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Vietnam Essay, Research Paper

During 1954 to 1965, America became more involved for several of import grounds, the most of import one is that America feared Vietnam would spread out communism all over Asia. Throughout these old ages the USA could hold retreat and stopped giving assistance to South Vietnam, but didn & # 8217 ; T, as the Presidents wanted to keep there stature of strength and non allow Russia believe they were weaker.

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From 1946 in front the Vietminh administration set-up and was led by, communist Ho Chi Minh. He fought earnestly with the Gallic. They fought with far more crude arms than the Gallic who used modern powerful arms supplied by the US. But since Vietminh were hapless on the topic? engineering? they made up with fierceness, choler, nationalism and tactics. They fought utilizing Guerrilla techniques and gave them major advantage to the Vietminh.

The US was non really into the war they were merely providing the Gallic. The Gallic chiefly fought to continue their imperium disagreed in the ground why America got involved. The USA were contending against communism and non as war between colonialists and Patriots. The USA were contending for the incorrect grounds.

The twelvemonth 1954 was a major turning point, which brought about the immediate engagement of USA.

The conflict of Dien Bien Phu, in which the French were defeated by the Vietminh. This caused the Gallic to go forth Indo-China. The Geneva peace understanding led to the impermanent division of Vietnam. This was impermanent, the elections were to be held in 1956 in which the Annamese could vote for one leader for the tow divisions.

The Vietminh leader Minh controlled North Vietnam and Bao Dai Controlled South Vietnam ; he was disliked and was exiled by Diem.

Diem was a Patriot and was supported by the Americans. Diem had no purpose of keeping the elections and said that the Communists would non let free elections in the North. This broke the Geneva peace understanding and the USA supported his actions. This broke the understanding and the understanding was promised to be defended by the Americans.

In order to maintain peace in South Vietnam in 1959 President Eisenhower sent to Vietnam economical assistance and modern arms and sent military advisers. Two old ages subsequently in 1961 Eisenhower left the presidential term and by this clip 685 advisers were in Vietnam already. Eisenhower believed in the & # 8216 ; Domino theory & # 8217 ; , he thought that if Vietnam fell to Communism the surrounding states would fall like dominoes around it. This was the chief ground USA was involved.

Diem set up the A.R.V.N ( Army of the Republic of Vietnam ) and the new President Kennedy helped them by giving them $ 270 million. He sent up to 10,000 advisers to assist Diem. He did this as Communist North seemed to be winning as the

provincials in the South did non similar Diem as he taxed them

and took off there land, while the Vietminh gave provincials land and helped them. The USA was once more contending for the incorrect grounds as they thought it was non-communist against the Communists. In fact the provincials didn’t even understand what communism meant and what leader they were following and jobs they were doing.

The South Vietnams ground forces wouldn & # 8217 ; t battle for their state and the Guerrillas ruled the countryside. The US had to acquire out or take control and win the war. Kennedy did non like Diem. In November 1963 A.R.V.N functionaries assassinated Diem, as they were afraid that the US would retreat support if Diem stayed in power. President Kennedy knew of the blackwash but did nil. A few hebdomads subsequently Kennedy himself was assassinated.

The new president, Johnson had the chance to draw the US out of engagement in Vietnam he choose non to, he really increased his AIDSs to south Vietnam. He poured more money and bombed the Ho Chi Minh trail.

The Gulf on Tonking incident provide the alibi needed by President Johnson to prehend control of the war and direct military personnels into Vietnam and win the war. On the 11th November 1965 the American Destroyer & # 8216 ; Maddox & # 8217 ; registered a radio detection and ranging confusion and thought it was being attacked. The President was told, and he went public and stated they were under onslaught even though a 2nd message was relayed stating it was an mistake and non assail. The President ignored this and led the populace to believe they were being attacked. He did this as he wanted to hold on clasp of the war, and now the populace were on his side.

The consequence of this was an rise in USA & # 8217 ; s engagement in Vietnam. The war attempt was in topographic point and the US naval forces and the South Vietnam navy fought the Vietminh naval forces.

On the 11th of February 1965 President Johnson made it clear that he thought & # 8216 ; Operation Rolling Thunder & # 8217 ; would win the war. The program consisted of bombing North Vietnam cardinal military marks, such ground forces barracks, Bridgess and metropoliss in an effort to bomb the Vietminh in to entry and halt communism in Vietnam and hopefully the Middle-East.

From 1954 to 1965 the Americans became progressively involved due to fear, hatred, and the effort to extinguish communism from the face of the Earth. At first America were indirectly portion of the war, they gave fiscal assistance and equipment to the South Vietnamese. They increasingly became involved when the position of communism endangered their & # 8216 ; Back yard & # 8217 ; . The USA were dragged in to the war by their complete and whole hatred of Communism. The US thought the war was communism against patriots where in fact it was between colonialists and Patriots. The ulterior portion of the war consisted of two Nationalist parties who wanted power over Vietnam. America & # 8217 ; s vision saw the Vietminh led by a Communist. This meant America would make any thing they could to get the better of the Vietminh ( Communists ) .