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Violence In America Essay, Research Paper

In the ideal America, our celebrated, ethnically diverse thickly settled would overlook

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and non even acknowledge such socially developed stigmas such as race, sex, colour,

and faith. The ideal American would non even look at another and sort

that individual as black, white, Asiatic, Indian, Mexican, Irish, Jewish, Catholic,

Judaic or ; good, my point is made. But America is far from ideal. The ignorance

that reigns in this state is unluckily passed on from coevals to

coevals with small respect for what consequence it may render on its audience.

Sadly, fright is created from ignorance. Sadder still is that hatred spawns from

fright, and as represented by the astonishing domestic maltreatment rate, force is

handed down from old coevalss as good. The chance and means to

cultivate hatred offenses is now present and the expression is powerful plenty to

warrant that they will go on. Hate offenses are go oning in America at a

upseting frequence. That being a given, it is clip we as a society expression to the

roots of hate offenses in America. I believe these roots lie in our society`s

impression and pattern of household construction. More so in the manner we pass down our

ignorance, fright, unacceptance, and intolerance to future coevalss. A hatred

offense in itself is defined as a condemnable act with purpose to slander and defame

another individual. At farther self-contemplation though, I think that we will happen that

there is more implicit in issues than merely perpetrating a offense with maliciousness towards

person different than ourselves. The human head at the clip of birth has no

bias. A babe does non look at another human being and experience afraid or angry

with that other person. The human baby has no marauders in these times,

hence there should be no fright instilled of course. I would wish to believe

that these heads could be viewed as clean slates. So where does the fright and

hatred needed to perpetrate a hatred offense, and dirty that slate, come from? All

societal scientific discipline research has come to a solid decision that parents, or the

primary caretakers, of a kid are the individual most influential stimulation on that

child`s development. The reply is that we as a society, both internationally

and in America, have found ways to continually and regeneratively brainwash and

status our kids. We teach them to sort worlds with rubrics that have

no existent biological worth such as Asiatic, American, Latin, African, and European

among others. One reasonably publicized hateful incident involved some Texaco

executives who were caught defaming black and Judaic employees and doing

derogatory mentions and actions t

owards them. One comment an executive made was

I`m still fighting with Chanukah, and now we have Kwanzaa & # 8230 ; Poor Saint

Nicholas, they have sh-tted all over his face fungus. What caused this individual to hold

these points of positions? How long has this thought been in his caput? Where does this

thought develop if it is non genetically created? The replies lie with the bulk

of all non-biological disfunction present today ; the persons upbringing.

These same inquiries and same replies can be applied to about any incidence of

hatred and force today. Especially prevalent is the incidence of the dragging

slaying in Jasper, Texas in which a black adult male was beaten, and dragged, and

decapitated. This was perpetrated by two white supremacists, doing it a violent

hatred offense. How does a person`s inner defeats become so great that they can

control behaviour to the point of doing that individual take another life? It is

straight related to the perpetrator`s upbringing and the positions and ideals that

were passed on to him since twenty-four hours 1 in his life. In many of these scenarios,

justness has been dealt to the attackers or culprits by our federal jurisprudence

system. But it seems that in merely as many cases justness was non dealt to

all, or it was excessively small excessively tardily. In any instance though, the legal system has

taken a reactive attack. Justice in itself is reactive in nature, and

accordingly that may be why hate offenses and offense in general continue to go on

with great frequence. America has taken a reactive attack to detest offenses. As a

state and as a universe we need to take a proactive attack to forestall hatred

offenses. Prevention is the key to halting farther hatred offenses in America and

around the universe, and it can be done. Peoples merely necessitate to halt the influential

mold and inactive instruction to their kids and future coevalss that

certain people are inferior, unwanted, or chilling. Until we can go more

complete and unfastened to the human experience and start to see the large image of

life, and recognize that we need to cast the old and crude premise that one

group is better than the following, we will go on go throughing on the pain, fright,

and hatred to our offspring. We are all the same species on this planet, we merely

demand to recognize it. It may sound like excessively much to inquire for a development in the

world`s upbringing of their young person. But as with any development, it merely needs to

start with one individual. One individual interrupting this concatenation of labeling and

sorting people as anything else, will engender coevalss that will transport the

same ideal. The procedure is a gradual one, but a neccesary procedure that needs to

start now.