In this study after giving a brief historical background, vision and mission of PIA, we have discussed its hierarchal construction and the values and services provided to the clients.We besides describe the strengths, failings, chances and menaces of PIA. Third we have described the assorted corporate duties of PIA along with the schemes followed for the choice of assorted the mark sections. Our focal point is to research the grounds behind the ruin of national air hose.

As in few last old ages we have seen that the market portion of PIA was continuously worsening as comparison to its domestic and international rivals. We find out that there are figure of internal and external factor which causes the ruin of PIA. The deficiency of true leading, authorities inordinate intervention, organisational internal struggles and corruptness and the new air air power policies are the few major grounds behind the losing market portion. In the terminal we sum up the whole findings of our study in footings of decision of the whole scenario and we besides suggest some ways to the direction of PIA that how they can get the better of these crisis, how they can retain and actuate their employees, and what to make in order to derive their lost glorification.

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PIA for short, can follow its beginnings to the yearss when Pakistan still was non an independent province. In 1946 Muhammad Ali Jinnah realized the demand for an air hose web for the forming state and called upon the aid of an experient industrialist Mirza Ahmad Ispahani to develop a flag bearer for the state. Meanwhile, an air hose called Orient Airways, registered in Kolkata, was formed on October 23 1946. Services were started in June from Kolkata to Sittwe and Yangon.

This was the first post-war air hose flight by a South Asiatic registered air hose company. Two months after this service began, Pakistan was formed. Orient Airways began relief flights to the new state and, shortly after, it moved its operations to Karachi, where it began flights to Dhaka on June 7, 1954. In add-on, the first two domestic paths in Pakistan were established, from Karachi to Lahore to Peshawar, and from Karachi to Quetta to Lahore.The Government of Pakistan, recognizing the operation was neglecting economically, proposed that Orient Airways merge into a new national air hose. On March 11 1955, Orient Airways merged with the authorities ‘s proposed air hose, going Pakistan International Airlines Corporation.

During the same twelvemonth the air hose opened its first international service, from Karachi to London Heathrow Airport.In March 1960, PIA became the first Asiatic air hose to come in the jet age when Boeing 707 services were introduced. The aircraft were moistures leased from Pan American and in 1961 services were begun to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.


“ To be a universe category air hose transcending client outlooks throughDedicated employees Committed to excellence. ”


“ As a Symbol of National Pride, We Aspire to be a Choice Airline, Operating Productively on Modern Commercial constructs and Capable of Competing with the Best in the International every bit good as Domestic Markets. ”


This organisation is divided into following sections: Human Resource and Administration, Marketing, Corporate Planning, Information Services, Finance, Flight Services, Flight Operation, Engineering, Procurement and Logistics, Customer Services, Training and Development, Quality Assurance. The organogram of the organisation follows, with the Chairman at the top and managers of sections describing to him.

The construction is centralized with the top-level direction doing the determinations.


1. Customer Expectations

PIA is the most sure name in the industry. The ground of its good will is harmonizing the outlook of their clients that PIA has fulfilled ever. By supplying competitory duty, extended attention, and convenience to their valued and possible clients.

2. Service

PIA purposes at supplying valuable and alone services to its clients. They are more individualized and gracious to their clients.

The services are valuable and rare ; this is the ground why clients trust PIA.

3. Invention

PIA presently has a figure of 43 fleets and purposes at increasing this Numberss to 53 by the following few years.PIA is adoptive to alterations and believe in invention that ‘s create new thoughts and interpreting these thoughts into action.

4. Dependability

PIA is the most experience air hose with its service with more than 53 old ages.

This has built in PIA has become the most dependable air hose. PIA is known for its trueness and consistence.



The most ambitious duty of any organisation is to supply complete satisfaction to its employees and clients together. This satisfaction rewards favourable and easy on the job conditions. The in-flight services are clients friendly and the organisational the organisational environment is besides employees oriented.

6. Coherence

PIA has 12 sections working in their ain way and besides provides a figure of services including speedex messenger service, providing etc. The most impressive portion is these all section and services are integrated in a cohesive manner.


PIA offers two types of services.

Business Class

It ‘s the lone Business Class service that feels like First Class. A comfy place makes all the difference on a long flight. PIA ‘s Business Class Seats elevate the construct of luxury to a new degree, to the full backing your determination to take PIA Business Class. Sit back and relax in our sole Business Class Lounges at the Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad airdromes. Our hospitable staff will guarantee that you ‘re good looked after during your stay with us at the airdrome.

Business Class riders geting at Airport will have a warm welcome from PIA. Our representatives will walk you right through all the arrival formalities so that you do n’t hold to stand in line or concern about clearance.

Economy Class

PIA ‘s economic system category is besides comfy for rider as Business category.

Economy Class offer seats with a 32-inch pitch, adjustable footstools and “ winglet ” head restraints for improved cervix comfort. The personal Television provides ongoing amusement including sound and video on-demand picks.Passengers enjoy the same lovingness service from our flight attenders, along with skilfully prepared repasts and a broad scope of in-flight amusement options to take from. Free newspapers are besides provided to all Economy category riders. The PIA in-flight magazine, Hamsafar, is provided to all riders on all international flights.

Fiscal Performance:

During the first one-fourth of 2007, the air hose achieved a 5 % growing in overall gross chiefly due to increase in rider traffic. The gross growing was lowered by a 10 % decrease in lading gross. The EU prohibition on PIA in March 2007 reduced the gross growing because merely the Boeing 777 was allowed to come in in Europe.

Many of the European paths were put on clasp until the aeroplanes were repaired and brought up to EU criterions. The impact of the 2006 salary rise, increased cost of leased aeroplanes, and higher care cost of the PIA fleet increased the overall operating disbursals by 19 % . Consequently, the air hose suffered an operating loss of Rs 2.5 billion in the first one-fourth of 2008.

Major Rival:

PIA is still keeping the first place in market. It has 48 % market portion. Its major rivals are: Air blue and Shaheen International Airline.

Market Share:

Now PIA has the entire market portion of approximately 48 % of entire air conveyance in Pakistan.


PIA is owned by the authorities of Pakistan. In the late 1990s, the Government of Pakistan idea of giving the air hose to the private sector due to the relentless losingss suffered by the air hose. The Government announced the denationalization programs but was ne’er implemented. The lifting fuel monetary values are increasing the operating costs of the air hose which accordingly increase the losingss. Another beginning of PIA ‘s inefficiency has been the over-staffing of employees over the past 10-20 old ages that has crippled the organisation ‘s fundss. Back door treatments with possible purchasers continue without any positive consequences.

Following the planetary tendency, several stairss towards outsourcing of non-core concern have been initiated. Providing units ( get downing with Karachi Flight Kitchen ) , Ground Handling ( get downing with Ramp Services ) and Engineering, are to be bit by bit carved out of the air hose and operated as independent companies.

PIA ‘s Network

Domestic NetworksInternational Networks

Chapter # 2: Swot Analysis



1. Leading MARKET Position

PIA is one of Pakistan ‘s taking air bearers, with more than 800 day-to-day flights. Around 150,000 riders a month fly on PIA, doing it one of the major operators in the domestic market in footings of rider kilometres.

PIA ‘s international market portion was 43.5 % , In the Domestic market, its market portion was 69.4 % . On a system-wide footing, PIA ‘s market portion was 51.2 % at the terminal of twelvemonth 2007. Its strong market place is driven by systematically low menus every bit good as dependable service, frequent and convenient flights, usage of new engineerings like e-ticketing and self check-in terminuss, comfy cabins and superior client service.


PIA has high trade name callback. It is recognized by travellers all over the state. PIA is a national air hose, runing rider and lading services covering 82 domestic and foreign. PIA has earned the figure one ranking in client satisfaction. This strong market place gives the company a scale advantage and helps it beef up its trade name image.


Superior OPERATING Structure

PIA has maintained its place as the low cost bearer. It has been first category Pakistani air hose to utilize the latest engineering. Factors ‘ lending consists of different series of Boeing and Airbus and an efficient, high-utilization and point- to-point path construction.

Flying one type of aircraft significantly simplifies programming, care, flight operations, and preparation activities. PIA has continually achieved high plus use and employee efficiency. Superior operating construction serves as the primary competitory advantage of PIA.



PIA enjoys a strong web in cardinal domestic and international finishs. The company ‘s web includes three the major airdromes in Pakistan, every bit good as major international airdrome such as Dubai International Airport. Having a strong web agencies that PIA can bring forth traffic provender for both its domestic and international Flights.


PIA operates from its hub in Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. Jinnah International is one of the universe ‘s busiest airdromes in footings of figure of riders carried. It is besides one of the largest international gateways to Asia. It is besides the taking international air rider ( and lading ) gateway to Pakistan. The company ‘s strong presences in airdromes with heaviest traffic degrees in Pakistan give it a competitory advantage.



PIA has successfully incorporated latest engineering in all its systems, giving it an border over competitors.PIA takes recognition for presenting most new engineerings to the Pakistani market. It was the 2nd bearer in Pakistan to integrate the c-ticketing system and the 2nd in South Asia to present self look into in systems at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi.



Formulation OF GOVT. Govern

The Basic defect of this organisation is its consolidation that is centralised system. The cardinal policies, schemes and set of Torahs are designed by the upper direction.

The centralised system is one of the biggest obstructions of long term success of PIA. PIA centralizes construction lead to barrel between different degree of direction, decreased motive, and difficult entree to information.


Passenger grosss accounted for 87 per centum of the PIA ‘s entire gross in 2007. Cargo services allow air hoses to bring forth extra grosss from bing rider flights. In add-on, lading grosss are normally counter cyclical to passenger grosss and have lower demand snap than rider concern, which allows air hoses to go through on fuel monetary value hikings to clients.

3. Debt

PIA has a important sum of 42 billion debts. Current and hereafter debts could hold of import effects for stakeholders of the company.

For illustration, debt could impair PIA ability to do investings and obtain extra funding for working capital, capital outgos, acquisitions or general corporate or other intents. Debts could besides set PIA at a competitory disadvantage to rivals that have lesser debt and could besides increase the company ‘s exposure to involvement rate additions.


RELIANCE On Oil Monetary value

PIA ‘s sustainability, growing and grosss straight depend on oil monetary values. A steep rise in oil monetary values can earnestly damage the long term viability of any air hose. Recently many air hoses around the universe went insolvents due to lifting oil monetary values.

Airlines need to fudge against this hazard by taking proper steps.



PIA is holding the maximal path and fleet domestic and international finishs web in Pakistan as compared to its Competitors. Route and swift enlargement will positively impact the company ‘s operations by increasing grosss.



The turning demand for air travel is driven by lower menus and consumer assurance. A study by International Aviation Authority showed that ticket monetary value is the figure one standard for riders when choosing a flight, good in front of the handiness of a non-stop service.


PIA ‘s frequent circular and trueness plans can assist it retain clients. PIA ‘s Awards+plus ( frequent circular plan ) was established to develop rider trueness by offering awards and services to frequent travellers. Such schemes encourage repetition travel on PIA, as riders seek to accrue the benefits given to regular travellers. This enables the air hose to retain clients and cut down costs, as it does non hold to pass money aiming new clients to replace those lost to other air hoses.



The demands of air riders are progressively altering, as they are going more and more monetary value medium. If PIA succeeds in doing its monetary values more competitory, so the company will be able to derive important market portion.

5. INDUSTRY Recovery

Market analysts believe that the planetary air hose industry will see an upturn in lucks over the following few old ages. This represents an chance for PIA, as it could bring forth increased grosss and bid market portion if it capitalizes on additions in demand.


1. High Interest Ratess

The past few old ages have seen State Bank of Pakistan impose high every bit good as low involvement rates to look into rising prices and the overheating of Pakistani economic system. Inflation in Pakistan may see another rise in the short-run.

2. Accidents

There had been five accidents with PIA listed as below:Pakistan International Airlines Flight PK 705 was a Boeing 720 – 040 B that crashed while falling to set down on Runway 34 at Cairo International Airport on May 20, 1965 ensuing in 119 human deaths.Pakistan International Airlines Flight PK740 was a Boeing 707-340C that crashed after takeoff from Jeddah International Airport on November 26, 1979. All 156 aboard were killed.

Pakistan International Airlines Flight 268 was an Airbus A300B4-203, enrollment AP-BCP, which crashed on attack to Kathmandu ‘s Tribhuvan International Airport on September 28, 1992. All 167 on board were killed.. PIA Flight 554 is the flight figure of a Pakistan International Airlines ( PIA ) Fokker F27 that was hijacked on May 25, 1998. The flight started its journey at Gwadar in Balochistan after arising in Turbat, and was winging to Pakistan ‘s southern port metropolis of Karachi.

The aircraft was transporting 24 riders and 5 crew members.Pakistan International Airlines Flight 688 ( PK688, PIA688 ) was scheduled to run from Multan to Lahore and Islamabad at 12:05 autopsy on July 10, 2006. It crashed into a field after spliting into fires a few proceedingss after takeoff from Multan International Airport. All 41 riders and four crewmembers on board were killed.PIA has to continuously guarantee extreme safety and security of its riders.

Accidents can adversely impact client assurance in PIA and consequence in declined grosss escalating competition.


PIA is now viing against bearers such as Airblue and Shaheen Airline.

PIA remains Airblue ‘s strongest rival because of the immense market it has gained over clip, strong trade name image and client loyalty.PIA has started new low-fares subordinate “ PIA Express ” to halt the Airblue market portion turning to fast. Furthermore, major bequest air hoses have been concentrating on restructuring costs, which has improved their fight.

With costs restructured, the bequest air hoses are going more formidable rivals in footings of increasing capacity, fiting monetary values and leveraging their frequent flyer plans. Increasing competition could adversely impact the company ‘s borders.



Fluctuating foreign currency exchange rates can hold a important impact on PIA ‘s net incomes. For illustration, as PIA is supplying its services to the UK. Negative or positive effects arise from exchange rate motions as alteration in disbursals. Strengthening of foreign currencies against the British Pound will positively impact PIA and frailty versa.



A figure of factors have caused the current diminution in the air hose industry. For illustration, the menace of farther terrorist onslaughts since September 11 and a autumn in the figure of concern travellers have both caused rider Numberss to fall. These and other factors may go on to impact demand for air travel in the hereafter, which will impact grosss of PIA.

Chapter # 3

Corporat Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility of PIA:

Committed to Making a Better Universe

PIA is driven by the highest criterions of corporate administration and societal duty. As a populace sector organisation and a concern leader, PIA believes in edifice strong relationships with clients, spouses, employees, and the communities in which it operates. The organisation ‘s values are exemplified in a scope of corporate enterprises designed to impact positively on the lives of multiple stakeholders. PIA patterns active corporate citizenship through societal services, support for non-profit organisations, medical services for employees, the publicity of athleticss, and educational enterprises.PIA has institutionalized the pattern of good administration by set uping a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. The Committee provides a platform to measure, update, and urge best patterns as PIA continues on its mission to adhere to concern moralss and stomp out corruptness. Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) is woven into the cloth of day-to-day operations at PIA. Our employees wholeheartedly contribute to our committedness to develop the organisation, the communities in which we function, and the state.

Social Servicess

Boy Scouts Association

The PIA Boy Scouts Association ( PIA-BSA ) , a provincial section of the Pakistan Boy Scouts Association, is based on the value system of the Scout Promise and Law. The PBSA ‘s mission is to actively develop and develop members through Youth Training Programs. Scouting contributes to the instruction of immature people and helps construct a better universe where persons can play constructive functions in society. The PIA-BSA ‘s major parts include supplying Haj services at domestic and Saudi Arabian airdromes, prosecuting in activities with the Heritage Association of Pakistan, helping particular kids at PIA ‘s Al-Shifa Trust, and take parting in a figure of wellness, cleanliness, literacy, tree plantation, drug bar, and blood contribution thrusts. The PIA-BSA has besides started a cricket academy where 1000s of young person have received cricket training from PIA ‘s celebrated trial and first-class cricketers. Following the temblor calamity of 8th October, 2005, the PIA-BSA instantly deployed contingents in Islamabad followed by lookout deployments in Balakot, Garhi Habibullah, Muzaffarabad, and Bagh where alleviation goods were distributed and exigency services were rendered.

PIA Planetariums

Through a combination of projectors, optics, electronics, and preciseness technology, PIA offers a scope of cosmic experiences to the Pakistani people. The PIA Planetariums enable the screening of practical existences, full with stars, planets, and nebulae and visitants throng the planetariums to look at astronomical phenomena such as occultations, foreign landscapes, planets, and the Sun.

PIA is the lone air hose in the universe to hold invested in an advanced and educational planetarium undertaking that is unfastened to the general populace at low-cost rates.

PIA Horticulture

Plants and trees provide home ground, shelter, nutrient, stuffs and medical specialties to human existences and animate beings. Recognizing the significance of a healthy and pollution-free environment, PIA set up a gardening division in 1996. In add-on to keeping indoor and out-of-door workss and trees, PIA Horticulture provides seasonal flowers for show in PIA ‘s offices and for a scope of events, winning several awards and awards at flower exhibitions across the state.

To cut down pollution and contribute towards a greener Pakistan, PIA Horticulture actively participates in tree plantation runs during each spring and monsoon season.

Support for Non-Profit Organizations

As portion of its corporate societal duty enterprises, PIA supports a figure of charities and trusts:Al-Shifa Trust provides alleviation and rehabilitation services to particular kids enduring from intellectual paralysis and other motor upsets.Zindagi Trust provides instruction to underprivileged and working kids.The Citizens Foundation runs a professionally managed web of purpose-made schools in the poorest rural countries and most ignored urban slums of PakistanCHAL is a web of non-profit organisations and persons dedicated to supplying rehabilitating services to handicapped individuals.SIUT ( Sind Institute of Urology and Transplantation ) provides medical services to the patients enduring from Urology, Nephrology, Transplantation and Liver Diseases.

Training and Education

PIA Training Center

The PIA Training Center is a prima air hose preparation establishment that delivers the highest criterions of air power direction.

The Training Center is built around a extremely advanced preparation substructure, approved by local and international regulative governments such as CAA, ICAO, and IATA. The PIA Training Center ‘s classs are based on a alone, standards-based course of study designed to leave cognition and best patterns in all the facets of the air hose industry. The PIA Training Center provides quality preparation to PIA ‘s pilots, applied scientists, air hostesses, and to employees of other associated PIA divisions.

PIA Model Secondary School

The PIA Model Secondary School was set up in 1980 to supply high quality instruction to the kids of PIA ‘s employees at an low-cost fee. Situated at a distance from the uproar of the metropolis, the school is housed in a modern edifice that spans over 10 estates of land and is staffed by instructors dedicated to authorising kids with cognition and accomplishments for the hereafter.

Equal accent is placed on curricular and extracurricular activities in order to bring forth all-around, holistic, and responsible citizens.

PIA Industrial Training Institute

The PIA Industrial Training Institute was established in 1986 to supply proficient, vocational, and industrial cognition to the households of PIA ‘s employees. With the sustained support of top-level direction at PIA, the Institute has functioned swimmingly for over two decennaries, and has emerged as a taking industrial preparation centre in the part. The Institute imparts industry cognition, and specialized preparation classs in humanistic disciplines and trades to the households of employees for a really nominal fee, authorising them to gain supports and addition regard in their communities.

Medical Servicess

PIA Employee Health and Medical Servicess

The wellness and public assistance of our employees has ever been a affair of extreme importance and significance at PIA. All employees are provided with a comprehensive medical bundle, in coaction with reputable infirmaries, diagnostic labs, and medical establishments. In 1959, PIA established a Medical Division to provide wide-ranging medical coverage to active and retired employees. To guarantee that the highest criterions of air power are maintained, a Crew Center sporadically carries out air crew cheques, in conformance with international and Civil Aviation Authority standards.PIA ‘s medical installations cover the parents and partners of functioning employees, kids up to the age of 27, single girls, and disabled, mentally challenged kids of any age.

Retired employees and their partners are besides eligible for medical attention at PIA ‘s Medical Centers. In add-on to coverage in Pakistan ‘s major metropoliss, PIA has extended its medical web to 35 smaller Stationss, in coaction with private and public sector infirmaries. PIA besides looks after its abroad employees under the Local National Health Scheme and Insurance Schemes.

PIA Sports Division

In continuance of its firm committedness to Pakistan ‘s development, the PIA Sports Division was set up in 1958. PIA ‘s part to the promotion of Pakistani athleticss remains alone – no other organisation in the state has systematically invested in the publicity and development of athleticss.Airy leading at PIA provided the drift for the air hose to put up a alone calling development program for sportswomans.

PIA provides attractive and stable occupations to outstanding sportswomans, authorising them to concentrate on what they do best. Sports are provided gear, travel installations, and benefits that have enabled them to stand out and do Pakistan proud. PIA ‘s sportswomans have been and go on to organize Pakistan ‘s batting order for major athleticss including cricket, hockey, football, squash, Polo, tennis, span, cheat, table tennis, cycling, and organic structure edifice. PIA has dramatized the universe of Pakistani athleticss by transforming popular games into national athleticss, national sportswomans into international heroes, and national tourneies into international athleticss bonanzas.


a ) Corporate Safety & A ; Quality Assurance

The PIA Corporate Safety & A ; Quality Assurance Division ensures safe operations by following international criterions and recommended industry patterns. Rigorous attachment to Safety & A ; HSEQ policy and processs during flight every bit good as on land helps in keeping a hazard free workplace environment.

Corporate Safety & A ; QA Division is responsible for effectual execution of Safety Management System ( SMS ) , Health Safety & A ; Environment ( HSE ) Program, Flight & A ; Ground Safety Management, Flight Data Monitoring & A ; Analysis Program, Emergency Response Planning ( ERP ) and Fire Protection Services every bit good as Quality Assurance Program embracing overall operations of the air hose.

B ) IOSA ( IATA Operational Safety Audit ) Certification

PIA is proudly keeping its IOSA Certification and therefore IATA Registration since 2005. The IATA Operational Safety Audit Programmed is an internationally recognized and accepted system for measuring the operational direction and control systems of an air hose.IOSA is based on industry proven quality audit rules and structured to guarantee a standardised audit with consistent consequences. Airlines that meet all criterions become registered with IATA as an IOSA Operator. IOSA Audit covers Organization and Management System, Flight Operations, Operational Control & A ; Flight Dispatch, Aircraft Engineering & A ; Maintenance, Cabin and Cargo Compartment Operations, Aircraft Ground Handling, Cargo Operations and Operational Security of the air hose.By virtuousness of PIAs IOSA Certification, PIA is able to guarantee safety of riders every bit good as employees.

degree Celsius ) Fire Safety-in the Workplace and at Home

PIA has made a figure of agreements to manage incidental fires and allied jeopardies. First Aid Fire Stations have been set up in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, and Fixed Fire Protection Systems have been installed at sensitive premises. PIA ‘s locations are equipped with portable fire asphyxiators and a scope of other fire safety devices. All the installed equipment is inspected on a regular basis and maintained in conformity with international criterions.Fire Safety Courses are conducted on a regular basis to fit employees with fire contending accomplishments and to leave critical cognition of preventative steps.

Fire Prevention Courses are besides conducted at the Staff Township and PIA Model Schools so that employees and their households can take appropriate fire bar steps at place.PIA ‘s Corporate Safety & A ; QA Division besides actively engages in protagonism Sessionss to make consciousness through print publications and sharing of experiences. Working in coaction with the Fire Protection Association of Pakistan, PIA is committed to making and advancing a civilization of safety at a nation-wide degree. The division ‘s future programs include running biweekly fire and safety consciousness Sessionss at authorities and private schools.

Emergency Response Planning

Passenger attention is an air hose ‘s most important duty. Admiting the significance of Emergency Response Planning ( ERP ) , PIA has set up a distinct subdivision to manage exigencies. The Emergency Response Planning Section has developed an Emergency Response Manual and manages Emergency Response Center Teams, Field Teams, Family Assistance and Support Teams, and Volunteers. The ERP Section will besides develop voluntaries in the countries of aircraft exigencies, deliverance, basic first assistance, and fire combat to efficaciously react to natural catastrophes.Emergency Response Facilities include the computerized informations storage of squads and voluntaries with an machine-controlled exigency name out system. The package application besides provides a engineering supported recall system for reaching households of the affected.PIA ‘s Emergency Response Planning Section hopes to lend meaningfully towards national capacity edifice in the country of exigency direction, through fiscal and human resource investings.


Market Cleavages and Targeting Schemes of PIA

Demographic Cleavage:

Income Segmentation — — — audience who falls under the class of upper and upper in-between category.Occupation Segmentation — — — working category and concern category.

Behavioral Cleavage:

Juncture Segmentation.Hajj ‘s Occasion — — – people traveling to execute Hajj.Eid ‘s Occasion — — — — people within the state and outside the state to acquire together with their households on Eid Occasions.New Years ‘ Juncture — — – people coming back to Pakistan from different states or traveling outside Pakistan to different states.

Geographic Cleavage:

Domestic Regions — — – people within the state.International Regions — — – people shacking outside the state.

Psychographic Cleavage:

Social ClassTourists — — all the tourers within and outside the state.Religious Travels — — people traveling for or coming in for spiritual offering.Pakistani Expatriates — — – people shacking outside Pakistan.

Downfall of PIA:

PIA has been financially fighting for the past 40 old ages. Several manager alterations, accounting inefficiencies, and non-odor safety compliant aircraft have marred the repute of the air hose company. PIA has been banned from winging into states such as Somalia and Bhutan, where its aeroplanes do non run into local safety ordinances.

Get downing in the 70 ‘s, though, things began to alter. PIA was taken over by less than competent direction. The planetary air hose scene became far less friendly, new ordinances, security and political considerations made life hard for riders and oil monetary values have, more late, go an alibi for most air hoses to cut down degrees of service.

PIA has non been immune to any of these unwelcome alterations. And if that was n’t plenty, with Pakistan ‘s Open Skies air power deregulating policy, which was initiated about 15 old ages ago, PIA ‘s exclusivity as the lone air hose operating in Pakistan was no more. This was surely good for Pakistan and the air power industry in general, but non so much for PIA. With increased competition on domestic and international paths and a slide into misdirection PIA was non making good. In peculiar, over the last 5 old ages, PIA has been posting losingss systematically.

Reasons of Strategic Downfall of PIA

Harmonizing to analyst “ Ineffective selling, unfastened sky policy, increased competition, EU prohibition, trade name harm, unable to set with high oil monetary values, failure in fudging oil monetary values, usage of old planes, outsize constitution, leading vacuity, ailing corporate civilization, negative equity and immense debt service and authorities ‘s undue intervention in PIA personal businesss are the major grounds of PIA ‘s Downfall. ”Following is the item of all these factors how they jointly contributes towards the ruin of such a glorious national air hoses.

Ineffective selling

The selling section and their schemes play an of import function in the ruin of PIA because they were failed to keep a balance between the national and international flights.

The deficiency of proper selling of their flights agendas and menus decreases their income as people switch to other air hoses to make their coveted finishs. So lacks of advertizement run on all Medias besides enhance inefficiency of the selling and publicity activities. Inefficient promotional activities consequences in heavy losingss to PIA.

Open sky policy

The safety and security of the commercial air traffic is the duty of the Civil Aviation Authority ( CAA ) which is besides the developer and director of civilian airdromes in the state. Harmonizing to the Civil Aviation Authority ‘s ( CAA ) Open Sky Policy, PIA gets merely 48 per centum of Pakistan ‘s air traffic and the remainder goes to foreign air hoses. This limitation consequences in the cancelation of many flights paths across the universe and therefore PIA suffered heavy fiscal loss by shuting it different paths.

Increased competition

Due to the outgrowth of big no of air hoses both the local ( Airblue and Shaheen International Airlines ) and foreign ( emirates, Qatar airlines etc ) PIA lost its market portion. All the rivals are offering superior services at price reduction monetary values covering a big no of finishs. PIA being a market leader of the yesteryear, fails to capture the existent sense of completion and, this cause in loss of its market portion. With this huge competition PIA fails to retain his loyal clients every bit good as employees and both of them are now exchanging to other air hoses.

EU prohibition

In March 2007 European Union states bans the older trades of PIA from set downing on their airdromes and coming in their district. They merely permit PIA to wing its 777s within the EU.

As PIA operates 16 flights per hebdomad to seven EU states, and its flights to the U.K. are among the most profitable in the bearer ‘s system so this prohibition increases a batch of fiscal load on PIA.

Brand harm

Both Open Sky Policy and EU prohibition has destroyed the trade name image of PIA.

In add-on the disposal is non concentrating on the quality of services given to the clients along with the timely going and reaching of flights. The inefficiency of on-line information and reserve system of PIA besides adds more in the trade name image of PIA. Lack of proper promotional activities has besides vanished the trade name image of PIA and now PIA lost its national individuality of being a market leader.

Unable to set with high oil monetary values

PIA ‘s sustainability, growing and grosss straight depend on oil monetary values.

A steep rise in oil monetary values had earnestly damaged its long term. In order to run into the oil demands to transport out its operations PIA had to buy oil by paying heavy money. Lack of storage capacity for oil consumes the heavy budget of PIA and, all the net incomes are converted to disbursals and doing extra debts.

Use of old planes

PIA is utilizing a batch of air trade ‘s which are really old. The installations and services available in these air trade ‘s are outdated as comparison to new trades. Mostly riders had to wait due to proficient mistakes in these aircrafts.

The rivals of PIA are utilizing modern aircrafts and supplying international criterions of safety and services. So the major ground of cut downing figure of clients is that now people want to hold a comfy and safer journey and prefer to do their journey on other air hoses.

Oversized constitution

In malice of this fiscal crisis the direction is continuously involved in presenting new flight paths and buying new aircrafts. The new aircraft ‘s are necessary but the thought of debut of new mobs have no worth at that clip as PIA had already lost its image and clients. So all these type of disbursals without proper strategic planning are wastage of fiscal resources.

leading vacuity and Government intervention

During the past few old ages there is a batch of alteration in the higher direction of PIA. Every twelvemonth the president changed with harmonizing to the involvements of Government. Lack of motivated, competent and airy leaders added in the ruin of PIA. Lack of coordination among different sections and between different hierarchal degrees within the organisation is besides the other ground. Lack of proper strategic way and the improper communicating of ends, aims to employees besides contribute in the job.

Ailing corporate civilization and brotherhood

From the last few old ages the employees of PIA are non really happy with the policies of the authorities.

PIA, being a authorities owned organisation is non giving its employees attractive wage bundles along with other fringe benefits. They rapid displacement in the higher direction creates an insecurity among the workers. In add-on the direction is non giving an attending on the preparation and development demands of its employees and as a consequence the employees feel neglected and de-motivated. Many of them are go forthing PIA and fall ining other air hoses as they are offering good bundles along with the opportunities of future growing. Therefore along with fiscal crisis the PIA is besides enduring from exchanging of its competent employees.

Chapter # 5


“ Decision ”

The national bearer has a long manner to travel in bettering its service, image, and most of import it profitableness. A vivacious air hose industry plays a polar function in projecting a state and bettering its planetary market image.

Not so in Pakistan for grounds explained. Our bearer ‘s airdromes, the forces involved in public covering within this industry, apart from the retail mercantile establishments, hotels eating houses and conveyances etc have all to play a portion in this of import ongoing exercising. Of class nil can attest itself on the land unless the authorities of the twenty-four hours ensures executions and coordination of Torahs and activities considered indispensable to accomplish positive consequence.Not content with rejuvenating the fleet entirely, PIA is besides adding new finishs ; something it has n’t truly done in a piece.

The air hose has already announced the add-on of Barcelona as a “ PIA metropolis ” . Flights are scheduled to get down in March 2009. Dublin is another new finish the air hose has already moved to include in its web, and eventually Stanched, UK, an ex-PIA finish will be restored shortly.We wish PIA and its new direction the best of fortune! They have started to travel in the right way in reconstructing profitableness and deciding many of the employee issues. We look frontward to the clip when PIA ‘s former place as Asia ‘s figure one air hose is restored.

“ Recommendations ”

Many experts partially blame the state ‘s air power policy for the regretful province of PIA, but it is much more than merely the ‘open skies ‘ policy that is to fault for the air hose ‘s predicament. “ The fact is that assignment of non-aviation main executive one after another to run the air hose on penchants other than virtue and field experience. So Privatization is the best manner to draw PIA out of its quandary.The present jobs, experts say, include the gross squeezing, lifting oil monetary values, gyrating pay additions, restructuring of web and ability to convert CAA in affairs associating to allow of traffic rights.

Besides confronting the fiscal crunch due to mismanagement and overstaffing, PIA is besides confronting a tough competition from the private air hoses. Although, Pakistan International Airlines ( PIA ) still captures a king of beasts ‘s portion in the market, peculiarly due to its monopoly on Hajj and Umra paths, it has lost a large ball of its concern on domestic and international finishs after the outgrowth of the private air hoses.In the really strong presence of an full fleet of private air hoses such as Airblue, Shaheen, and Aero Asia, the organisation has been reduced to a fiscal muss. PIA will get down its cargo operation from mid May this twelvemonth for Europe and hopes to gain fine-looking gross from this pathDue to the of all time increasing fuel monetary values in the international market and ruin of rupee value contributed loss to PIA.

On the same clip PIA operates on those domestic and international paths that are non commercially feasible. To get by this state of affairs PIA should wing from alternate paths. This besides helps to cut the disbursal.PIA should deconcentrate its construction that would take to the easy direction, increased motive, easy entree to information and declaration of the struggles.