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Viral Hemorrhagic Fever ( Ebola hemorrhagic fever ) Essay, Research Paper

Viral Hemorrhagic Fever

How would you like it if you died? Well

that? s what? s go oning to people in Africa.

Their households die around them, distributing the

lifelessly disease further into the ecosystem.

Killing at will, this powerful filovirus expanses

through small towns with foolhardy wantonnesss,

destructing anything and everything in it? s manner,

and so merely every bit cryptically as it came, it

disappears without a hint. Even with our

modern engineerings, we still wear? t truly know

excessively much about this decease sentence disguised as

a virus. In the undermentioned, I will make my best to

Teach you about Ebola, its cousins, where it? s

from, possible remedies, effects, and so on. If we

privation to, we can happen a remedy. We control our

fate, and it? s up to us to happen an anecdote

to this killing machine.

The Ebola virus is a extremely contagious

filovirus that can be transmitted by re-use of

unsterilised panpipes, acerate leafs, and straight

reassigning it by contact of bodily fluids that

contain high degrees, or? bricks? of virus.

Aerosol transmittal can non be counted out, but

H2O vapour incorporating secernments of Ebola are

known to distribute the infection. Sing that

Ebola can be spread in legion ways, including

being spread from animate being to human, and

visa-versa, monkey animal trainers who work with Ebola

ridden monkeys have broken out with the ill-famed

hemorragic febrility. The animal-to-human spread of

the virus has besides killed off African folks

that eat animate beings with high titres of the deathly


Ebola is an infective disease of many faces.

It has strains, such as Mayinga, or Cardinal,

which are chiefly named after people, or topographic points

that they are discovered in. Strains are

somewhat different versions of a certain virus.

Ebola? s three types that are known are: Ebola

Zaire, Ebola Sudan, and Ebola Reston. Ebola

Zaire was foremost discovered in 1976 in Zaire. It

is the deadliest disease of all of the Ebola

strains with a 9 out of 10 putting to death rate ( see fig.

1-1 ) . Ebola Sudan kills over 1/2 of the people

it comes in contact with. It was discovered in

1976 besides. Ebola Reston was named after Reston,

Virginia, which had a cargo of cynomolgus

macaques, a type of monkey, infect a whole

monkey house with Ebola. Ebola Reston has

ne’er killed anyone, but it killed 80 % of the

monkeys that it devastated.

Ebola besides has a really close cousin, Marburg.

Under an negatron microscope, they are clearly

filoviradae. Filoviruss are characterized by

their ill-famed for their base with

strands, or? dress suits? , which make it look like a

? adieu with a tail? . Marburg, which

obliterates one in four of its victims, was

named after a metropolis in Germany. Marburg, Germany

received a cargo of Marburg monkeys from

Uganda that infected 31 people, killing 7 of

them. In ulterior old ages five more people broke out

with the dire Marburg virus, destructing all but

one of them. Marburg and Ebola both have to be

identified under an negatron microscope.

Marburg was discovered before Ebola ( see fig.

1-2 ) , so when Ebola Zaire swept through Africa

in 1976, it was mistaken as milder version,


Ebola has been traced to Africa, where the

bulk of instances occur, and the Philippines, in

which monkeys had been found with Ebola Reston.

Most of our cognition of Ebola came in 1976,

when the biggest eruption occurred. It stormed

through Zaire pass overing out complete small towns. In

all 550 instances were reported with 430 human deaths

When USAMRIID led an probe to happen

where Ebola was found in nature, they traced it

to Kitum Cave, in Zaire. As Colonel Gene

Johnson said, ? I? m wholly certain we have

eventually found the true concealment topographic point of Ebola. ?

After extended testing of about 10,000 animate beings

and insects, they found no hint of Ebola.

Other expeditions followed, with the same

letdowns as the Kitum Cave hunt.

Ebola and other filoviruses kill people by

break uping the organic structure before it does off with

its victims. Normally their variety meats liquefy

before they? clang? in a ghastly case in

which blood and liquefied tissue spew from every

opening in the organic structure. The virus is composed of a

karyon, and strands of RNA, for reproduction.

It makes its life by taking over cells and

spliting them making an amplified sum of

virus. In some deceases, the virus disfigures the

cadaver so severely that it is non recognizably

homo. Once you get Ebola opportunities of endurance

are minimum.

P >

With all that Ebola can make, we still haven? T

found a certain remedy. Radiation therapy had

been used with small effects on the virus

itself, it slowed the reproduction by destructing

RNA, but at that place was excessively much of the virus to kill

and it was unproved that it worked, seeing as it

was tested on merely a few people. In all the

instances of people were excessively weak and died from the

radiation therapy. Besides tried was subsisters?

plasma. When sufficiency was used, it reduced the

decease rate up to 30 % but it besides is non a

definite remedy for Ebola, or its subtypes. To

the best of our cognition, there still is no

remedy for the awful disease.

All mammals can reach Ebola, and spread it

to other mammals, insects and reptilians have been

found to contract Ebola through extended

proving in the CDC located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The chief animate being that gets the virus seems to be

monkeys, but since there has ne’er been a instance

of Ebola found in nature, this has ne’er been

confirmed, but it can non be discounted.

Ebola seems to go fast in a concatenation

reaction that is similar to an ant trap. The

merely difference is the individual contacts it and

spreads it to other people, non an emmet, killing

about everyone, and so it? hibernates? . We

think that Ebola kills so fast that it doesn? T

hold a opportunity to stand for itself in other

victims. In a manner, Ebola is the lone ground it

doesn? t spread around the universe on a fatal

violent disorder. It seems to kill itself by killing us.

Another ground is the fact that we set up tight

imposts wherever an eruption occurs. The 1976

eruption had the possible to pass over out the whole

universe, but anyone from the country was isolated for

18 yearss before going to a different state.

An unpredictable virus, Ebola destroys

100s and disappears. Since no 1 knows a

remedy for it, it is highly difficult to incorporate,

and even when it? s? contained? , it kills at

another topographic point without warning. One of the chief

subscribers to the eruptions have been its

symptoms, which are similar to the common grippe

and malaria in the beginning. Filoviruss are

diagnosed by their symptoms. It is particularly

hard to name a individual instance of Hemmorragic

Fever, but when a bunch of instances occur, it is

normally diagnosed right. Symptoms of

Hemorragic Fever include diarrhoea, contusions,

roseolas of blood musca volitanss known as a maculopopular

roseola, black puke ( which is dead tissue and

blood produced from Ebola ) , glassy eyes, weight

loss, other bacterial infections, concern, and

even hiccoughs. These symptoms are about

indistinguishable to malaria, Lassa, Rift Valley Fever,

xanthous febrility, and the common grippe. These

symptoms make it all the more hard to

name a instance of Ebola.

When working with a patient or cadaver that

has Ebola, forces are required to take all

the safeguards of a flat four hot zone ( the

highest degree ) . These include a? infinite suit?

with a battery powered inhalator, five braces of

baseball mitts, no crisp objects that aren? T required

for the process, and a chemical shower. These

safeguards fundamentally eliminate the opportunity of

forces working with Ebola to reach it.

To observe Ebola in an autopsy-perhaps-one

could make a figure of things, they could: utilize

UV beams to observe Ebola in vilifications of

tissue, cell civilizations, isolation in animate beings,

immunohistochemistry on a fixed tissues ( utilizing a

regular microscope to observe little differences

in microscopic objects, such as a virus ) , and

the usage of an negatron microscope.

Ebola contains the same amino acids as in the

organic structure. Among these proteins is SGP which is

thought to be what links Ebola to worlds. Ebola

genuinely is an RNA virus which spreads through

proteins secreted in the viruses themselves.

With this information we may be on the brink of

genetically morphing the virus to be virtually

harmless. RNA, which copies the virus, would

non be able to bring forth, so the patterned advance of

the virus would be impossible. By making this we

would crush the virus at its ain game of virion

morphology ( the procedure in which the virus

drastically changes to take on wholly new

features ) , which is what makes it so


Now that you know the au naturel facts of the Ebola

virus, wear? t you think it? s sort of singular?

Not in a good manner, of class, but in the manner

that it is able to frighten you mindless. Would

you like to decease from a Viral Hemorragic Fever, I

didn? t think so. So in order to halt it, we

hold to work together to happen a remedy.