What drove Vincent Van Gogh, born March 30,1853, to his mental unwellness and self-destruction? Could it hold been the many things he tried, but failed at in his life? He failed in many different callings, in love, and even his graphics. Van Gogh sold merely one painting his full life. Because of his mental unwellness, he was considered a brainsick individual.At the age of 16, Van Gogh went to travel work with his Uncle Vincent, whom he was named after, as an art trader at the Goupil and Co. This occupation had subdivisions non merely in Europe, but America besides.

Vincent was assigned the subdivision in London. There he got his first rejection in love. He fell in love with the girl of his landlady.

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Van Gogh thought her feelings would be common, though she was non attracted to him. In fact, she was disgusted by him. She was engaged to be married, anyhow.Because he was so hurt from this rejection, he took it out on his calling. He told the costumiers they were purchasing useless debris and insulted them for that. Van Gogh had to travel to Paris and merely his uncles influence allowed him a 2nd opportunity with the house. His rough behaviour toward the costumiers continued.

In 1876, the Goupil? s directors had to allow him travel.Van Gogh, being the boy of a Lutheran curate, was really much drawn toward faith. Van Gogh decided to fix himself for ministry by developing in the survey of divinity. He failed at the classs and could non be the curate he hoped to go. Even though he failed the classs, he still had the desire to be a curate. His higher-ups sent him as a ballad missional to Belgium alternatively.

There he wanted to be like his male parent and assist out the unfortunates as a sermonizer. He tried to contend poorness through the instructions of Christ. Van Goghs mission had to be discontinued. His attack to contending poorness did non do his higher-ups happy. In 1879, he moved to his male parents place in Ettan and stayed a piece. He so left Ettan and went to The Hague.After go forthing Belgium, he found he enjoyed painting material that moved him emotionally. He so thought painting would be the manner to travel in his life.

Because Theo, his brother and merely household member who truly cared for Vincent, was delighted that Van Gogh was seeking to happen himself, Theo decided to direct Vincent one hundred francs every month as an allowance. Van Gogh needed the money since he was a really hapless adult male.When Van Gogh was 27 old ages old, he considered himself a failure. He could non keep a calling and was non able to do a life. He could non remain in any occupation he tried, such as a an art trader, a instructor, or making missional work.

He felt he had no other manner to travel in life. He turned to the most incapacitated signifier of employment, being an creative person. Theo supported hi determination and influenced him.

Their relationship became close and they began a frequent correspondence.At the terminal of the winter and during the beginning of the spring, Vincent was traveling to confront yet another rejection from a adult female. He went to see his parents and met his cousin, Kay. She was a widow with a four-year-old kid. Kay was several old ages older than Van Gogh was.

Van Gogh, who thought he was in love with her, declared hi feelings for Kay. It merely turned he off and she ne’er wanted to hear from or see him once more. She left and went back place the following forenoon. Kays go forthing merely madeVan Gogh want her even more. He went to Kays parents house to happen her. They refused to allow him speak to Kay.

This made Van Gogh experience even more derelict and entirely. The remainder of Vincent? s household turned against him after that, besides. Theo was the lone 1 who still cared for him.Once once more, Vincent fell in love. This clip he was non rejected. His new love was a cocotte with a kid and pregnant with another. Christina, besides known as Sein, was sick and smoke-cured cigars.

Van Gogh, thirty-years-old at the clip, proposed to get married her. At first they were happy with each other. They had nil in common except a background of wretchedness.

Arguments began and Christina slipped off from Van Gogh. After two old ages with Sein, Vincent was entirely one time once more.He met another adult female. She seemed to care for him, though. Her household on the other manus, did non like Vincent. Once once more, he was shut out and he felt he had nil to offer.

Because of this, Theo allowed Van Gogh to fall in him in Paris where he was populating. There he discovered the universe of art and a whole new type of art. He learned all about colourss from the different painters, including Paul Gauguin, who became a close friend of Vincent? s.

After remaining in Paris about a twelvemonth, Vincent decided it would be best to go forth. He was non acquiring along really good with Theo and he thought he was non successful because Theo could non sell any of his art work. Peoples would non even see his graphics.Van Gogh so moved out of Paris and bought he Yellow House in Arles as a Home of his ain for painting. Theo still continued his frequent correspondence and monthly allowance of one hundred francs.Vincent did non like it populating in the house all by himself.

He was get downing to acquire really lonely. Vincent wrote Theo a missive inquiring him to convert his old painter friend, he met in Paris, Paul Gauguin, to fall in him in Arles. He had hoped to maintain each other company while painting. Gauguin agreed to the thought.Near the terminal of October 1888, Van Gogh and Paul had such and argument Gauguin decided to go forth for the dark.

Vincent in secret followed him and threatened him with a knife. Van Gogh returned place afterwards. At place, keeping the razor in one manus, he started high at the back terminal of the ear, and downward so that the lower portion of his left ear was chopped away.Van Gogh subsequently began holding hallucinations of unusual sounds and people seeking to poison him.

After the ear incident and these hallucinations, Van Gogh realized he was mentally insane and should direct himself to a mental infirmary at Saint-Paul-de-Mausole. At the refuge, they locked up Vincent during onslaughts such as hallucinations.Vincent eventually left the refuge, after remaining a piece. He so stayed with Theo and Theo? s new married woman, Jo. When Van Gogh learned information that Jo was pregnant, another onslaught came on.

After three yearss, he decided it would be best if he left.On July 27, 1890, Vincent Van Gogh someway got a clasp of a gun. He went out to the state at the topographic point he was remaining at and shot himself in the upper venters.

He walked up to his room and laid by himself shed blooding to decease, merely like he had done after cutting off his ear.Theo arrived the following forenoon and stayed until Van Gogh died July 29, 1890 at the age of 37.