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Utopian Society Essay, Research Paper

How the Quest for a Utopian Society

Has Been Obscured by the Struggle for Power

Harmonizing to the course of study of our Athinais to New York class, we are supposed to analyze certain subjects that are carried through history and literary plants of assorted epochs. In add-on, there are some repeating subjects that besides become apparent, particularly in some of the more recent works that we have studied. Plants like Cornel West & # 8217 ; s Race Matters, Elie Wiesel & # 8217 ; s Night, and Franz Kafka & # 8217 ; s The Trial, carry many similar subjects, and learn us readers some of import lessons about ourselves as the human race. Through each work & # 8217 ; s message, we can analyze & # 8220 ; what it means to be: human, a member of a community, and moral, ethical, or merely, every bit good as how persons respond to differences in race, category, gender, and ethnicity in relation to action & # 8221 ; ( this quotation mark taken from one Bob Anderson ) . While I dare non try to categorise each of the significances that the writers gave to their books, I can happen one major similarity. In each of the books, the writer is in hunt of a Utopian society that does non incorporate all of the mistakes of our modern twenty-four hours society.

Charles Darwin to a great extent believed in & # 8220 ; endurance of the fittest & # 8221 ; in his work with development. In the society that we have created in our universe today, one can see this belief keeping true. Survival and all around dealingss between different groups in general has become dependent on five small letters. These letters spell out & # 8220 ; power. & # 8221 ; One who holds the & # 8220 ; power, & # 8221 ; seems to seek and lord over those who do non. This battle over power has become one of, if non the, ground for the major differences between groups. While the conflict over power furies on, a Utopian society will go on to be an impossible end. Let me to explicate by usage of the books I have before highlighted.

Franz Kafka & # 8217 ; s Night tells the narrative Joseph K. , a adult male who must support himself against the tribunals of the twenty-four hours, while missing any and all information about his instance. The adult male finds himself all of a sudden arrested one twenty-four hours and placed on test for a offense he does non cognize he committed. The adult male becomes progressively frustrated as he finds no 1 capable of assisting him develop a instance to support himself with. No 1 can even supply him with any information about why he is on test. With no where to travel, and no 1 bend to, Joseph discovers that the justness system that was designed to assist the people has worked against him, and his state of affairs is utterly hopeless.

Kafka makes a strong about how modern bureaucratism and dictatorship has become so utmost that it harms the people that it is designed to protect. Justice has become jaded by its ain ego and its ain methods. A authorities is created by the people, for the people, but has alternatively gained the power to lord over the people. Here we see the power switch from adult male to the system. Joseph has become alienated from normal society because of offenses that he does non cognize he committed, exposing the corruptness of the justness system.

This incubus is non wholly excessively far from our modern twenty-four hours world. Harmonizing to a well-known book that discusses this subject, Urban Administration-Management Politics and Change, & # 8220 ; Contemporary technological society places a heavy load upon the person to accommodate to a large-scale, extremely complex, and frequently times impersonal bureaucratic environment. For a significant figure of the members of the modern mass societies this load has become the beginning of permeant feelings of anxiousness and alienation now fashionably termed & # 8216 ; alienation. & # 8217 ; & # 8221 ; ( Bent & A ; Rossum, p. 201 ) Man now has the pick of falling into line and being another & # 8220 ; cog in the wheel, & # 8221 ; or happening himself alienated from the remainder of society who presumptively does.

In this dark and drab portrayal that Kafka pigments of our modern universe, a community is formed when everyone agrees to accept his function, be equal with everyone else. It seems that being human is more of being portion of a system and being like everyone else, than being an person. In order to be morally merely, one must follow the Torahs and the system, even if they work against you, instead than for you. Men & # 8217 ; s heads have been warped to believe that justness is simply a province of head.

Elie Wiesel hunts for his Utopian society amid the horrors of the Holocaust. His book Night, gives an autobiographical history of his real-life incubuss during World War II. He had seen things that no 1 should be forced to see ; things that may hold swayed his one time immoveable religion in God. In a universe of desperation, where the Nazis had limitless power over the Jews, a Utopian society where are all equal seemed unachievable. It was unhappily simple, one group ( the Germans ) had T

he power and ability to extinguish another group that they deemed subsidiary, so they tried to wipe out them.

Elie had high spiritual ethical motives. He strongly believed that the power of supplication could get the better of all, although this belief became questionable as his horrors continued. He loved his household really much, and wanted to lodge by his male parent through midst and thin from the beginning. Even in the terminal, his lone concern was that his male parent survived. Survival was of desperate importance, and in order to last one needed to maintain his religion in God and his love for his household. The visible radiation in person & # 8217 ; s eyes showed if he was alive or dead, one time that visible radiation was lost, the organic structure followed. I wanted to utilize some quotation marks from The Diary of Anne Frank in order to complimented Wiesel & # 8217 ; s histories, but I found I learned much more from detecting the on-going, day-to-day trials than happening one exact quotation mark. The holocaust consisted of so much gradual anguish and the best citation that can be used is an full book as opposed to one little undistinguished sentence.

Cornel West brings the issu vitamin E of Utopian society to our contemporary lives. Regarded as one of the greatest minds and racial leaders in the universe today, his book Race Matters non merely expresses his feelings about the state of affairs of the human race today, but it besides provides some suggestions and optimism for the hereafter. He states that although White persons have much of the political and societal power in today & # 8217 ; s universe, Blacks do non due wholly excessively much to assist their state of affairs. He confronts bias but expresses his belief that all races portion the same fate. Harmonizing to Newsday, & # 8220 ; West & # 8217 ; s believing systematically challenges the conventional wisdom [ and ] confronts the reader with profound and unsettling insights. & # 8221 ; ( West, back screen )

West calls for some positive action to be taken in order to do all races genuinely equal. He sees many differences among all races, but he feels that this is natural, and each must be understanding of the following. In the book Jews and Blacks, West was asked to notice on how to face the job of antisemitism by inner-city Blacks. & # 8220 ; You have to convert people that it is a problem. & # 8221 ; He states. & # 8220 ; Black people are confronting so many hard issues today-Blacks don & # 8217 ; Ts have adequate resources, and nutrient and lodging and wellness attention and so forth-that it & # 8217 ; s non ever obvious to African-Americans that alongside of these there & # 8217 ; s besides the job of anti-Semitism. & # 8221 ; ( Lerner and West, p.249 )

West & # 8217 ; s Race Matters explains his thoughts and beliefs in full item. He pushes for a Utopian society, in which all races get along and handle each other as peers. He says that we as a human race demand to see things from & # 8220 ; all angles. & # 8221 ; One must step back and expression at the full image before doing a opinion. Possibly the most meaningful point that Mr. West tries to show is that our society as a whole needs strong leaders. Today we lack strong racial leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Very much like Martin Luther King, West dreams of a twenty-four hours when one group does non hold any societal advantages over another. He dreams of a twenty-four hours when there is no power battle between races.

Through each of these monumental plants, we learn some of import lessons about the human race. West, Wiesel, and Kafka preach against the disaffection and segregation that we create in our society. We design our authoritiess and make our political systems in order to help us in covering with each other, nevertheless, they have been obscured through clip. Now they have begun to work against us, estranging us from each other. Justice has genuinely become in the oculus of the perceiver, as its regulations and ordinances have become every bit cold as rock.

I see the chief subject in Night, Race Matters, and The Trial as being & # 8220 ; the impossible pursuit for a Utopian society. & # 8221 ; The battle over power has created a wall between different groups. Whether this be the power of the authorities, or of one group over another, the human race can non peacefully coincide unless each person sees & # 8220 ; the large image & # 8221 ; alternatively of being limited to his ain point of position. Everyone needs to take a measure back at expression what is incorrect within himself and the universe that he surrounds himself with, if any positive motion is to be made in order to unify everyone. If a Utopian society is of all time to be reached, a common land must be reached on & # 8220 ; what it means to be human, what it means to be a member of a community, what it means to be moral, ethical, or merely, and the mode in which persons and communities respond to differences in race, category gender, and ethnicity are related to action. & # 8221 ; ( once more quoted from one Bob Anderson ) In order to make so, we must put this battle for power on the dorsum burner for the greater good of all humanity.