseball, Frisbee, walking their pets, whatever, this field will function their demands.

Although the dome has many attractive forces already, it still has excess infinite for future add-ons.

Utopia Z: Agribusiness

Since Utopia Z, is a to the full self-maintained unit, it is able to provide and turn it? s ain nutrient. This is all done in the Agriculture Dome, which is located at the centre, shown on the diagram.

This dome is particularly bigger than all the other domes. Actually, it is exactly 10 times larger than it? s environing domes. A elephantine growing visible radiation is besides installed into the dome to supply the harvests and animate beings with unreal sunshine. This light really provides a better, more concentrated visible radiation than the Sun can supply on Earth.

The dome is separated into 3 subdivisions, designed to provide Utopia Z with veggies and farm animal of all sorts.

Two of the subdivisions are used to turn workss and veggies. They are intentionally separated into subdivisions, in instance, one of them are misfunctioning. These two subdivisions are equipped with strong lasting beams that encircles the country. These beams supply H2O to all the workss and harvests equally. Besides the lacrimation system, the land of the dome is besides equipped with a fertilizing system. This system, equally and on a regular basis, inserts fertilising stuff to the dirt, maintaining it full of nutrition for the workss.

The 3rd dome is provided for the farm animal of Utopia Z. This subdivision contains a really complex shelter for the animate beings, and a big graze field for the animate beings. The shelter provided for the animate beings, is a really complex system designed to take attention of the farm animal without the assistance a human being. This shelter supplies the animate beings on a regular basis with clean nutrient and H2O. It besides cleans the muss and olfactory properties and animate beings make, maintaining the dome sanitized for the other animate beings and workss. This system besides aids the animate beings in injures, maintaining them healthy. All without the assistance of a individual homo being. Past that, the shelter is equipped with a big graze field, which is guarded by a heavy-duty steel fencing, which automatically opens and closes for the animate beings at the set clip. The grazing field, allows the animate beings to acquire the exercising and freedom, that they get on Earth. There is besides a lacrimation system and a fertilizing system installed for the field.

Many of the nutrients are distributed to citizens of Utopia Z. But a fraction of it, is stored in the Storage Dome, located between the Hospital Dome and the Court and Government Dome. This is done, in instance, and major failure occurs in the Agriculture Dome.

This well equipped system, will provide the citizens with about all the different nutrients, that can be found on Earth.

Utopia Z: Decision

In decision, Utopia Z is a really efficient, self-maintained unit, and can provide the citizens with all neccessary life demands.

Although Utopia Z, supplies all the citizens with sufficient sums of nutrient, it besides supplies H2O to them. This is done at the & # 8220 ; nucleus & # 8221 ; of the unit, near the energy generator works ( shown on diagram ) . Utopia Z collects H2O non by direct beginning, but by garnering the neccessary minerals needed to develop H2O from infinite. Because H2O is made, it is really clean, so at that place will non be a demand for filters. The H2O is so run through a really complex system, which distributes equal sums of H2O to the people. A fraction of it, will be stored into a H2O armored combat vehicle, for exigencies.

Utopia Z, non merely supplies the citizens with stuffs need to keep life, but it besides gives them many other diversions to make. We have supplied them with a Recreation Dome. Utopia Z, besides has a Court and Government Dome which settles jobs for the citizens.

The citizens on Utopia Z, have to travel through a really straight-forward, but effectual system utilizing & # 8220 ; stars & # 8221 ; as ranking.

So in decision, Utopia Z can about give every to the citizens, that they could acquire on Earth. We can garantee that the citizens will bask and nice relaxing, no emphasis, life on this unit.

Utopia Z: Life Agreements

The citiznes of Utopia Z live in a really clean, and healthy environment. They live in a really simple, but effectual manner.

The places in Utopia Z are divided into two different subdivisions. One is a mean, with normal country and the other is for four stars and greater. The four stars and five unrecorded neer the underside while the three stars and less live up higher. Even though this is a non biest settlement people that have non followed the regulations and or interrupt a jurisprudence their nutrient is given at an sum merely so that they can populate and no more. Food is given to everyone and if more is wanted you must travel and purchase it with their ain credits, which can besides be used to purches

other points around for plessure.

Creditss can be exchanged for many free clip activities, including the Recreation dome, infirmary, excess nutrient and set-up gift shops. Creditss are besides spent on a one-year monthly fee to back up our station. Creditss can be earned in two ways buy making a occupation and every two hebdomads credits are put in their nest eggs to purchase excess goods and activities that are wanted.

Water runs free through the H2O system so there is H2O available 24 hours a twenty-four hours. Water is stored in one country incase of a virus acquiring in the H2O supply. Waste merchandises are shot into infinite where a machine collects them and turns them into fresh nice smelling agrarian dirt.

Utopia Z, has many domes sing that life will be safe, some domes include, Recreation dome, Government dome, Storage dome, Construction works, a prision and an Ariculture dome.

Peoples get from their places to these topographic points by infinite suction that sucks capsules from one terminal to the other in approxamitly 30 second. Twenty people can suit in a capsule and there are 12 normal capsules and two exigency tubings.

Families are merely out loud to hold two kids and one animate being. These regulations are set so that the population doesn? t grow over 10,000.

Utopia Z, has both

animate being and works merchandises. This isures a healthy and balanced diet, and besides gives pick in what one chooses to eat.

Utopia Z: Education

In Utopia Z schooling is really different ways, but besides similare in others. School starts at age four which is called adgustment schooling, basicly to acquire the kids off from drama and usage to the thought of school. Five twelvemonth olds go into Learners, so on to rate one through to rate 12 and so on to a trade school.

The schooling takes topographic point at place. The instructor is a holographic image produced by a screen with s hard-drive attached. A ( S.C.D. ) or ace compaced disc, is incerted and at a spacifice clip comes on and Teachs. This instructor is programed to learn the manner the pupil best lerns. This goes on through trade school, which is besides manditory.

Learning setions are three hours long with a 10 minute brake in between. Students have to pass three hours a hebdomad on studing and prep, this starts in class one. The survey clip is non manditory as of class sevon, if the individual gets a ( B ) norm, but continues if classs are less. Study clip is timed by a clock that is used to plug in and out. There is besides a trial that goes every month to see how the advancement of the pupils are traveling.

Dropouts are concidered saps and are non aloud anything particular. They are rated as a one star and are non give a monthly fee and are pushed back into the school. If the pupil tries it once more they will non be pushed back but will populate with no award untill they go back and finish the preparation.

Utopia Z: Law

Utopia Z is a really stricked yet peaceable infinite station. If a offense is made there are strong thuro probes doing certain nil is left out. Everyone that was neer the topographic point were the offense took topographic point is asked inquiries and put under a prevarication sensor and nil is taken for granted. If people that were neer the offense couldn? T aid so finally everyone one the station on the station will be investigated. There is besides camras so the condemnable doesn? Ts have that good of a opportunity.

The regulations or Torahs are basiclly the same as in Canada and likely the whole World. The punshments are totaly different in most instances. Some illustrations of offenses and penalties.

Murder & # 8211 ; Death

Murder, ( self defense mechanism ) & # 8211 ; Nothing

Steeling ( first clip, little thing ) & # 8211 ; One month in prison

Steeling ( first clip, large thing ) & # 8211 ; One manus chopped off

Steeling ( twice little ) & # 8211 ; One manus chopped off

Steeling ( twice large ) & # 8211 ; Death

Steeling ( three times ) & # 8211 ; Death

Drugs/Weapons, ( one clip ) & # 8211 ; Hand chopped off

Drugs/Weapons, ( twice ) & # 8211 ; Death

B & A ; E & # 8211 ; Prision-death

Rape & # 8211 ; Wipped so decease

If you get sent to decease, you die without your last repast and so you get shot into infinite. The decease sentances and all other sentances go for all ages from four- till age of decease.

If you do a offense and are put in gaol or any other penalty so you become a one star and can? t even get down deriving higher stars for 10 old ages and can ne’er acquire a higher star so three stars. This will besides do the people think twice earlier doing a offense.

Utopia Z: Introduction

This is the twelvemonth 1997, we ( Canadian developers inc. ) have developed a ego supporting, self contained space-station. The space-station is revolving Earth at a rate of.5/day. We have named the station ; Utopia Z.

We have selected 10,000 lucky persons indiscriminately from Earth. Approximately 2-4 people from each sex were selected from each Country.

Utopia Z is equipped to the full for all fortunes, including meteroids showers, foreign onslaughts ( for those who believe ) , etc..

Equally far as energy resources, Utopia Z uses the lone energy resource which can be obtained from infinite, Solar Energy. When the station base on ballss by the Sun, the energy is stored in panels, so transferred to the energy generator works.

We have developed a & # 8220 ; evaluation system & # 8221 ; , which we like to name the & # 8220 ; star system & # 8221 ; , each citizen is rated from 1-5, 1 being the lowest, and 5 being the highest. For illustration, a authorities functionary would be rated at 5, while a felon would be rated at 1.

Utopia Z? s currency, is similar to Earth? s & # 8220 ; recognition card & # 8221 ; system. We use a card which records the sum of money spent on an iten, in its memory. This procedure is to the full explained subsequently in our study.

Transportation system is really different from Earth? s. We use tubings which launch the citizens in capsuls to their finish, safely.

Utopia Z is self back uping ; in the thought that we raise and grow all our ain nutrient merchandises. The nutrient is grown in domes on the higher portion of the station. The nutrient is so sent to markets, where it is sold to the citizens.

We besides have a immense choice of recreational things, including ; three ski hills, football field, Olympic size swimming pool, ice spheres, childrens rumpus room, amusement park, and a bungee-jumping tower.

We hope that you take the clip to to the full read our study on our freshly developed space-station.

& # 8220 ; It? s one little measure for adult male, one big spring for adult male kind. & # 8221 ;

Utopia Z: Government

Utopia Z? s authorities consists of the followers:

The authorities officals wear uniforms, with sewed on stars on their chestm the stars mean how extremely rated the functionary is in the civilisation. Ordinary citizens are rated on the same footing, but do non necessitate to have on uniforms. Criminals or ex-criminals are rated at 1 star.

Merely the authorities functionaries have the right to input their thoughts on the civilisation to the President, who so relays the input to the King/Queen.

The authorities functionaries are elected in a civilised mode by the citizens, one time every six old ages. If an official dies, or becomes earnestly sick, it is up to the following highest rated official to take a new functionary to take the losing functionary? s place.

If a authorities functionary is found guilty of any offense, he is automatically removed from authorities and downgraded to 1 star.

Utopia Z: Population

Utopia Z has a really consistent population. To this day of the month, we have a population of 9,998. Utopia Z? s population was originally chosen by shriveling one or two people from each sex being indiscriminately from each, the privledged few, so had to take a thorough medical test, to do certain of perfect medical status.

Once a male and female have married, and make up one’s mind to get down a household, they may hold a upper limit of two kids, to maintain down the population in the station. Once a female has given birth to two kids, Once a female has given birth to two kids, it is compulsory for her to utilize birth-control.

From the ages of 6-18, it is compulsory for that part of the population to travel through some sort of instruction. If instruction is refused, the kid will be down graded to a 1 start citizen until the age of 19.

Medi-Care is supplied freely to those who are in demand of it, no affair of their economic state of affairs. There is a bound of $ 6,000 of medical attention to one person, yearly.

University? s/College? s are set up in such a affair, so that merely a limited sum of people are able to take a certain class in a certain field. This is to do certain there aren? t 1000 shoe maintenance mans, for illustration.

Utopia Z: The Economy

Utopia Z? s economic system is a turning involvement. Utopia Z is non in deby by any agencies.

Ordinary citizens ( 2 stars ) , earn a life as any individual on Earth would. The occupations relate around the station, concern? s offer merchandises and services which people on the station are in demand of. Employers pay there employee? s by manner of upgrading there & # 8220 ; card & # 8221 ; . A computing machine is given to the employer from a authorities functionary, which is used to upgrade the employee? s & # 8220 ; card & # 8221 ; . The manner the & # 8220 ; card system & # 8221 ; works is ; when a Peron purchases an item/service, the individual who runs the concern scans the purchaser? s card through a computing machine, forming the sum spent into the card? s memory. At the terminal of each month, it is compulsory for every citizen to convey at that place cards to a authorities bureau, and pay off there debts.

Jobs related to the infinite station ( ie. Litter picking ) , which are non claimed by a 2 star citizen, are assigned to a 1 star citizen by a authorities functionary.

Private belongings can be purchased through a long and slow procedure by registering a study to a authorities bureau, saying what you would wish the belongings for, for how long, etc.. Private belongings may be used for edifice places for citizens with 3 stars or higher.