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Vietnam War Essay, Research Paper

The treatment of the Vietnam War and its affect on Americans. In this respect, the

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sentiments and experiences of those who fought in the war, every bit good as those who stayed at

? place? were taken into history. In add-on, the? intents of the war outlined, and the

war? s consequence on the autochthonal people was assessed.

The Vietnam War officially began for the United States with the Presidents order

to direct military personnels into Vietnam, although there was no official declaration of war ( As was his

right as stated in the Constitution of the United States ) . Harmonizing to politicians, the

ground the U.S. had to go involved was because this war to be a war on Communism.

In reconsideration, what was the possibility that North Vietnam or any other Communist

state would really occupy America? The logic at the clip was that if the Communists

were non stopped in Vietnam, they would so occupy the shores of the U.S. ! In world,

the Vietnam War was a war that was fought for no existent intent.

The Vietnam War was alone in that it was the first war in which the media played

a important function. During the war, telecasting and wireless intelligence plans both aired scenes

from the? forepart? . Americans were able to see, firsthand, the decease and devastation being

carried on in Vietnam. The media? s word picture of the war was non glorified in any manner. On

the countrary, many Americans were given the chance to witness the true horrors of

war. More significantly, Americans at place were able to see who their? male childs on the

forepart? were genuinely contending. Sadly, these? ruthless? enemies were frequently immature kids and

guiltless bystanders, non? xanthous monsters? set on universe domination. The media? s function

in the Vietnam War helped to play a big portion in the development of assorted groups wh


vehemently opposed the war.

The? Resistance? groups were sets of persons who truly felt that there was no

intent to the Vietnam War and that Americans should non be at that place. These groups

consisted chiefly of immature work forces who showed their resistance to the war by keeping mass meetings

and protests, and by declining to be drafted. These groups were made up of persons

organize a countless mixture of races and ethnicity? s. In a sense, the war helped squelch the

discord, which existed between the races, at least for a short piece. Peoples of all colourss and

credo joined together in a common end, that being the resistance of the war.

Merely as the media helped the American people at place by fueling their ardent

opposition, it proved to be damaging those contending the war for the United States, and

everlastingly changed the image of the American soldier. Gone for many was the proud immature

adult male beckoning Old Glory as he marched valorously into conflict against any menace to the

American manner ; to be replaced by a syrupy liquidator of guiltless adult females and kids.

Many soldiers, upon returning from Vietnam, were forced to confront maltreatment and assault from

the American people. Alternatively of being welcomed place with unfastened weaponries and heart tape

parades, they were greeted with a hail of profanity and a shower of tongue. These were those

veterans that came place and merely signed up for another responsibility, merely to get away from the

land they one time called place. Yet there were besides many that stayed to oppose the war

aboard those in the opposition. At the same clip, they besides pleaded for forgiveness with

the American people. ? Don? T condemn us. Remember those that died? . Throughout all

this, the? aim? of the Vietnam War became lost in the contention. Yet, when is at that place

truly any true? aim? for war?