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Vietnam Survey Essay, Research PaperSurvey of The Sixties and Early SeventiessIn the 1960 s, the babe boomers became adolescents and were turning up in the Cold War. Because of the menace of atomic catastrophe, many of these immature people felt they were populating on the border of catastrophe. Many of them blamed their seniors who had grown up in the Depression and World War II, this created the coevals spread. The coevals spread was brought on by the many differences in beliefs and values between the older and younger coevalss. One of the differences was the usage of drugs. Peoples who used drugs were, on norm, younger than those who didn T and had a weaker relationship with their parents. Looking at these charts, its suggests that age, drug usage, and relationships with parents were all related.Harmonizing to the informations and charts, more work forces and adult females had friends who did drugs than those who didn Ts ( chart 1 & A ; 2 ) .

But, the information does non state if the individual we asked did drugs themselves. When I compared the usage of drugs to the twelvemonth of graduation, the mean individual who had friends that used drugs graduated in 1972 and those who had friends that didn Ts do drugs graduated in 1969 ( chart 3 ) . This shows that people who had friends that used drugs were by and large younger than those who didn T.Because of the coevals spread, people were turning apart from their parents and the older age group. The younger people believed that the older coevals was excessively inhibited and excessively mercenary.

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Comparing usage of drugs to relationship with parents, I found that work forces and adult females who had friends that used drugs had a weaker relationship ( 6.8 ) with their parents than those who didn T ( 7.7 ) , ( chart 4 ) .

In decision the 1960ss and early 1970ss seamed like a clip where the babe boomers were interrupting off from the conformist thoughts of their parents and seniors. These immature people created what was called the coevals spread and tried to non to fall into the mainstream of consumerism like their station Depression-era parents had one time did. Because of this, relationships with parents were weakened and people were more experimental with their gender and drug usage. We surveyed over 300 work forces and adult females to see how this clip period affected them and what their positions were on the hippy motion, Vietnam War.In utilizing the graphs and the surveyed information, I learned how to roll up facts and sentiments and utilize them to turn out a thesis.

The charts were really utile but were difficult to set together. I felt that the people I interviewed myself were unfastened to speak about the 1960ss and they didn t seem as uncomfortable with the inquiries than I thought they would be, like the inquiries about drug usage and relationship with their parents. I besides learned that even though the people I interviewed didn T go to the war they still had strong feelings against the war and the Vietnam War had an impact on America so and now.