& # 8211 ; & # 8220 ; They Carried Ghosts & # 8221 ; Essay, Research PaperVietnam Soldiers & # 8211 ; & # 8220 ; They Carried Ghosts & # 8221 ;Essay submitted by TaviaThe relationship between the soldiers of the Vietnam War was different from therelationships with people from place. The soldiers felt as if they could non state the wholetruth about the war through their eyes to their loved 1s at place. The soldiers thatthey were with all the clip understood the hurting and confusion each other felt, yet noone talked about it. War changed how people had relationships with others. War couldconveying people closer or rupture them apart.The relationships between the soldiers and their households grew or forced them tobecome distant.

The soldier did non desire to worry his parents at place and knew thatthey would non understand what he was traveling through. In the Documentary DearAmerica: Letters Home from Vietnam, directed by Bill Couturie, showed theserelationships alteration. One soldier writes to his female parent and tells her that for a 2nd,he felt as if he was on holiday because it was so beautiful in Vietnam.

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One had tobelieve that this adult male wrote this to his female parent merely for her to worry less. He did non desireto state her the whole truth on what was truly traveling on inside of him. Would anyonefrom the outside universe understand? & # 8220 ; P.S. state mom non to worry, there is nil I can & # 8217 ; Thandle. & # 8221 ; The soldiers could manage the physical horrors that were go oning to them,but the mental position of many the soldiers were going breakable. How could youstate person non to worry about you, when you do non even care what was traveling togo on to yourself. The soldiers were wholly prepared to decease, but waiting was what wasdriving them brainsick.

They did non desire to state their 17-year-old girlfriend at place thisbecause she would ne’er understand. How do you state person that you love that youare fring your head and make even cognize who the enemy is any longer? Understating thewhole war state of affairs to your loved one was the lone manner to maintain yourself sane and nondo them worry excessively much about you. All of the work forces were scared, yet did non cognizehow to demo it. They could non demo it to their households in letters because that couldmake nil but do your female parent worry that you were non traveling to do it. & # 8220 ; We allscared, one can see this emotion in each person, some hide it with their oral cavity andothers hide it with their actions. There is no manner around it. We all scared.

& # 8221 ; The soldiersof the Vietnam War were terrified merely because they did non desire to decease. Worlds arenon born slayers, and do non cognize how to play the function of one. The soldiers tried to playthis function every bit best as they could, but some failed. The households and loved 1s of the work forcesof the war did non cognize the function playing was taken topographic point because the soldiers did nonprivation to portion it with them.

What could person at place do do them lessfrightened? The soldiers did non desire people at place worrying about them. & # 8220 ; Don & # 8217 ; Tconcern about me, it wont do anyone could. & # 8221 ; Having people who love you worrying aboutyou all the clip merely puts more force per unit area on the soldiers than they already had.

The feltthey were forced into a occupation they did non desire to make but must make it anyhow. & # 8220 ; I & # 8217 ; mscared, non scared plenty to discontinue, I am a marine. & # 8221 ; The relationships between thesoldiers and their loved 1s changed to make the fact that the experiences of war couldnon be demonstrated onto a piece of paper. Their households were non at that place and did nonexperience what the soldiers did. The loved 1s of the soldiers grew closer to thesoldiers merely out of concern. The soldiers grew closer to their households because they didnon desire to decease. & # 8220 ; Vietnam can kill me, but it can & # 8217 ; Ts make be care.

& # 8221 ; is the Poster mottoof the film Full Metal Jacket, directed by Stanley Kubrick. The work forces who were send totrain to travel to the Vietnam War shared a particular relationship between each other thatno 1 from the outside universe could understand. They were all scared, yet did noncognize what they were in for. They knew they could decease, but that was non a immense concernfor them at that minute. The hurting and unhappiness of traveling to war was shared with all thework forces in this cantonment. Full Metal Jacket showed how the Vietnam War made differentrelationships between the work forces contending in it. They all shared different bonds with eachother over different grounds.

Some of these Mariness did non desire to demo their fright toanyone because it would do them look weak. Private Joker was person who wasterrified of war, but did non desire to demo it to anyone else. Private Pyle representedthe fright and anxiousness in all of the soldiers in the war. Private Joker felt the same fright inPyle and tried to assist Pyle and himself overcome the fright. Joker did non desire to acknowledgethat the insecurities Pyle had were feelings he shared. This was why he hesitated andso hit Pyle five times with the saloon of soap and towel, four times more than everyoneelse. Pyle was his friend but he did non desire to acknowledge he was similar Pyle. These work forceswhere trained to be kill the enemy.

Pylvitamin E killed who he thought was his enemy, himself.The relationships between Joker and Pyle were the bond of terrorizing anxiousness.Joker became a close friend with Cowboy because they both shared fright but did nonshow it. Cowboy and Joker were both laid dorsum and afraid. They shared the connexionof non demoing your fright, but still holding a scruples.

They both did non desire to beat that place and questioned why they were in war. Joker and Cowboy shared a friendly relationship thatwas honest and reliable merely because the understood what each other was experiencing.They shared a scruples that would non allow Vietnam acquire the best of them.Staying sane was one of the indispensable survival tips during the Vietnam War. Raftermanwas close to comparing with Pyle.

He was a quiet individual, who wanted to be incombat like everyone else. He was assigned to take the images for Joker & # 8217 ; s articles.Joker did non desire Rafterman around because Rafterman acted as Jokerssubconscience. Joker did non desire to recognize that Rafterman was him. Bing scared wasa feeling Joker did non desire to demo. The bond Rafterman and Joker shared was thefeeling of fright.

Joker did non soothe him when he was scared merely because he did noncognize how to soothe himself in the state of affairss of war. Rafterman wanted to be on thefield, but when he was faced with that state of affairs he panicked and did non cognize how tomanage it. He did non desire to kill, nor did Joker. They shared the fright of experiencing like aslayer.

Not demoing human emotions during the Vietnam War was what Animal Loversymbolized. The Marines wanted to turn all of its work forces into slayers. Animal Loverrepresented how playing the function of a slayer could turn you into one. He did non listen toorders and was responsible for Cowboy & # 8217 ; s decease by conveying him in the sniper & # 8217 ; s scope.Animal Lover and Joker did non hold a healthy relationship because Animal Lover couldsee Joker & # 8217 ; s scruples. Animal Lover did non hold a scruples. He let Vietnam take allof his human qualities off from him and turned in him into a monster. Joker did nonprivation to allow that go on to him.

Animal Lover and Joker did non acquire along merely becauseJoker maintain the religion that this awful existent life incubus would be over shortly and todo the best of it every bit much as you can. Animal Lover turned his life into Vietnam. Warturned the soldiers & # 8217 ; emotions into one large roller coaster. They were non certain how theyshould experience or how they should respond to other soldiers who were traveling through thesame quandary. In The Things They Carry, by Tim O & # 8217 ; Brien, showed the emotions andfright of these work forces, who did non cognize how to manage it.

& # 8220 ; War is awful war is fun. War isthrilling war is drudgery. War makes you a adult male war makes you dead.

& # 8221 ; ( p.87 ) Thesoldiers were non certain how to experience about being in war. Each adult male felt this manner and felteach other & # 8217 ; s confusion. & # 8220 ; They carried all they could bear, and so some, including asoundless awe for the awful power of the things they carried. & # 8221 ; ( p. 9 ) The soldiers did nonprivation to acknowledge to each other the hurting they were transporting about. They were evertogether, yet they all felt entirely.

The soldiers were thrown into war and where forced to go close with people theyne’er knew before. & # 8220 ; They carried their ain lives. & # 8221 ; ( p. 15 ) Each soldier was responsiblefor all of the work forces in their unit, yet they had to worry about themselves foremost. They grewto swear and love each other. That was relevant in war.

It did non count who you wereand where you came from they were responsible for each other.Sing people that you grew close with dice right in forepart of your eyes felt painful cicatrixson these work forces. & # 8220 ; You win some & # 8230 ; and sometimes you settle for a rain cheque.

It was atired line and no 1 laughed. ( p. 12 ) Death of a close friend was something that couldnon be joked about.

The relationships of these soldiers grew to such tight bonds, thatthey would travel huffy if a friend of merely a few yearss ago were killed. Trying to image howthis would experience is inaccessible by anyone who was non in the Vietnam War.The soldiers of the Vietnam War had a soundless love for each other. It might hold nonbeen expressed, but it was at that place. Peoples who where in the war could ne’er image thebonds the work forces shared with each other. The households grew more affiliated to the soldierbecause they were frightened. The soldiers were more frightened than anyone couldimage.

No one knew how they should experience about the war. The soldiers and the householdswere confused. Some relationships grew stronger while some weakened. Love wassomething that kept the soldiers from insanity. The work forces felt they had to kill becausethat was why they were at that place.

Human nature does non learn person to kill, but tolove. The Vietnam War showed a batch of people the true significance of love and madeunafraid relationships for life.Plants CitedDear America: Letters Home from Vietnam.

Directed by Bill Couturie.Full Metal Jacket. 1987. Directed by Stanley Kubrick.O & # 8217 ; Brien, Tim.

The Things They Carried. New York: Penguin Books, 1990.