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Position On Cyberspace Essay, Research Paper

Positions on Internet

George worked in the Hong Kong office of a big U.S. company. On the 8th of May, at approximately two Os? clock, he received an electronic mail that came with an fond regard labeled? Love-Letter-For-You. The mail seemed innocuous plenty that George opened it instantly without believing. The capable line read, ? I love you? . George thought, ? Oh, how nice! I got a love letter. ? When he clicked the? unfastened? button, his computing machine crushed. The affiliated file on the? I-love-you? mail was subsequently verified to transport a extremely destructive virus that could infect the universe? s computing machines. Peoples named the virus the? love bug? . The dark of May 8th, the mail spread overnight around the universe and doing one million millions of dollars in harm. This problem happened all on the Internet.

How precisely does that go on? What sort of power does the Internet have that can destruct the full universe? s computing machine systems? The Internet is a matrix of webs that connects computing machines around the universe. It enables computing machine webs to do online communications. Peoples do research, send and receive electronic mails, confabs and exchange thoughts with others on the Internet. Harmonizing to Time magazine, as of 1998, the Internet had more than 100 million users worldwide, and that figure is turning quickly. More than 100 states are linked into exchanges of informations, intelligence and sentiments. However, the easy entree to Internet has besides caused us problems. For illustration, the love-bug incident brought us planetary amendss. The Internet has surely made our lives easier than earlier, and we, the people who live in the Internet Age, demand to recognize the pros and cons of the Internet-usage sing the entree to assorted web sites and the online communications. So we can sagely hold merriment on the Internet and at the same clip besides be more watchful to avoid the Internet-trouble.

The most satisfactory portion about the Internet is the easy entree to limitless information on web sites. The function of Internet is similar to a key. The cardinal allows everyone to travel into an abundant library that is built with extended and limitless beginnings. The Internet is various. It provides instant and immediate entree to assorted beginnings from the universe ; it helps us to compose, maintain path of histories, and exchange thoughts with others ( Raymo 156 ) . The first clip I used the Internet was in 7th class. My history instructor asked my category to make a research on World War II. She took us to the library and wanted us to utilize the Internet as one of our beginnings. Without cognizing the word? Internet, ? I had no hint how it worked and how to make research on it. Then the bibliothecs informed us that by merely typing? World War II? on the hunt engine sites on the computing machine, 1000s of related information on the topic would look. Unlike the old traditional and boring manner of researching with library books, the Internet is fast and easy. I was amazed.

Furthermore, the on-line communicating on the Internet has besides bit by bit become portion of the modus operandis of mundane life ( Raymo 156 ) . Not merely can we make research online, about everybody reads their electronic mail, sends posters to electronic slug

in boards or do air hose reserves over a computing machine web. I personally communicate a batch on the Internet. I can easy entree some of the Chinese web sites and acquire the latest intelligence in Taiwan ; I chat on-line and send electronic mails to my friends and households. Through the Internet, I can pass on to about every corner of the universe with the push of a button.

However, the easy entree to limitless information on web sites has its serious drawbacks that people should non overlook. Each web site on the Internet comprises assorted information for people to utilize, but non all the web sites are suited for kids under 18 to see. That includes erotica and violent related messages that might hold false influences on childs. Unlike films, it has its evaluations. Children who use the Internet can freely entree all sorts of web sites. What is calumniatory content? Who determines what content should be blocked? What content should kids see? Another issue is sing on the truth of information that are provided on-line. Can one be certain that information from different web sites are dependable? In high school, whenever my category was making research on the net, instructors had ever warned us to be careful with the false information. How can one usage those beginnings if some airheads post the false information on the web?

Furthermore, we need to see earnestly on issues sing privateness on the Internet. In The Other Side of E-Mail, Kuttner points out that Internet is a stealer. He wrote, ? it steals our clip and our privacy. ? The free communicating online causes the job. Peoples can easy see others? personal information by merely typing their names on the Internet. With each technological progress, how much confidential information should we uncover when we surf the web? What rights do companies hold to sell personal informations? Who should modulate this airing of personal information? Furthermore, we tend to trust on the Internet excessively much that a small virus like love-bug can easy convey us serious amendss. If people don? t do every bit much associating plants on the computing machine and pass so much clip on the Internet, even if the virus-spreading jobs are bing, we will hold nil to make with it and will non even have to worry about it.

In Can Body Meet a Body Coming Through the Wire, Raymo wrote, ? Like a force of nature, the digital age can non be denied or stopped. ? And he is right ; the digital age can non be stopped. In a manner, it is besides revolutionising how we live and how we communicate. However, if we don? t see the downside of the Internet web site use and the online communications earnestly, we, as the people who live in the Internet Age, will finally face what is called internet crisis. Computer-damage cases similar to the love-bug will maintain occurrence and convey us serious catastrophes. Now, with both positive and negative positions sing the entree to the web sites and the online communications, we can now be wise Internet users who have fun utilizing the Internet and at the same clip besides be watchful to avoid the Internet-troubles. After all, the Internet can take all of the human existences toward a superb cyber hereafter.