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Rosie Randle said she doesn’t know what’s going on with her husband, Vikings defensive lineman John Randle.

She said she’s had no contact with him since May 31. John’s agent, Gary Uberstine, “left a message on our voice mail informing us [her and the children] that John had filed for divorce,” Rosie wrote in a statement faxed Monday. This smells a little like Burt Reynolds’ cowardly filing of divorce papers for Loni Anderson long-distance or Sylvester Stallone’s brave firing of a lover by fax or FedEx – but John’s attorney in Dallas, Alan S. Loewinsohn, said nope. To avoid a confrontation that “wouldn’t be in anybody’s interest,” said Loewinsohn, it was decided that “it would be better that information be given from a neutral party.” Uberstine was selected because while he’s John’s agent, “he’s known both and cares for them both,” said Loewinsohn. Money is apparently an issue.

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Loewinsohn says a temporary restraining order has been sought to protect John’s money. “Make that [his] ASSets,” said Rosie, groping for humor in this sad situation. She claims that John’s agent reported that $10,000 was left in the bank for her but she only found $2,900. “If John didn’t have a nickel I would say come home, let’s be a family, let’s work it out,” she said. Married seven years, Rosie and John had been in marriage counseling three weeks before he disappeared on her; they’ve been having communication problems, she said in an interview.

. . . Rosie has been hurt by the lack of support she’s received from the Vikings. “They are trying to be nice,” she said. But she said that Vikings Veep Jeff Diamond refused to insist that John Randle seek therapy with her. Rosie said she reminded Jeff that in 1991, when John was charged with a fifth-degree assault on her, the Vikings insisted that he get therapy.

“I was writing down everything he was telling me,” Rosie said. “What you are telling me is the Vikings will not step in and help the family until it becomes physical?” Diamond said, “No, that’s not what I told her. I said we would step in and make recommendations and try to do referrals, which is essentially what we did in the past.” Rosie said she also reminded Jeff that she’s never made the Vikings look bad: “I’ve protected the organization all these years.

” She would not elaborate, but added “certain things you hear; certain things you see. Hey, you just keep it to yourself.”Danson turns off charmTed Danson can talk you down if you’re awed by his celebrity. Charlotte Berry, a gas company exec from Edmond, Okla., who was in town for a Futures for Children fund-raiser at the Wayzata home of Susan and Ray Johnson, could barely contain herself seated next to Danson for dinner. Better to admit upfront to being “star struck,” Berry said.

“Give me five minutes. I can take care of that,” Danson smiled. “Wait until I talk some.” That self-deprecating humor just makes Danson and his “teal blue eyes,” as Futures exec Ruth Frazier describes them, more appealing – and he knows it. Futures is an outfit an Albuquerque, N.M.

, that works to improve the lives of American Indian kids. . . . Moving up from the eyes, somebody at the $5,000-a-couple benie left Madeline Island music camp director Tom George with the impression that Danson was wearing a toupee.

Celebrity hair being a specialty of mine, I assured George that Danson was wearing only his hair, trimmed into that coconut cut that George Clooney sometimes sports. There was a bald spot on top that not everyone could see because Danson’s kinda tall. Danson prefers to wear only his own hair unless he’s in character.

But don’t take my word for it, Mr. George. Mitchell Fink, in this week’s People, inquired whether Danson plans to wear Sam Malone’s “Cheers” hair when he returns to series TV on CBS’ “Ink.” The answer is “no,” as Danson has ” . . . no intention of putting it on again.

Aren’t you glad I asked?” wrote Fink.Was that you, Sam?Danson gave Beethoven’s String Quartet, Opus 59, No. 3, a “Whoa! ” hearty enough to recall Sam Malone responding to a passing babe.

The parents of Heather Johnson, Alicia Koelz, Kyle Armbrust and Erin Breene sure have been getting their money’s worth from string lessons and time at the Madeline Island music camp. Applauding with verve, Danson leaned over to tablemate Charlotte Berry and remarked that his junior high cello lessons ended when his parents caught him treating the cello like an electric guitar.Table turns on CostnerAnother bit of naughtiness was table conversation from one woman who sounded embittered by the activities that led to Kevin Costner’s divorce from Cindy Costner, a Futures board member at the event.

Kevin wouldn’t have been welcome at this table because of what national gossip experts might have called alleged aerobic skirt-chasing tendencies.Friends in high placesThe best thing about inviting President Clinton to your wedding is the guaranteed absence of paparazzi in choppers. ‘Cept for Secret Service, no helicopters fly over any site where the prez is, such as the wedding of Ted Danson to actor Mary Steenburgen, an old Arkansas chum of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Danson still does double takes when Steenburgen calls the White House. That’s where Danson had been, with Steenburgen at a Lyndon Johnson White House fellows event, before hitting this Minnesota fund-raiser. If there were 18 tables at this fancy-schmancy dinner, Danson said, his was No.

18 when it came to getting fed and by that time he was feeling hungry and “cranky.” His table was the first in line at the Johnsons’ Wayzata estate.Evans is big man in townListen up, all you 332-TIPS callers who’ve suddenly started drooling over KARE-11 weather geek Pat Evans.

A huge gathering of “EV-FANS” is planned for noon Wednesday at St. Croix Valley Good Samaritan Center in St. Croix Falls, Wis. Evans is dropping by to say thanks to a nursing home and town where a lot of people signed a petition proclaiming their affections for Evans. A copy was sent to his boss, GM Hank Price, and Evans was so moved that he decided to visit. The petition drive somehow grew out of an autographed photo of Evans sitting on Kathleen LaBonne’s desk next to a treasured photo of Data from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.

” LaBonne, resource director at the 95-bed nursing home, didn’t know who Evans was until she saw his mug next to Data’s in the PP. She’s been smitten ever since. Evans doesn’t share LaBonne’s celebrity comparison. “No!” Evans said Monday, “I do not think I look like that Data. I think he’s kinda creepy looking, but they say he’s a nice guy.

” If you want to give Evans the red-carpet treatment, Kathleen, get a red wheelchair. He broke a couple toes at a weekend wedding shower.