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Vietnam And Politics Essay, Research Paper

Vietnam was a war of abrasion. It was the hardest war the United States has

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of all time fought. We were contending for a people who did non desire us there and for a

authorities that was to pervert to assist it and it? s people. Puting that aside,

we where and still are the most powerful state in the universe. This being said,

why where we non able to successfully get the better of the Viet Cong and The North

Vietnamese Army? To that terminal there are many ground, one being our war scheme,

another being the manner the Vietnmese fought the war, and eventually the Peoples of

the United States did hold there Black Marias in the war. In this paper I will nevertheless

stick to how proprietor tactics and how our military leaders failure to properly

adapt and make a war program led to our licking. I will besides travel into the Viet

Congs scheme as it change led to our failure. What was so awful about our

war scheme? We did of class win about every battle of the war. We fought

long and hard against an enemy that barely of all time was seen. Our tactics in the

beginning of the war where simple, conventional tactics, this significance you where

here, they are at that place, you merely have to acquire where they are. Operation Starlight

was a authoritative text edition battle. A big regiment of about 1500 Viet Cong was

gathered in and around a little small town named Van Tuong in northern South

Vietnam. U.S. intelligence has found out from a Viet Cong apostate that the VC

regiment was be aftering an onslaught on the Marine base Chu Lai. With this cognition

the Marines decided to strike the first blow. The Marines where to assail from

three sides coercing the Viet Cong into the South China Sea. The onslaught was

executed by the book and though it was a tough battle the United States

devastated the 1st Viet Cong Regiment while sustaing merely limited casualties.

The VC surviors of the American offense did larn something from at that place licking.

The saw the manner Americans fought. They noticed when P

laced in a state of affairs where

they where taking incoming fire, they would delve in and name for fire support,

either from the air or land heavy weapon. It was merely after the fire support

neutralized the mark that the foot would travel frontward and assail what of all time

survived the aerial barrage. The Viet Cong realized that they could non over

power the better-equipped Americans, and for the remainder of the war they avoided

face-to-face confrontations. The VC retreated to the safety of the jungles and

rice cakes of Southwestern Vietnam where they could put to death their ain signifier of

guerilla warfare. The Viet Cong fought in three adult male squads, called cells. These

Cells where extremely effectual contending units in distant jungle countries. The VC

scheme was simple, interrupt down the American? s will to contend. They did this

several manner? s, foremost by utilizing mines and other dumbbell traps, which did non kill,

but maimed. The following was hit and run tactics. The VC had webs of tunnels

linking hooch-to-hooch, village-to-village about across the full state.

They would start up and fire at you so disappear in to the monolithic web of

tunnels underneath you. American generals and advisers where ailment prepared for

this type of warfare and stood by the old belief the individual with the biggest gun

ever wins. The continued with there day-to-day hunt and destroy tactics above

land, uncluttering broad countries while the VC lived underneath them lived in comparative

safety of what was happing above, except for the ocasinal coming up to fire at

the Americans above. At the terminal of a twenty-four hours the American? s would be airlifted via

choppers back to base, enchantress left the VC to roll above land. Reclaiming the

land purportedly cleared early in the twenty-four hours. And so this went on, twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours,

dark after dark. This account is a bit overly simplified nevertheless the basic

Idea holds true, we lost the was from a strategic base point because our leader

failed to accommodate and make a feasible war program.