Violence In Schools Essay, Research PaperSchool Violence, Is There a Problem?Essay written by:There is decidedly a job with school force today. The last three old ages have shownus that force in our schools society is more common today so of all time earlier. Whetherthe force has to make with guns, knives, or merely a simple battle, school force is acquiringa small out of manus. There have been several school shots in the last few old ages, andthe figure of school shots seems to be turning quickly these yearss. When the lastfigures were taken by the authorities pedagogues had found more so 2,000 armsstashed by pupils in cabinets, back packs and pockets in the 1996-97 school twelvemonth.

Theseschool shot and the findings of all these arms makes parents inquire if theirkids truly are safe at school any longer. When parents begin to worry about theirkids at school, everyone should recognize there is far to much force at school. Schoolforce is a large issue, and the job seems to be acquiring worse every twelvemonth.National statistics show schools are the safest topographic point in kids s lives, but are we all sosure that this is true any longer? School force has been turning quickly for the yesteryearthree old ages. Every clip there is an happening of force more childs are afraid to travel toschool. Every kid has the right to an instruction in a safe and unafraid environment, andforce in our state s schools seems to come as a menace to this right.

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This is one markthat school force is out of manus, and something has to be done. School force islikely one of the biggest jobs in the state, this is said due to all the schoolshots that have taken topographic point in the past three old ages. School force is an issue thateveryone may acknowledge but non everyone is making something to assist forestall it.In the past three old ages several school shots have taken topographic point, get downing the 2nd ofFebruary 1996, in Moses Lake, Washington. Barry Loukaitis opened fire in his algebracategory, killing 2 pupils and a instructor.

There was another shot in the same month,

& gt ;February 19, 1996. This hiting took topographic point in Bethel, Alaska, killing the principal and apupil. There were three more shot in 1997, including the shot in PearlMississippi on October 1, where two pupils were killed and seven were wounded, by a16 twelvemonth old male child.

In 1998 there were five school shot, the Jonesboro shot wouldbe one of these five happenings. Four pupils and one instructor were killed in theJonesboro shot, and there were 10 others wounded. As for 1999 there have beenthree shots, but the twelvemonth International Relations and Security Network T over who says there wont be more. The biggest of theseshots was the Columbine shot, which took topographic point April 20th 1999, where 14pupils were killed along with one instructor, that doesn T include the other 23that were wounded.

Its sad to state that these aren t even all the shots that occurred,there were seven other shots that took topographic point. Twelve shots in three old ages, thiswould state anyone that there is a major job with force in schools today.The job with school force is that no 1 watches for it, and it s normally done bythe one you least fishy. Violence isn T merely the shots, it is all the material done atschool that no 1 seems to hear about, battles, name naming, and excepting people youbelieve Dons t belong. These small things can take up to something large, something no 1 isexpecting, for illustration a shot. One child can destruct a whole school, with a gun, butsomething must hold made this individual experience hatred toward school, and people.

The smallthings no 1 thinks will make injuries are things that make a individual feel hatred towardssomething or person. Name naming is force, non precisely killing person or painthem physically but it does ache them mentally and that can make more injury so anyonecould of all time believe. There is a job with force in school, some people may believeat that place isn Ts but anyone who thinks that must hold been locked in a room or the past fewold ages, cause the shots entirely, would state any individual that force in schools has beenturning quickly in the last three old ages.