Value Line, in its current form, was incorporated in 1982 and is the successor to substantially all of the operations of Arnold Bernhard & Co. , Inc. In June 2005, AB & Co. owned approximately 86. 5% of the Company’s issued and outstanding common stock. The Company produces investment related periodical publications through its wholly owned subsidiary, Value Line Publishing LLC (“VLP”) .

VLP publishes in both print and electronic formats The Value Line Investment Survey®, one of the nation’s major periodical investment publication, as well as The Value Line Investment Survey – Small and Mid-Cap Edition, The Value Line 600, Value Line Select, The Value Line Fund Advisor, The Value Line Special Situations Service, The Value Line Daily Options Survey and The Value Line Convertibles Survey. VLP also provides current and historical financial databases which include DataFile, Estimates ; Projections, Convertibles, ETFs and Mutual Funds in standard computer formats.

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The Company also markets investment analysis software and includes The Value Line Investment Analyzer (which was last updated in 1999) and Value Line Mutual Fund Survey for Windows (which was last updated since 1998). The Company’s print and electronic services are marketed from time to time through media, direct mail and the internet to retail and institutional investors. The company last advertised on television, CNBC, in 2001. In addition to Value Line Publishing LLC, the Company’s other wholly owned subsidiaries include Vanderbilt Advertising Agency, Inc. Compupower Corporation and Value Line Distribution Center (VLDC). Vanderbilt Advertising Agency, Inc. places advertising on behalf of the Company and its subsidiaries’ businesses. Compupower Corporation serves the subscription fulfillment needs of the VLP’s publishing operations.

VLDC primarily handles all of the mailings of the publications to VLP’s subscribers. Additionally, VLDC is a disaster recovery site for the New York operations. The Company has a substantial non-voting interest in EULAV Asset Management, investment adviser and distributor of the Value Line Family of Mutual Funds. 2] Arnold Bernhard (b Dec 2, 1901 – Dec 22, 1987, Westport, CT), the son of European immigrants, his father came from Germany and his mother from Romania. [3] Bernhard took an unusual path to success in the stock-picking world. He attended New York City’s Stuyvesant High school where he was a distinguished student and a member of The Omega Gamma Delta Fraternity, but failed to graduate by ignoring a graduation requirement. His overall record permitted him to go on to Williams College, where he graduated with honors and membership in Phi Beta Kappa.

Bernhard started out on a literary career and wrote several plays and theater reviews for the New York Post and Time. His interest piqued by Edwin Lefevre’s book Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, Bernhard broke into the investment management business, first as an analyst with Moody’s Investor Service and later as an account executive managing investments. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 led to his lay off from Moody’s, but he retained some of his clients. Bernhard then began to develop his method for picking stocks which he called the “Value Line”.