Utopian Society Essay, Research PaperThe Utopian society in The Handmaid? s Narrative by Margaret Atwood is really different from what most people would see a Utopian society. The power of this society rests upon a little per centum of the population. In this society, work forces are superior to the adult females. Womans have virtually no rights or state in what goes on in their lives and adult females with rights are merely a few. This society was created by a powerful few who were able to subvert the authorities by killing the president and Congress.

These people so suspended everyone? s constitutional rights and used panic to halt anyone or group from endangering their control. Then they took control over adult females by halting their rights to ain belongings Womans have small importance in this universe except to function work forces, have kids, or educate new servants. Womans are divided into different groups with certain adult females holding more power than others. This book was written to demo people what it is to be like when you are a citizen O!f a totalitarian authorities.

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Margaret Atwood created this universe to demo people a few grounds. She wanted to demo how people might move if they had no rights and had everything taken off from them. This is obvious because the narrative is depicted through the eyes and head of a servant, the individual with the fewest sum of rights.

The servants in the narrative were the first line of servants. Most of them had households, kids, properties, and rights before they were converted to servants. The book was besides written to demo people what their lives might be if a totalitarian authorities is in power. Unlike other totalitarian authoritiess, faith is supported by the province.

Peoples who do non believe in the province endorsed faith are killed. Besides, certain scientists and physicians are killed if they pattern abortions or utilize certain medical processs. Margaret Atwood is seeking to demo people that this type of authorities could be the following way in American society if things continue travel the same manner they are!traveling.I feel that the clip before the revolution is non every bit bad as it was depicted. There are non mutant babes being born, atomic meltdowns, or work forces holding entire control of adult females. I do non believe that this society would be able to be instituted at this present clip. In the 20th century, so many people have struggled to have just intervention in America and I do non believe that these people would sit around while their rights are being taken off from them. Besides other states likely would hold stepped in so that a totalitarian authorities would non be instituted.

Margaret Atwood had the fresh terminal the manner it did for a few grounds. First to demo that this authorities did non win, like every other totalitarian authorities of all time in being. She besides wanted to demo how other states responded to this new authorities.

It besides left you inquiring what had happened to Offred and if she was able to get away out of the state.The Handmaid? s Tale is a fresh seeking to demo the possibility and what a totalitarian authorities in America could be like. Merely a few powerful people have rights. Womans have the fewest sum of rights. Margaret Atwood is stating us that if society as a whole continues the manner it is traveling, we are on a clang class to the type of society she has depicted.

Personally, I feel that the society depicted could ne’er go on in America and if it was instituted that the people would revolt and convey back a democratic authorities.