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1.   I gained knowledge of the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulations during my employment with the U.S. Government as an overseas employee in Worms, Germany at CFMO (Central Furniture Management Office). At MWR (Moral Welfare and Recreation) in Mannheim, Germany, I was responsible for ordering equipment for recreational purposes. During my employment I gained experience of how to transport the equipment to the facilities on time and within budget.

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2.      At Customs Express Cargo; I oversaw all aspects of multi-billion dollar operations, including logistics, distribution management, finance/accounting, budget development, project/program management and process enhancement. At Gannet Offset, which was a large distribution center, I monitored and directed a quality control program to consistently meet established standards. I also coordinated the implementation and integration of multiple operations support systems and analyzed, evaluated, and incorporated changes to reduce costs and improve quality to meet long and short term goals. I was also responsible for handling the accounts receivables At Customs Express Cargo.


3.      During my experience as a Distribution Supervisor at Gannet Offset; I Conducted training for personnel on fire prevention, safety, first aid, hazardous material handling, and transportation. I also managed the equipment and facility maintenance. During my employment career I participate in the development and implementation of safety programs such as defensive driving, lockout/tagout, confined space entry, fire protection, and other OSHA safety compliance programs. At Gannet Offset; I advised the subordinates regarding safety protocols and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance as mandated by local, state, and federal agencies, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Conducted routine and follow-up safety and hazard inspections of the distribution department.


4.      I possess excellent communication skills teamed with the ability to develop rapport with employees and peers. Poised and confident in dealing with individuals of all levels. Dedicated to building a highly motivated team aware of their role in improving productivity and quality. My communication skills have been honed as a result of extensive report writing, research proposal preparation and through my own determination to express myself clearly, appropriately and professionally.


5.      I hold a strong ability to manage with consistent results. Excellent organizational and analytical skills and the ability to lead projects and get results. Adopts a systematic approach to problem solving and effectively analyses results and implement solutions. Dedicated and committed, willing to take on challenging roles, tough assignments and work to tight deadlines.


6.      My belief is in compliance with my proven background and demonstrated abilities in the field of operations and distribution. Over the past 17 years, I have gained recognition for being an integral part in the success of multibillion dollar enterprises and for propelling the success of my previous employers. I hold extensive experience with successfully managing all aspects of a large distribution center including implementing automated distribution systems; selecting, managing and training staff; developing and managing the departmental budget; establishing and monitoring productivity goals; and leading cross-functional teams on key projects. Designed the layout, organization, processes, and procedures for a distribution facility. I also developed the operating budget for Distribution Center based on detailed forecasts and managed Distribution Center to operate effectively within the operating budget.