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Virginians And The Puritans Essay, Research PaperThe Virginians were better off than the Puritanswere, because they had baccy for a hard currency harvest,they had a longer turning season, and they couldtrade and sell to England easier than the Puritanscould. The Virginians were besides more slacklystructured than the Puritans, and were allowed tobe single people alternatively of one big mass.

Smith and Bradford? s ways of taking theirsettlements were similar, yet so really different.Smith? s chief concern was to do money andbe celebrated. Bradford? s construct was to get down anew life, and prophesy his ain, new faith. Bothhad maintaining their people? s wellness and good being ahigh precedence. The idealistic settlement for Bradfordwas a settlement where people were sacredlybonded, and maintain together by the church. Smithwas more interested in net income for himself, and allowthe people conduct themselves more freely.One of the chief industries that the Virginians hadwas the harvest home and merchandising of baccy. Thegood thing about this is that the bulk ofpeople in the 1700? s used baccy.

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Of class thePuritans besides had baccy, but it was harder toturn up north because of the bouldery terrain, andthe difference in temperature. The Virginiansfound that selling baccy was really profitable,and turning it was comparatively simple. It was areasonably easy manner to do money, and expendedsmall attempt.The Virginians had a longer turning season thanthe Puritans did, due to their latitude. The thirsterturning season non merely allowed the Virginians toturn their hard currency harvest baccy longer, but besidesenabled them to turn fruits and veggies longerinto the twelvemonth. This made winter less rough for theVirginians. Smith liked the thought of being able togrow longer, because he profited from it.Bradford was more concerned with maintaining hispeople faithful to God, and good from illness.

The Puritans had a turning season besides, but nonevery bit long as the Virginians. The longer the turningseason was, the longer money could be made,and bring forth be harvested.The Virginians could more readily merchandise and selltheir hard currency harvests to England, because they werepartly funded by England. This made tripsacross the Atlantic less expensive for theVirginians. Not merely did England fund theVirginians, but besides the Virginians werewelcomed with unfastened weaponries, and the Puritansweren? T as much because they sought spiritualsafety, and were looked upon as castawaies.Virginia was a better-founded settlement due to theirends.

They may non hold had as much faithas the Puritans did, but they still had a manner oflife. The Virginians can be looked back upon,and idea of as a successful settlement. Oneillustration of cogent evidence is that our state & # 8217 ; s capital islocated in the same general locality that JohnSmith one time settled in.The significance of being able to turn baccy,hold a longer turning season, and be able totrade with England is that all these things allowfor basic endurance, and prosperity. Food isproduced, along with a hard currency harvest to maintain thesettlement traveling.