Vietnam Essay, Research PaperThe Life of VietnamHere in America we see that our lives are already complicated but the lives of the Vietnamese people are far worse. The things that we take for granted are considered privileges in Vietnam, such as air conditioning, lavatories, and electricity. Another thing that we take for granted is our instruction systems.

There are many differences between the two states school systems. In America any 1 can travel to public school with no charge, while in Vietnam you have to past a strict trial after fifth, ten percent, and 12th class merely to travel to the following degree. In some schools you have to go through the trial in the top 10 per centum to acquire to the following class degree without paying a revenue enhancement. If the pupil does non go through he or she will reiterate the class. If the misss reach 9th class they start to dress otherwise because they are now considered to be immature adult females. They will have on a long grey, white, or black frock like shirt that is tight suiting with the same colored loose fitting bloomerss. In Vietnam school begins at 7:30 to 11:30 or 12:00 in the afternoon.

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Reaching college in Vietnam is a hard undertaking. Many pupils can non go through trials and settle to be instructors because it is easier to go through the trials. The bulk of people in Vietnam halt go toing school after high school. Many of the grownups and seniors drop out of school early because their household needs them to travel work for money.Vietnam is non divided into provinces like the United States. However, many Vietnamese people consider Vietnam to be divided into three subdivisions, North, Central, and South Vietnam.

The idioms in these subdivisions are easy noticeable. The northern people? s voices are high and their pronunciation of words is more right Central Vietnamese idiom is more mumbled and their words are put together. In the South people speak with lower voices and slang is used more frequently.In Vietnam the temperature is really similar to Houston. It is really humid and hot in Vietnam. It likely will look even hotter in Vietnam than in Houston because many families do non hold air conditioning. In South Vietnam it is by and large warm throughout the whole twelvemonth. The hottest clip of the twelvemonth is normally between March and May.

Monsoon season occurs from April to October and follows the dry season. The rain season occurs in May or June. The rain can come down in jimmiess or really heavy that they can do unsafe inundations that will kill many people. Some of the inundations can make to over two-story houses and do major devastation. The rain nevertheless is a necessity to the Vietnamese people because they depend on the rain to do their rice reaping successful.Religions are besides really similar to the United States every bit good. Christianity, Buddhism, and Confucianism are the major faiths that are followed in Vietnam.

Buddhism is followed all over Vietnam, but most of the South follows Buddhism. Chinese adventurers brought over Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism and European adventurers brought over Christian religion when they tried to suppress Vietnam in the yesteryear. Northern Vietnam follows Christianity chiefly. Confucianism is based on five cardinal relationships: swayers to subject, male parent to boy, older brother to younger brother, hubby to married woman, and friend to friend. Buddhism is concern with single behaviour more than the authorities.

Buddhists believe in reincarnation and enlightenment. Christians do non believe in reincarnation and follow the instructions of God and Jesus Christ.Both arranged and love matrimonies takes topographic point in Vietnam. When ordered matrimonies occur the adult male and the adult female really meet before they are married. Many times the two people have already known each other and their households are friends. Love matrimonies take topographic point more frequently than arranged matrimonies. A twosome of months before the matrimony a ceremonial takes topographic point at the brides house to observe the battle.

At the ceremonial the twosome will pray to their ascendants to look after their future matrimony and thank both sides of the household for their support. The marrying most of the clip takes topographic point outside or inside the groom? s house. In Vietnam the response takes topographic point at place, non at a eating house. The bride? s frock is non like those over here in the United States because they do non hold the money to afford a nice and beautiful frock. Many of the frocks are non white, but yellow or even tap.

The groom? s suit is frequently excessively large or excessively little for him because the bulk of the clip he borrows the suit from person that has gotten married before him. After the marrying the bride moves in with the groom and lives with his household. Most households in Vietnam unrecorded really near each other, even after when childs move out of their parent? s house.Communist authorities in Vietnam has many limitations on Vietnamese people in the manner of freedom of address. If anything is talked about the authorities it has to be positive. Vietnamese people are really frightened of their authorities and watch what they say because they could be thrown in prison.

In Vietnam there are no existent limitations in Vietnam. Young kids walk nude in the streets, swim in the rivers during the twenty-four hours naked, people spit and picks their olfactory organs freely without any concerns. Many households in Vietnam do non hold a bathroom to lavish and to utilize the public toilet. They do all these thing in a river that is nearby their places.

Material wise Vietnamese people do non hold much compared to the United States. Fourteen 1000 in Vietnam is merely a dollar in the United States. The bulk of Vietnamese people do non have autos, but mopeds and motorcycles to acquire about. The traffic in Vietnam is really feverish. A hr trip in the United States can take up most of the twenty-four hours in Vietnam because of the traffic and dodging people on motorcycles and mopeds. In the hapless communities in Vietnam nutrient does non come everyday. One twenty-four hours the kids can travel to kip full and the following dark hungry.

The vesture in Vietnam looks like that of the United States, but are non the same in quality. Clothes in Vietnam cryings and comes apart easier than of those in the United States. White apparels after wash will go xanthous in colour because everything is manus washed. Small childs do non have on underwear because in Vietnam they do non see the demand to have on underwear at a immature age. Even though many people do non hold money they will be have oning jewellery for spiritual grounds or because they were gifts.Vietnam was a really interesting state to larn about. Some things that I liked about Vietnam was that how people can fall in love and acquire married.

Another thing that I like is that the schools seem to dispute their pupils more. What I like most about Vietnam is how the households stay near each other. They have a close bond between them that is slightly difficult to happen in the United States.

I did non like how everything was done in the river for illustration, bathing, utilizing the lavatory and lavation apparels. The one thing that I did non like the most about Vietnam was how everyone seems to be populating in poorness in Vietnam. Regardless of how bad the economic system is Vietnam is a really alone state that has earned my regard.