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Victims Essay, Research Paper

The secret plan of the drama is that Bassanio wants to borrow money so he goes with Antonio to Shylock who is a affluent Judaic concern adult male, even though they call him a Canis familiaris and mock his Judaic ways Shylock offers him a bond, Shylock says that if he doesn & # 180 ; t wage he will take a lb of Antonio & # 180 ; s flesh, he says this and Antonio and Bassanio believe he is merely joking, Even though Antonio is racist towards him he still lends him the money. The drama is a mixture of love greed and retaliation. I would specify a & # 8220 ; victim & # 8221 ; as person who is on the having terminal of maltreatment ; this could be physical or verbal. The victim may or may non lend to there exploitation for illustration person could be victimised for their physical visual aspect which they have no control over and have non contributed to, or person could be victimised because of their actions which they have control over and hold contributed to. In Shakespeare & # 180 ; s clip it would hold been classed as the norm to be racist towards the Jews and the people watching the Merchant of Venice would hold cheered when usurer was treated severely for illustration in act 3 scene 1 Solanio says & # 8220 ; lest the Satan cross my supplication, for here he comes now in the similitude of a Jew & # 8221 ; this is aimed at usurer and they are naming him the Satan, the crowd would most likely laughed at this in Shakespeare & # 180 ; s clip and would hold found it really diverting, they will non hold seen usurer as a victim but as a scoundrel who hated all Christians. Christians would utilize alibis like the Jews killed Jesus as a ground to detest them but truly most Christians hate Hebrews because they where covetous of them because they where normally really spiritual and where allowed to pattern vigorish in their faith whereas Christians where non and hence Christians normally owed them money, besides the Judaic are normally really good educated this is a few grounds why Christians sometimes hated them.

Nowadays we would see this drama as really racist towards the Judaic people because times have changed and people think otherwise, people are more cognizant of people as persons and non merely as a member of a group even though racism still exists today. There is a long history of the persecution of the Jews for illustration the holocaust where Hitler carried out cultural cleaning against the Jews and many other faiths and groups of people, he killed some 6 million Jews merely because they where different. Another illustration is what happened in Britain 700 old ages ago where the Jews where killed and expelled from Britain.

We merely know a spot about usurers past history, but we do cognize that there was a adult female in his life, this could hold been his married woman as it seems he was really near to her but she died, we know this because his most prized ownership was a ring that he gave to her in Frankfurt but this was stolen by his girl and traded for a monkey.

He is Judaic so all his life he would hold suffered racial maltreatment so this could hold made him really vindictive towards Antonio as he is a Christian, when Shylock finds out that Antonio is traveling belly-up and he says & # 8220 ; I thank God I thank God & # 8221 ; and he decides

to kick him when he is down and take retaliation for all the times Antonio has wronged him, Shylock says & # 8220 ; He hath disgraced me and hindered me half a million & # 8221 ; intending Antonio has gone out of his manner so that Shylock lost half a million ducats. Shylock is demoing a really awful side to himself in this scene and he is on a roller coaster of emotions, foremost he is unhappy about his girl so he finds out about Antonio and he cheers up.

We don & # 180 ; t truly cognize much about Antonio & # 180 ; s past history but we do cognize he is a affluent merchandiser in the metropolis of Venice. Antonio is portrayed by Shakespeare as an castaway and does non acquire involved in the societal ambiance that is booming in Venice.

We think he has ne’er been married or has of all time wanted to, in act 1 scene 1 when solanio says & # 8220 ; Why so you are in love & # 8221 ; Antonio replies with & # 8220 ; Fie, Fie & # 8221 ; intending bunk.

Shylock must non hold had a really good relationship with his girl for her to run off with all his money. It is apprehensible for his girl to run off from usurer because she is in love with a Christian, but for her to run away with all his money usurer must non hold had a really good relationship with her, she swapped his most precious ownership, a ring that Shylock gave to Jessica & # 180 ; s female parent in Frankfurt for a monkey. This is really awful and calculated and merely shows she wanted to ache Shylock. From reading the text we can see that usurer was maintaining Jessica as a captive in her ain house, by non allowing her out and non allowing her hear the Christian music around her he says to her & # 8220 ; Lock up my doors ; and when you hear the membranophone. But stop my house & # 8217 ; s ears-I mean casements. Let non the sound of shallow fopp & # 8217 ; ry enter my sober house. & # 8221 ; Jessica hates the manner Shylock treats her and calls Shylock Satan. Shylock does non love his girl plenty and he even complains when he has to pay person to happen her so he can acquire his money back.

Antonio does non look to hold much household but he treats Bassanio like he is portion of his household every bit far as we see in the drama he is the closest thing to a household for Antonio and Antonio seems like a really alone man of affairs.

Usurer does non look to hold any friends as he treats everyone as if he was superior to them, he has pushed all his friends off by handling them bad and even his girl has left him, he treated Launcelot bad by speaking behind his dorsum about his indolence & # 8220 ; The spot is sort adequate, but a immense feeder, Snail-slow in net income, and he sleeps by twenty-four hours More than the wildcat

. Drones hive non with me. . His borrowed purse.”

Antonio seems acrimonious and finds it hard showing his emotions at first, but he seems to wish Bassanio really much, and he even lets him utilize his name to acquire recognition even when he owes Antonio money. Antonio seems to wish Bassanio otherwise to his other friends and he seems to love him and want to see no injury done to him. Antonio has tonss of friends as you can see at the beginning of the drama when they are all concerned about him and this gives the feeling that he must be sympathetic for him to hold friends but his friends could merely be feigning to wish him for his money and this

could be why he feels he can & # 180 ; t confide in them and state them what is upsetting him so much.

Shylock is a really powerful man of affairs and he feels himself superior to anyone else particularly Christians, he is a really avaricious adult male utilizing the bible as a beginning of involvement to roll up more money, Antonio says & # 8220 ; Mark you this, Bassanio, The Satan can mention Bible for his intent. An evil sole, bring forthing holy informant, is like a scoundrel with a smiling cheek, a goodly apple rotten at the heart. & # 8221 ; Shylock likes to believe he is a really powerful adult male and he is obsessed with power and money.

Antonio seems to be a really powerful merchandiser but is non every bit greedy as Shylock Antonio is generous and is willing to pay back Thrice the loan to Shylock. Antonio is a sort and generous adult male but he agrees to the lb of flesh trade being really naif that his ships will return safely. Antonio is really powerful in the community as he can easy acquire recognition when he wants it even though he does non wish to utilize it he says & # 8220 ; Shylock, albeit I neither lend nor borrow & # 8221 ; and so he says & # 8220 ; Yet, to provide the ripe wants of my friend, ill interrupt a custom. & # 8221 ; here Antonio is demoing that he is a really generous and sort adult male and although at first he may hold seemed difficult I think that he is a really good adult male and cares really much about other people particularly Bassanio. Antonio besides suggest that work forces may look perfect, but deep interior, they get negative features.

I think that Shylocks faith does non impact his behavior really much at all I think he merely uses it to do money and he hides behind it, although he thinks his faith is the superior one and that anyone who thinks different is inferior to him. Although he is capable to racial maltreatment because of his beliefs this could impact him and hence demoing that his faith has affected his behavior because he will believe otherwise about other faiths and pigeonhole them stating that they all hate him because he is Judaic.

I think that faith has affected Antonio and he besides feels that his faith is superior to others he says & # 8220 ; The Hebrew will turn Christian ; he grows kind. & # 8221 ; I think he says this because he thinks that no Jews are sort and that he thinks that because Shylock Is being sort so he must be turning into a Christian, this is grounds that Antonio thinks that Christianity is superior to any other faith.

Because Shylock is a Jew he is treated really bad he is kicked and called a Canis familiaris and many times he is referred to as the Satan, although Shylock seems to merely allow this travel over his caput he would non wish this because he is a really spiritual individual and he would non wish to be referred to as the Devil. Because of the manner Shylock is treated all through his life he has become really vindictive and he is really stereotyped towards Antonio and other Christians he blames all of them for his race & # 180 ; s jobs even though it may non be all Christians that are racist towards the Jews and he says Christians have persecuted his race when he says & # 8220 ; To tease fish withal. If it will feed nil else, it will feed my retaliation & # 8230 ; The villainousness you teach me I will put to death, and it shall travel difficult but I will break the instruction. & # 8221 ;

Shylock gets worse and he takes Antonio to tribunal over his bond, this is demoing that Shylock is the true scoundrel of the drama even though he is subjected to racism all his life these actions show that Shylock truly is the scoundrel in the drama.

Shylock mistreats Antonio because he is Christian, Shylock does non even know Antonio but every bit shortly as he sees him he assumes that he is bad merely because he is a Christian, Shylock says, & # 8220 ; How like a bootlicking tavern keeper he looks! I hate him because he is Christian & # 8221 ; Shylock is pigeonholing Antonio merely because he is Christian and even though Shylock thinks he is the 1 who is on the having terminal of racism he is besides giving it out.

I think faith has affected the manner people treat Antonio because he is hated by usurer merely because he is a Christian, Shylock does non even give Antonio a opportunity and Judgess him on the small spot about him that he knows, I think he has a batch of Christian friends and that they surely would non be friends with him if he was non a Christian. I think both Shylock and Antonio are treated like they are inferior simple because they are a member of one faith, this still goes on today and people are contending merely because there beliefs are different.

I feel that Shylock is most decidedly the scoundrel of & # 8220 ; The Merchant of Venice & # 8221 ; he goes to far when he takes Antonio to tribunal he mistreats to many people and the asks for clemency in tribunal, although sometimes he may hold been ganged up on by Christians in tribunal and throughout the drama he should non hold gone so far, he could hold merely walked away with a batch more money but alternatively he tries to utilize Antonio as a whipping boy for his retaliation, he should non hold done this and even though he has been subjected to antisemitism all his life it is no alibi for trying to take another adult males life.