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Video Production And Technology Evolution Essay, Research Paper

Communication SystemsVideo Production and Technology Evolution Technology has become a large portion in the mundane lives of about everyone. Everyday something new comes up or it being released to do communicating more low-cost or convenient for us. Over the past 20 old ages engineering has evolved by springs and bounds. Some of us can retrieve utilizing a record participant to listen to our favourite music at place. Then the cassette tape was introduced to the market. We all had one, in our autos and in our places. Then a wholly new manner to listen to music was created. It was the Compact Disc. This Digitally Mastered Sound was much clearer than that of Records and Tapes. Their was no rewinding and endless seeking for your favourite vocal. Soon everything we use will be digital. We already are seeing the DVD participants which allow us to watch films on a Compact Disc. Their are besides Digital cameras, Cassette participants, and Camcorders. This digital revolution has had a major impact on the manner that companies like Impact Creative Group ( the company which he is president of ) design, Edit, and Distribute Video Promotion. Some illustrations of this type of publicity which he showed us was a VHS tape which promoted a particular new golf driver. Another was a Precise Punching machine which can be used in many mechanical industries. The machine which was being advertised was non nevertheless inexpensive either priced at over One Million Dollars. He went on to explicate that the equipment which one twenty-four hours took up a whole room and used two inch reel to stagger tape can be done on a individual Personal computer with province of the art Video Applications. These popular applications such as Adobe Premiere and Finish give you the ability to

Edit, Render, and add Ocular Effects to a picture with easiness. This new engineering allows for faster production and added particular effects. The pointed out to us That the clip for bend around has been greatly, and the most of import thing is to acquire the clients attending. It is cardinal to acquire out to the client and do them see the merchandise but in the procedure make the advertizement easy accessible. For Example about every family has a VCR. So Companies feel why non make s short picture which will demo the people how purchasing their merchandise will be good to them. Then the picture can be sent to anyone whom is interested in the merchandise and wants to have it. This is a extremely effectual method of advertizement and is being used more and more mundane by companies everyplace.

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Another interesting subject brought up towards the terminal of the category was the fact that the universe of Television is shortly to be changed everlastingly. Within the following four old ages NBC along with many other broadcasters will be airing an HDDT signal which stands for High Definition Digital Television. The Televisions which are needed to change over this signal are today around $ 6,000. He made certain to indicate out that along with this new signal the Stationss besides must air the original signal besides from Two to Four old ages after HDDT is launched. This manner the people with the old Television s can still acquire Stationss. And about the $ 6,000 Television, wear T concern they will come down in monetary value merely like any other electronic constituent out at that place today. Within the following 5 old ages everyone will hold one and Television will ne’er be the same. Technology has changed alot since the 1970 s and the velocity of this alteration is acquiring faster and faster. So bent on it is traveling to be a wild and exciting drive for all of us.