Vision And Movement Essay, Research PaperWhen we discuss our encephalon, we normally focus on the encephalons ability to believe. That undertaking entirely is highly complex and involved, but the encephalon besides has many other undertakings.

Most of the clip the encephalon is on automatic pilot, intending that most of the activities preformed are merely automatic. Our five senses ; sight, sound, touch, gustatory sensation, and odor, are automatically preformed in our encephalons. We don & # 8217 ; Ts have to believe about how something sounds, we merely hear it and we so construe that sound. The largest country of our encephalon is the country that is set aside for vision, it is located in the occipital lobe. Dr. Gerard Guarniero has been blind since birth, a defect in which he has ne’er been able to repair. Recently, he has signed up for an experiment to prove whether our eyes really do the visual perception, or is it the encephalon which puts the images in our caput.

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He was hooked up to a machine that had a type of tablet on the dorsum of the chair in which you sit in. That tablet contains bantam small bumps that move to follow the manner an object would look. A type of camera is besides connected to this chair, and that captures the images that are so transferred onto the bumps. When the camera processes an point, it will so trip the bumps, therefore seting force per unit area on the individual sitting on the chair. The whole point of the experiment was to seek to happen the reply if we can visualise objects though touch. The experiment was a success.

Not merely was Dr. Guarniero able to visualise an point, he was able to state precisely what it was and the inside informations of it. The most astonishing thing that he noted was a fire. He stated that he has ne’er imagined that a fire would hold a definite form, because of the fact that he wasn & # 8217 ; t able to truly touch a fire, the heat ever got to him foremost.

Dr. Gerard Guarniero is populating cogent evidence that our vision and our encephalon is flexible and can be trained. From this experiment we are able to reason that the encephalon is able to replace different esthesiss for sight.So what is the existent intent of our eyes? Eyess are merely detectors that send information to our encephalons. The oculus itself is quiet interesting. The manner that we process sight is this: foremost, the eyes & # 8217 ; lens turns everything we view upside down. Then the all the urges are cris crossed in the ocular cyasim. After that, the information is passed down the ocular nervus where it eventually reaches the primary ocular cerebral mantle, or strenual cerebral mantle, where all of the transmutations take topographic point.

Dr. Russell DeValois held experiments in where he took a few monkeys as his topics, he so showed them images, and as he was demoing the images to the monkeys, he tried to see what the monkeys really saw in there ocular cerebral mantle. He has pointed out that there is preciseness on what our eyes see and what we perceive we see. Dr. David Hubel and Dr. Torsten Wiesel both received awards for there outstanding achievements in their survey of the primary ocular cerebral mantle. The primary ocular cerebral mantle is about the size of a recognition card, it lays on the posterior portion of the encephalon. When cut out, we see that it is a layering construction that has certain loose terminals and certain tight terminals to it.

In the late 1950 & # 8217 ; s, many experiments were tried to see what kind of images had an consequence on the ocular cerebral mantle. They were for the most portion unsuccessful, until one twenty-four hours, by chance, they move a glass slid over the projector, and a line appeared one the screen. That line was merely what they were looking for. So they classified the ocular cerebral mantle to be associated with lines, borders, and bars. However, cut downing the ocular field to bars and lines isn & # 8217 ; t plenty, there are many more different and more complicated undertakings to be preformed and to be seen. DeValois stated that some of our ocular nerve cells trade with light beams and the strength of the light beams ; nevertheless, Hubel disagrees with DeValois on this topic.

In the nineteenth century we see different sunglassess and different points being used by impressionist creative persons for their pictures. They would set together a mixture of different colourss in the signifiers of points. When these pictures are viewed up near, they seem to be a fuzz, a individual truly isn & # 8217 ; t able to state precisely one thing from another. But when the individual sing the image moves back, the whole picture fits together and we are able to see what the creative person wanted us to see. Equally much as the ocular cerebral mantle has been studied, Torahs for this portion of the encephalon are highly difficult to put down.

Our eyes turn all of the images we see upside down. Now what if we were to change by reversal that, intending what if we saw everything upside down. Susan was a voluntary who agreed to hold a certain brace of spectacless be put on her that would do her Se everything as if it were upside down. The ground of this experiment was to see if our encephalon truly is able to alter for our milieus. At first everything was difficult for her, she had trouble walking, sitting down, even pouring a liquid became a complicated undertaking.

After 3 yearss, she was able to compose her name absolutely while looking. Then after several yearss, she could pull a image and mark her name on the bottom right-side-up. When the twenty-four hours came to take the spectacless off, her encephalon now had to travel back to normal so to state. At first everything felt eldritch, but the transmutation procedure back to normal took merely about an hr. From this experiment it is safe to province that our vision and even our encephalon is really adaptable to our milieus. But we must maintain in head that seeing is a really little portion of perceptual experience.Dr.

Mortimer Mishkin says that the ocular cerebral mantle sends information through two parts of our organic structure: one is the parietal lobe, the other is the ventricle portion of the temporal lobe. The parietal lobe has the function of stating usage where things are, in other words, how far off we have to travel our weaponries to make a glass. The temporal lobe helps utilize explicate what objects truly are. The most stimulating objects would hold to be faces. One theory exists that our grandmas light up certain nerve cells, which in bend are called & # 8220 ; Grandmother cells & # 8221 ; . These grandmother cells are commutative cells, intending that they need other cells in order to preform a undertaking. We genuinely have no existent account to how this works, but harm to this portion of the encephalon will do trouble acknowledging familiar objects.Now the procedure of seeing something and so treating it takes about three ten percents of a 2nd.

Motion of the impulse first starts at the dorsum of the encephalon, so it moves its manner frontward to the frontal lobe, and when it gets at that place, that is where it is decided on what we precisely saw and how to move towards it. Now normal mundane motions occur vertically, unlike vision, which occurs horizontally. We must get the hang both in order to last in this universe, therefore cooperation between the two senses is really necessary. Thingss like walking and sneezing have been discovered non to be learned, but inherited through cistrons. They are both physiological reactions, and we don & # 8217 ; t larn them, we merely inherit them and put to death them on about a day-to-day footing.

Dr. Rodolfo Llinas has been sing Cape Cod for rather some clip now in order to analyze the sea calamari. The sea calamari contains three nerve cells, but the two chief nerve cells that we are traveling to be explicating are immense. They are so big in fact, that you can see the synapses between the two with your bare oculus.

A synapses stopping points for merely about one thousandth of a 2nd.Nerve cells pass information through three parts of the encephalon: 1 ) primitive encephalon root, 2 ) cerebellum ( cardinal for motion ) 3 ) ocular cerebral mantle. If a disease is acquired in the cerebellum, the individual will hold trouble with the depth perceptual experience of an object for the remainder of their life.

The Phazel Ganglia is the unreflective and automatic response country. If this fails, a individual has now gotten Parkinson & # 8217 ; s disease. The chief ground for acquiring Parkinson & # 8217 ; s disease is that the chemical Dopemine International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t being produced any longer in the Phazel Ganglia.

Terry Thomas has received Parkinson & # 8217 ; s disease. His life has drastically changed right before his eyes. He doesn & # 8217 ; t kip good at dark, and when he does he has a longing for cocoa.

A individual with Parkinson & # 8217 ; s besides has trouble traversing streets or even walking through a room access, they have to be given little ends in order for them to make such a large undertaking as making through a door. In 1970, a new miracle drug come on the scene, L-Dopa. The manner that this drug works is that it produces Dopemine in extra, now leting the encephalon to work slightly usually.

The drug gives a gradual alleviation of the trouble, but it isn & # 8217 ; t a remedy for Parkinson & # 8217 ; s. Another type of medicine that has been considered is encephalon cell implants. The first encephalon cell implant was in 1982.

It was given to a patient with Parkinson & # 8217 ; s, and he survived the operation with a seeable betterment. One positive thought to observe about encephalon cell implants is that the encephalon doesn & # 8217 ; t reject tissue every bit easy as the remainder of our organic structure does. But the critics started composing that taking encephalon tissue from one individual and infixing it into a alien is wholly unethical and immoral. So a option had to be found. The option would come from our adrenal secretory organ, which lies next to our kidneys. The make-up of the adrenal secretory organ nerve cells is really similar to that of the original encephalon cell, and at that place weren & # 8217 ; t any rejections either when the experiment was preformed on mice. This process offers hope for the hereafter. The physicians in charge of the operations have already completed two such operations, the first on in a male, didn & # 8217 ; t aid much, because non to long after the operation he had gone back to the same phase of Parkinson & # 8217 ; s as he was before the operation.

One thing is that he says that if he would be offered another operation, he wouldn & # 8217 ; t hesitate. The other patient was a female, and her alterations stayed with her. She has somewhat improved, and now she is taking a better life because of it. What the hereafter awaits us, no organic structure knows, but the physicians are already be aftering patient figure 3, 4, even 18.& # 8220 ; Rhythms and Drives & # 8221 ;What does it intend to be human? The reply to this inquiry can hold many significance.

One reply might be that our whole being as human existences is based on our carnal inherent aptitudes. We are of class animate beings, and we have evolved over the 100s of old ages to be what we are today. The foundation of our basic human life would likely hold to be the intellectual cerebral mantle. It fundamentally does everything we need done to last on a day-to-day footing: governs organic structure temperature, bosom round, respiration, when we have to eat, kip, our sexual thrust, and it besides triggers our aggression. If we were to take it, or even damage the intellectual cerebral mantle, we would be in fact killing our really existence. One really interesting thing about the intellectual cerebral mantle is that it is automatic system, intending it maps without us cognizing it. There are three parts of the encephalon: first is the Brain Stem, so the Hypothalamus, and the Pituitary System.

The encephalon root is fundamentally an extension of the spinal cord. The hypothalamus contains both the really of import Limbic System and the chemical Melatonin, which is most normally released at dark. The pituitary secretory organ releases a assortment of endocrines, it controls many facets of organic structure map.Pat Moore is a female that suffers from terrible winter depression. During the winter clip, she is really down, she is throughly disgusted of herself, she cry often, she tends to remain off from people, sleeps a great trade, and merely fundamentally stops all normal activity. She has trouble get downing different undertakings, and if she of all time does get down them, she ne’er coatings. She doesn & # 8217 ; t see a hereafter at all for herself. The disability she has wholly interferes with her ability to map as a normal homo.

She besides explained that she felt like a bear, she went to kip all winter, but so when summer hit, she was like a butterfly, she had all this energy, the will to travel out and make things. So one twenty-four hours Pat went and participated in an experiment. The object was to seek to free the depression from her. So they set up immense flourescent visible radiations in her life room, and for 3 hours a twenty-four hours she sat in forepart of the visible radiations. After a short piece of this, there was a drastic alteration.

Pat Moore about seemed like a wholly new individual. She had tonss of energy, she started composing, reading, picture, and tonss of other things she loved to make. She is really thankful of this, and we are excessively. Now we understand that the deficiency of visible radiation will do us down and it will do the universe seem to drag on forever.

Another manner to acquire rid of depression would be besides sleep. The less sleep you get, you normally lose your depression. One thing is though that slumber is merely a impermanent modifier. There are some drugs that you can take to acquire rid of depression, but they may take every bit long as several hebdomads before the effects are seen, but when it does kick in, the alteration is for good.Our encephalons are closely linked to nature. The round of the Earth is about like the round of our encephalon, we do everything manus in manus. One of the best times the see alterations taking topographic point in our encephalon would be at dark clip when we are kiping.

We sleep about at 90 minute intervals. One of these intervals is realm, or the clip when we dream. During this clip, we can detect rapid oculus motions, the encephalon is at its extremum with activity.

Most of this activity is experienced in the frontal lobe. Then the other interval is deep slumber, or the clip when we get the most remainder.Michel Siffre is a Gallic scientist who lived in a cave in Texas for several months. He took portion in an experiment to see that when you change your environment in order to see the manner the encephalon would respond.

His quarters were simple, but he had some of the best equipment available to him. His behaviour and information was monitored ; such as, blood force per unit area, bosom rate, encephalon moving ridges. The whole cave was perfectly clear of any natural visible radiation. Which meant that he decided what clip to acquire up, what clip to kip.

He besides decided when it was daytime, and when it was dark clip. We have an internal dismay clock so to state that decides for us when we are supposed to make all those things, including eating and many others. Michel found out that our organic structure doesn & # 8217 ; t truly populate off the normal Circadian Rhythms that it & # 8217 ; s supposed to, but that we have a 20 five hr clock that we should be populating by. This experiment has helped many concern decide on displacement work.

About one Forth of work forces and one sixth of adult females work displacement occupations, but working a switching occupation causes temporal pandemonium in our organic structures. If, for illustration, we try to kip during the twenty-four hours and work making the dark, we wholly rearrange our organic structures and our organic structure & # 8217 ; s internal clock. It is so bad that our organic structure doesn & # 8217 ; t precisely cognize what to expect and when. Revolving displacements besides cause a figure of other jobs, such as: slumber upsets and eating upsets.

So Michel was called in to Utah to a processing mill to make a alternation to the normal one hebdomad displacement alterations. He proposed that shifts be changed of all time 3 hebdomads in a clockwise rotary motion ; so that if you worked the dark displacement one rotary motion, the following you & # 8217 ; ll work the forenoon, and so on. He besides held categories on how to utilize your free clip to the best manner you can and he besides taught the workers about their organic structures. At the terminal of the three hebdomads, there was a drastic and positive betterment. The workers wellness got better, workers felt better about themselves in general, and besides productiveness rose. So we learned that you can non disregard the portion of the encephalon that controls when we sleep and when we wake.

The Hypothalamus controls all this, and we have to maintain that in head when we are doing work agendas.Another inquiry we can inquire ourselves is this: aggression and force, where does it arise?Does it besides control fury? One experiment that has given us some replies was that preformed on a bull in the 1960 & # 8217 ; s. A typical combat bull was taken and electrodes were placed in the frontal lobe next to the hypothalamus. It worked, the animate being was wholly cooled down when the electrodes were charged.

Mark Larribus was a male that was convicted of pain and about killing his girlfriends 2 twelvemonth old kid. All he recollects for that twenty-four hours was that the kid was shouting, and he walked over to it and started crushing it. He didn & # 8217 ; t even think about look intoing it, possibly inquiring if it needed nutrient, he went directly to crushing. When he was taken in, he became down, even suicidal at times. He had a diagnostic survey taken on him to see what was incorrect. It was besides noted that he had been holding more and more effusions, and it was really difficult to command them. When he had a CAT scan preformed on him, it was concluded that he had a tumour that was pressing on his hypothalamus.

It was a sist, it had filled with fluid and it was a really large menace on Mark. When he had it removed, the positive alterations had occurred, he was much calmer, he had really few effusions any longer, and he was fundamentally a changed adult male.Before and during the impulses of sex, many different things happen. First off, the hypothalamus sends a endocrine to the Pituitary Gland, so that sends testosterone ; and the testosterone in bend sends it back to the hypothalamus and the rhythm starts over. There may be other types of the encephalon besides working. The hippocampus is a horn shaped portion of the limbic system that is believed to be used in emotion, besides the amygdaloid nucleus is a portion of the encephalon that is found in the temporal lobe that besides is belived to be involved in emotion.

In the twelvemonth 1978, Mitch Heller was involved in an car accident that has changed his life wholly. Mitch was a typical red blooded adult male, he loved to play assorted athleticss, and he led a healthy life. But he realized that about a month after his accident he didn & # 8217 ; t have the impulse to hold sexual intercourse, he couldn & # 8217 ; t preform every bit good in bed, his voice was acquiring perceptibly higher, and he loss facial hair. He became horrified with all this every bit good as confused. One amusing thing was that a month before the accident he and his married woman had planned to hold a babe, but now there was this set back. He merely suffered a bump to the caput, but he had damaged his hypothalamus.

With that harm done, his encephalon couldn & # 8217 ; t preform the necessary stairss in order to secret the endocrine to the pituitary secretory organ to hold the impulses for sex. So they tried to repair it. Dr. Crowley was called in, he had preformed brilliant work on the 3 manner system affecting the hypothalamus. The physician designed for Mitch a kind of portable hypothalamus. It was a little box that can be carried around your waste that contained a syringe with the endocrine that is usually secreted by the hypothalamus. Then an injection is made into the venters, and at regular two hr intervals the endocrine is injected. At first, Mitch couldn & # 8217 ; t stand the thing.

He felt each injection as it went in and it was uncomfortable to transport around. But it did aid. Almost right after the first injection, he had a alteration in his libido, and after approximately 5 yearss, he was wholly used to the device. When he got home, he had the sudden impulse to travel and hold sexual intercourse with his married woman and he felt great wholly. The two chief grounds for him holding this done to him were these: 1, he wanted to hold kids ; and back he wanted to populate like a normal male. He was happy to observe that after holding this happen to him, he and his married woman have had a healthy babe miss, and it was all thanks to modern scientific discipline.

So what have we learned, good, the human encephalon has changed and has been enriched throughout the old ages of our being. We besides have learned that we carry the luggage of carnal behaviour, and it affects the manner we think, feel, act, and love.& # 8220 ; Stress and Emotion & # 8221 ;Everything that we feel in our organic structures is produced by the encephalon. Our emotions, personality, love, and hatred, they are all mediated by the encephalon. Since emotions do non hold at that place ain separate parts in our encephalon, it has been really hard to nail where emotions come from.

There is merely one emotion so far that we know of that we can turn up where it originates from, and that & # 8217 ; s anxiousness. One of anxiousnesss main by-product is nervousness. Jitteriness is the instability between the frontal cerebral mantle and the limbic system. The manner that we found this emotion in our encephalon was wholly inadvertent.Phineas Gage was an intelligent, good balanced adult male.

He was a modest and good, difficult worker.He was portion of a squad that laid out paths for railway autos. One twenty-four hours, as he had a battle with another worker over his girlfriend, he got into a awful accident.

A steel rod had been driven through his cheek and up his skull. He suffered harm to the portion of the encephalon that is between the limbic system and the frontal cerebral mantle. So now, he is unable to hold controlled emotions. You see, the encephalon is like a group of good railway beds, everyone works together to acquire one thing accomplished. The limbic system passes information to the frontal cerebral mantle, and usually the two systems maintain idea and emotions on an equilibrium.

But after his accident, Phineas was unable to command any of his ideas or emotions. His limbic system was free without any limitations that the frontal cerebral mantle might hold given. The ground why he might hold felt really small hurting during his accident was because usually, hurting is sent up the cardinal nervous system to the encephalon, and Substance P is so passed through the synapses of nerve cells if adequate hurting has passed through the encephalon. There are endorphins that lessen hurting in our organic structures, they are released every bit shortly as our encephalon senses any kind of hurting. We can besides screen of & # 8220 ; barricade out & # 8221 ; pain by believing that something makes it better. For case, we may believe that imbibing H2O eases hurting, when in actuality it has no medical intents what so of all time.

There is besides a drug called morphia that blocks out the Substance P from of all time responding in our encephalons. Edward Williams was Phineas & # 8217 ; physician when he came to town that twenty-four hours. After scrutiny, Dr. Williams had stated that he had badly severed the frontal cerebral mantle from the limbic system. The lesion was so bad that the physician was able to touch his two custodies while they were indoors of Phineas & # 8217 ; skull. This wholly changed his life.

After retrieving, he faced many new alterations wholly. His words were hapless, he slurred when he spoke, he was wild and unmanageable, he cried frequently and he besides screamed intensely. Basically, he allow all his feeling out at any given minute. What happened to him? Well, one time the connexion between the limbic system and the frontal cerebral mantle is gone, the limbic system so allows information and emotions to go through through the encephalon freely, and everything is fundamentally uncensored by the frontal cerebral mantle.

Beating all the odds he survived, but merely physically. He ne’er recovered intellectually or emotionally. He lost about all human contacts, but he had developed a certain bond with animate beings. It was said by his close friends that he was like & # 8220 ; an animate beings emotions in a adult males organic structure & # 8221 ; . He died 12 old ages subsequently, ne’er to the full retrieving.

Chemical alterations in our encephalon besides change our behaviour. Different reactions in our encephalon can be changed by our environment or by emotions, but most of the alterations are unknown. Nerve-racking stimulations and anxiousness change the balance of chemicals in our organic structures. Stress is rather noticeable in our organic structures.

Under emphasis, our cardinal nervous system speeds up, we have a higher bosom round, and our blood force per unit area rises. Stress International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t a physical event it is critically determined by the environment and by what an being can or can non make. We are triggered by the & # 8220 ; battle of flight & # 8221 ; system. It is distinct wether we will remain and take in the challenge, or if we will go forth the state of affairs.Air traffic accountants live really high stressful lives and have high nerve-racking occupations in general. Bizzoro, a Gallic air traffic accountant working in Quebec.

Not merely does he hold to hold the all normal occupations that air traffic accountant bash, he besides has to preform in two linguistic communications, both English and French, and that merely adds to the emphasis. It was said that the early cave adult male didn & # 8217 ; t bring forth every bit much as we produce now, so therefor they had less to worry approximately. We besides drive ourselves excessively hard at work, we try to get the better of the competition but in the procedure we are aching ourselves.

In the natural state, fundamentally all we had to worry approximately was what to eat and to watch out non to be eaten, all the energy came from our flight of battle system. But no during this twenty-four hours and age, our limbic system messages are overruled by our frontal cerebral mantle. One experiment that was performed involved rats. There were two rats, and their dress suits were charged with an electrical urge, and if the rat spun a wheel, the urge would be sent at intervals every 60 seconds. But if the rat failed to whirl the wheel, it would have the urge at associated clip periods. The rat that did whirl the wheel showed that he had control, but the rat that didn & # 8217 ; t whirl the wheel showed that he had no control. Besides, the rat that did whirl the wheel showed that he had predictability.

So in order to last in this universe, we non merely necessitate good control, but besides good predictability. The more we prolong the emphasis on our encephalons, the quicker the terminal terminals fundamentally die off. The venue coeruleus, when active, releases a neurotransmitter called noradrenaline, and that in bend activates our encephalon and we start to believe. Another experiment was given to the rats, this clip they were put into a cup filled with H2O and they had H2O wings put on them. This clip the object was to see how much activity will be produced in a nerve-racking activity. Bad reactions would be to invariably be seeking to swim, seeking to remain afloat, invariably traveling.

But the good reaction that can be produced was that the rat was seeking to travel every bit small as possible, spent most of its clip merely drifting. The rat that was had the bad reactions showed sleep alterations, eating alterations, and a deficiency of training. So the same side effects were noted as in a clinically down individual.When the limbic system overwhelms the frontal cerebral mantle, the nexus between the two is lost, and we about in a manner Fry everything in between. Gaba is a chemical that inhibits cells from firing urges. When the radio detection and ranging went out in the flight operators screen, he became nervous and stressed out. But gaba lowered the fire of urges, and his jitteriness was kept to a lower limit.

Valium is a drug that helps many emphasis patients recover. It is a member of the category of drugs that improves gaba production. It besides controls emotions from being expressed.Panic onslaughts are experienced when all the emotions in our encephalons are all of a sudden turned on and travel out of control. An injection was given to a patient that has had panic onslaughts in the yesteryear. This injection forces a stirred onslaught on the individual, and the physical every bit good as mental alterations are recorded. First off, the patient feels visible radiation headed, so you feel weak, and the other symptoms follow. When a individual has a full blown panic onslaught, the limbic system fires a overload of stimulation on the frontal cerebral mantle, doing everything to travel hay wire.

Anna Renaud is a panic onslaught victim. Her onslaughts were acquiring so bad that she was forced to acquire medical attending at a local infirmary. The first onslaught that she of all time remembers holding was approximately three to four old ages ago during an Easter dinner. She recalls she felt weak, her bosom started buffeting, she had a tenseness of musculuss, and besides she felt as though she had a type of ball in her gorge that felt like she couldn & # 8217 ; t get down. She received drug therapy, and every bit much as it helped, she still suffered from minor terror onslaughts. Soon after she was off the drug therapy, she went into rehabilitation that taught her encephalon how to defy the onslaughts. This helped her greatly, but she still had the same nerve-racking occupation and she was still surrounded by nerve-racking state of affairss. She was besides enduring from exacezbated anxiousness.

This type of anxiousness is felt by everyone at all the clip, merely some of us have it in a more profound degree. Peoples that suffer from this consider everything they do in life to be highly nerve-racking, they try to avoid most things in life. Valium is most frequently prescribed for this anxiousness, and it does a great occupation in bring arounding it. Anna besides developed a few phobic disorder & # 8217 ; s, or frights of things. She was afraid to sit the tube or afraid to be in a big crowd.

Her panic onslaughts have greatly shortened, now they last a small letter one to two proceedingss. Her first twenty-four hours off of any medicines was a spot rickety. She has merely learned new techniques to seek to suppress the onslaughts, and she has besides returned to work.

She now has stayed drug free, and her opportunities are invariably bettering because of the fact that she does vigorous exercisings in order to acquire rid of unneeded emphasis. Different types of things you may besides make to acquire rid of emphasis are yoga, religion, and even supplication.Our apprehension of the alterations that occur in our encephalon has improved vastly. All progresss do hold the possibility to be misused in a controlled manner, but the positive results out weight the negative 1s. As for the air traffic accountant, his married woman had another kid. This is another nerve-racking state of affairs that must be dealt with attention. During labour, she was given a spinal pat so that she wouldn & # 8217 ; t experience any hurting what so of all time, but at that place was a job.

She had excessively much emphasis, her blood force per unit area rose, she felt bad wholly, excessively many messages were acquiring sent from the limbic system to the frontal cerebral mantle. After a few proceedingss of this, equilibrium was restored, and her critical marks returned to normal. There was a minor job with the bringing, and the kid had to be surgically removed, but it came out in perfect wellness. So the inquiry remains & # 8220 ; Do we have the cognition to command all parts of life? & # 8221 ; All we truly have to retrieve is that behaviour is a simple portion of our encephalons & # 8217 ; map, and we will hold to happen the remainder out subsequently.& # 8220 ; Learning and Memory & # 8221 ;We are merely now get downing to understand precisely how the encephalon works in regard to the manner we memorize things. There are two basic attacks that we have developed to larn about the manner memory plants: 1 ) we view nerve cells through microscopes and so seek to find the manner they function ; 2 ) we look at other human existences, the manner they act, particularly amnesiacs.

We are faced with one of the many inquiries about memory, and that is & # 8220 ; Where are our memories started? & # 8221 ; Karl Lashley is a scientist that in the 1920 & # 8217 ; s preformed experiments to make up one’s mind where the memories we remember are stored in our encephalon. He removed different parts of the encephalon from different lab rats and so studied the rats to make up one’s mind if the portion he took out had any affect on there past memories. He trained the rats to retrieve a certain type of labyrinth, and after the rat could walk through the labyrinth without any trouble, he surgically removed portion of that rats encephalon. After the rat had clip to retrieve from the operation, he put that rat inside of the same labyrinth and tried to see if the rat & # 8217 ; s memory was at all altered by the operation. Through his many experiments, he concluded that our memories were stored in the temporal lobe of the encephalon. Dr. Donald Hebb helped and besides studied with Mr.

Lashley. He stated that if more so one fifth of the frontal cerebral mantle is removed, that it so starts to hold a negative consequence on memory ; but if less so one fifth of the cerebral mantle is removed, the no existent loss of memory is experienced. He disagreed with Mr. Lashley, nevertheless, because Lashley stated that memory can be localized into a certain portion of the encephalon. Dr. Hebb stated the complete antonym, that memory can non be localized in any existent portion of the encephalon. Dr. Hebb besides proposed the thought of cell organisation.

Wilder Peafield, who was besides accompanied by Dr. Hebb, was fascinated on how the encephalon really remembered what we do. He stated that memories were stored in the temporal lobe, and he concluded experiments to back up this.

He had a female patient in which he operated on her temporal lobe. Before any operation, he ever did stimulating exercisings on the portion of the encephalon he was traveling to work on so that he could precisely cognize what he was traveling to work with.Our memories are stored biologically in our encephalon, non physically. In merely about every action we of all time do, there are chemicals involved that either excite or suppress our nerve cells to move or non to move consequently to the stimulations. When we remember things, we normally first retrieve by sight, so by sound, and last by the pronunciation of the word. There are many cell assembly program in our organic structure.

Cell assembly programs are fundamentally many cells that are put together to preform a incorporate undertaking, such as retrieving. When cell assembly is developed, you can comprehend an event, and you can besides be able to comprehend that truly aren’t at that place ; such as when person hallucinates something. When a kid is turning up and maturing, the first three old ages or so are highly of import. The of import thing to recognize that talking isn’t the most of import thing, the more of import thing is to hear words that are spoken to you.Dr. Jean-Pierre Changeux participated in an experiment that tried to find how a cell will turn when it is removed from an egg. They put the cells in a slide with no kind of other intervention what so of all time.

Some of them grew and became healthy, and the minority of them died. He so added some musculus cells, and since they are long musculus cells, the cells from the embryo started to go extended as good. He discovered that motion causes links between nervus cells.Another inquiry that arises during the survey of our memory is this: & # 8220 ; Do we of all time forget old memories or do we merely hive away them someplace else so that we can do room for new memories? & # 8221 ;Well, foremost off, we ne’er lose memories.

We merely kind of move them over to the side so that room can be made for the new memories, but non all old memories are moved over. There are some memories that stay with us throughout our life, such as odor, skin esthesiss, and our frights are preserved. We remember really small for our childhood, but what we learn from that period of clip is really of import to us. We besides try to quash some memories, the 1s that we don & # 8217 ; t like, such as painful experiences. One theory is that when we are immature, our encephalon still isn & # 8217 ; t wholly developed and therefor we can & # 8217 ; t retrieve everything that is go oning.

Our encephalon develops memory with great preciseness. First we develop the memory for odor and odor, and the last to acquire developed would be the complex memory countries, the 1s that have to retrieve complicated undertakings. Memories that involve emotions are normally the best kept.Memories are foremost transferred from the hippocampus to the amegdella. If your hippocampus was to acquire damaged in any manner, so you will hold memory loss. Amnesia is a type of encephalon upset that causes us the disablement of retrieving new memories. Peoples that have amnesia are still able to retrieve past things that have happened to them, but things that happen to them at a day-to-day footing, those are non remembered at all.

But they can still retrieve some things, because the encephalon brakes down our memories to different parts of our encephalon. Peter is one victim of memory loss. He was playing a hoops game that dark, and a few hours subsequently he states that he was unable to talk, he felt weak ; but the unusual thing is that he remembers precisely what happened to him during the clip of his onslaught. Peter was a really smart adult male, he was top portion of his category and everyone looked up to him. After the onslaught, his old memories are still integral, but he is unable to memorise things in the present. He is besides rather diffident now, but before the onslaught he was really surpassing. The hippocampus is every bit of import in the learning process. When a individual learns something new, in their encephalons, they are destructing non-important synapses.

But through the same procedure, there are new, utile synapses created. Sometimes, the omission of the unimportant synapses will let us to larn faster. So, as we can assume, larning anything will affect the stimulating of synapses. One common belief is that as a individual ages, they lose encephalon cells. That is true, and yet we get smarter and wiser as we get older. How is all this true? Well, as we age, we teach ourselves how to utilize the cognition that we gain in better and more efficient ways.Dr.

Gary Lynch believes all acquisition should go forth a biological trail in our encephalon. He states that every small synapse that acts up makes a permanent physical feeling on our encephalons. On experiment he ran was that he took subdivisions of rat encephalon. Then he studied them under a microscope before and after providing an electrical discharge. The discharge was merely like the type of reaction that occurs when a message is sent across a synapse. Therefor, the alterations would be seen alongside the synaptic quarantine. During the first 10 months there was no complete grounds that any kind of alteration had occurred ; but during the 11th month there was a alteration. There were ocular alterations alongside the synapse of each sample taken.

So because of this experiment, we can reason that larning does do a physical alteration our encephalon. There is one downside to this country of survey, now we have to cover with the effects of the abuse of the ability of control of synaptic growing.Dr. Anders Bjorkland took older rats that have trouble memory, which is caused by the loss of hippocampo cells, and he injected them with new, healthy hippocampo cells. Before the injection, he took the rats and placed them in milky coloured H2O.

There was merely one really little base in the H2O that allowed the rats to non be in the H2O, and the rats were exposed to that base. The older rats couldn & # 8217 ; t retrieve where the base was, and were therefor forced to swim around the bath aimlessly. After the injection, nevertheless, the rats remembered precisely where the base was and they returned to it without any seeable troubles. Amnesia in worlds is really selective, it attacks merely a really little portion of the memory system. We are seeking to happen some manner to retrieve what to make, but we can & # 8217 ; t.

Probably the lone manner to cognize how to make something for these victims is through repeat. Take the instance of Karl Lashley. When he was given a trial in which he would hold to work out the Tower of Hanoi, he wasn & # 8217 ; t able to make it the first clip, even the 2nd clip. Merely after a few times that he did it was he able to travel through the mystifier with small trouble. If we asked him how he did it, he would reply you rather merely that he doesn & # 8217 ; T know, it kind of comes to him 2nd nature.One manner to retrieve things after you are a victim of memory loss is by seeking to replace different words or Numberss by giving them matching images.

Extremist or eccentric memories really rather frequently tend to work. Trevor Emmott was able to retrieve 36 random Numberss utilizing this type of system. A individual would be able to give him a six digit figure, and he could set two images to that figure so that he could subsequently on restate that figure in order. Dr. Barbra Wilson was working with a few patients that suffered from memory loss.

One of them, Ken, was given several easy stairss in a room. Ten proceedingss subsequently, he was asked to retrace those stairss, and all he could retrieve was one of the several. He subsequently states that he tries non to look stupid or dense, even though he knows that people do believe that of him. He said that he is seeking to believe. He recalls past memories really good, D-Day and his ain matrimony ; but his married woman decease, which happened a twelvemonth ago, he can non remember.

He thinks that seconds have pasted when in world proceedingss have, or months passed when old ages have. He is unable to transport out a normal conversation for the simple fact that he forgets what the conversation was approximately, he invariably asks the same inquiries over and over, and he forgets things that are said to him the twenty-four hours before. For him, life is really frustrating, and the sad thing is that no drugs or any type of therapy will assist him. So as you get older, you truly wear & # 8217 ; t bury what happened to you as you were younger, you merely travel them to portion of your encephalon so that they won & # 8217 ; t interfere with the new memories. One ground for this is because it is impossible for our encephalon to keep every type of memory so that it is on a changeless retrieval footing.

One adult male, nevertheless, did hold this capableness. He was a Russian that had a photographic memory. He remembered every individual small item of what of all time happens to him. So because of that, his life is besides highly hard.

He is unable to speak to people because any word you would state to him, it would convey a inundation of memories to him, and he would be overwhelmed.& # 8220 ; The Two Brains & # 8221 ;The human organic structure is related to many different types of animate beings. We portion the same nervus construction with that of calamaris, our encephalons are like that of alligators, and our emotions are like that of a cat. We are the closest in similarities to a Pan troglodytes, in which 98 % of our Deoxyribonucleic acid is the same.

Even though through all these similarities we are the lone species that can pass on through a linguistic communication or we can be after things out right. The divided encephalon took about a hundred old ages to be evolved into what we use today. The encephalon is divided consequently to compensate and left hemispheres, or & # 8220 ; the two encephalons & # 8221 ; . Each hemisphere controls the opposite side of the organic structure, or they are asymmetrical ; so that the left hemisphere controls the right side of organic structure and the right hemisphere the left side of organic structure severally. We besides are able to determine our environment to our wishing.

We can change things that nature intended on go oning. Anna Cole is a sculpture. Because of her line of work, she extensively uses the cerebral mantle of her encephalon, or the message transmitter. The cerebral mantle is the wrinkly, outer bed of the encephalon, it contains a web of encephalon cells that are used in reassigning messages. Our encephalons were designed for find.

We love to seek, to happen out, to make things that we are out to make.Language maps are housed in both of the hemispheres every bit. We besides, under normal fortunes, have a emotional relationship with both sides. The principal callosum carries impulses to and from each of the two hemispheres. If a individual was to damage that nexus, we would wholly change the common relationship that the two hemispheres portion. Sometimes it is recommended to surgically take the principal callosum, that normally occurs to people who suffer frequent ictuss. Vieki is a patient who had her principal callosum damaged by sawboness.

Now she is unable to pass on with both of her hemispheres right. She has trouble believing something and so finishing that undertaking. She is subjected to a trial ; different spots of information was sent to each hemisphere. When she views something on the left side of a screen, the information is so passed to her right hemisphere. That hemisphere can & # 8217 ; t show what she sees, but she can show what she sees on the left side by the usage of her left manus, in other words she is able to pull what she sees. If she viewed a complicated object, such as a adult female on a telephone, all she could make is generalise what she sees ; in other words she saw a adult female. So through all of this, it was concluded that she had damaged her left ocular field, and her right hemisphere. Her left hemisphere, every bit good as ours, does most of the verbal consciousness that we have.

All human encephalons have the biological devising for linguistic communication. When we experience alterations, we so learn something new. The country of the encephalon refering the left hemisphere is more heavy wholly, it is better constructed so the right side.Ta was a patient of Dr.

Paul Broca. Ta & # 8217 ; s name was given to him merely all he could state was & # 8220 ; ta & # 8221 ; , in other words, Ta couldn & # 8217 ; t talk. The country of the encephalon that Dr.

Broca said that Ta & # 8217 ; s malformation came from was around the frontal portion of the left hemisphere. That country, now called Broca & # 8217 ; s Area, is said to command the musculuss of address. Charles Landy had a good legal pattern traveling. Until one twenty-four hours he had a blood coagulum, which so caused a shot. His ability to understand linguistic communication every bit good as the ability to show himself fundamentally vanished as the stoke base on ballss.

Most of his jobs are mechanical, he is slow, difficult to acquire traveling: all as stated by his physician, Dr. Norman Geschwind. When given something to read, Charles stuttered, he slurred his address, but in the terminal he would complete reading it.

When Charles was given the statement: & # 8220 ; The leopard was killed by the king of beasts & # 8221 ; . After that he was given the simple inquiry, & # 8220 ; Which animal died? & # 8221 ; Charles was unable to give the reply. Basically what happened was this: all his encephalon heard were the nouns and verbs of the sentence, or & # 8221 ; Leopard killed king of beasts & # 8221 ; . He has no comparing between what is heard and what is meant. In 1874, Carl Vernica besides contributed to the survey of the encephalon by detecting his ain country, or Vernica & # 8217 ; s country. Vernica & # 8217 ; s country is said to command what we hear. The victim might articulate all his/her words right and clearly, but all of there words make no sense. So the manner that the encephalon processes new thought is this: foremost, sound travels to Verica & # 8217 ; s country.

Then, we say what we heard, or Broca & # 8217 ; s country is activated. Last on the list is the motor cerebral mantle. The right hemisphere of the encephalon specializes in forms and sizes. The left hemisphere largely thinks images, non words. Because of this, the right hemisphere recognizes faces of people and different topographic points. One patient that had suffered from a shot states that she feels like she is populating in a Wyrd and unknown topographic point. She can & # 8217 ; t retrieve where she & # 8217 ; s been, or she can & # 8217 ; t retrieve the people she has talked to.

She gets angry at herself, she hits herself in the caput to seek to repair everything. She isn & # 8217 ; t impaired because of all of this. She is still rather able to give first-class descriptions of the peoples faces she positions, but she is unable to give a name to the face. She is most perchance enduring from Prosopagnosia, or the ability to acknowledge faces of people. The harm of a individuals encephalon that has this harm was viewed through a PET Scan, and the countries of harm were clearly seeable. In the past, we believed that face acknowledgment was housed in the right hemisphere.

Now, nevertheless, we know that each hemisphere contributes something different to the acknowledgment.What controls encephalon organisations? New hints on how the encephalon develops are being discovered. One thought is that our civilization and our milieus contribute to our encephalon development. The island of Japan has been isolated by centuries, and their civilization has flourished without any intervention for decennaries. Normally kids in Japan learn two books. The first, called Canna, uses symbols as words, and therefor is concentrated on the left hemisphere. The other, called Conji, concentrates on the usage of our ocular field, and therefor plants on the right hemisphere. One symbol may hold up to several significances.

Besides, in Japan, when a kid is shouting, it is considered a sound of nature. The Japanese are really delicate to sounds of nature, and therefor they treat as sound like shouting as a linguistic communication. All of that largely concentrates on the left hemisphere. On the Western hemisphere, we treat shouting as a noise, and therefor we put it on the right hemisphere of the encephalon.In Australia, Aboriginal kids preform worse so while Australian kids preform when they use verbal memories. Dr. Kearing was working with them, seeking to understand why this is so.

There is about a three twelvemonth difference between the Aboriginal kids and the white kids. When the Aboriginal kids preformed a trial, they were faced with the quandary to retrieve where a few objects were supposed to travel on a sheet of paper. The adult male made objects in theory should be easier to set back in topographic point, and the rocks used should be a trouble. But for the Aboriginal kids, the truth was merely the opposite. They remembered about without any troubles where the stones went, and the adult male made objects gave them a harder clip. Culture International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t the lone difference in our encephalon development ; the footing if we are male of female must besides be taken into history.

There are many different effects to take into consequence as we study the differences between the sexes, such as: odor, gustatory sensation, touch, and coordination. Hand penchant, for case, is developed hormonal in our encephalon. Males are take up 10 % of the left handed population why females make up merely 4 % .

Now being a left handed means two things: one, you are most normally better at the humanistic disciplines, but so once more you have a greater opportunity to hold larning disablements. Why the babe kid is still a foetus, the babe that received more testosterone will most likely go a male. There was a adult female that had tow active testiss in her organic structure. When she was younger, she received hormonal therapy to bring on menses.

Genetically, she started out as a male. She developed testiss, got testosterone pumped into her, but through a eldritch upset, she began to develop the physical characteristics of a female. When she was injected with estrogen, the female organic structure endocrine, her encephalon did non react to it at all.Dr. Guather Dorner surveies emphasis and the alterations it has on the uterus inside of a pregnant lab rat. For two hours each twenty-four hours, the rats were confined and exposed to really powerful visible radiations. They produced epinephrine, which in bend decreased the degree of testosterone, therefore giving the opportunity that the progeny was traveling to be female a better opportunity.

Besides, there was a survey done in Germany that took 500 homophiles and found out that any kid that was born during the war had a two times greater opportunity of going a homosexual because of the emphasis put on the adult females at that clip. When the homophiles were so injected with estrogen, there encephalons were triggered by this. Dr. Marion Diamond took samples of rat encephalons, so stop dead them, so studied them. She concluded that females have thicker left hemispheres, and males have thicker right hemispheres. She besides took the newborn rats from their female parents and injected them with visuospatial. Besides, she took the testiss from the neonates and she found that those rats produced less testosterone.

She besides stated that rats that were in a healthy, good taken attention of environment had larger cerebral mantles so rats that were in a waste environment.The manner that we treat our kids besides has a considerable consequence on the manner that they will turn up. It was concluded that we encourage male childs to be more active, to research their milieus more.

When it comes to misss, nevertheless, we are more chatty to, we encourage inactivity, we tell them they are reasonably. So is the manner we grow up and stop up from experience, or is it from our encephalons development. The reply, likely both.

& # 8220 ; Madness & # 8221 ;Our encephalon has the qualities and capablenesss that no other animate being has. Because of that, we besides suffer from diseases that no other animate beings have. About 1 % of the whole human population suffers from Schizophrenia, or about 40 million people. Out of all the diseases that we have discovered in our human race, schizophrenic disorder is about surely the darkest one of them all. About 30 % of the patients that suffer from it hold small or no response to any cloistered therapy. Schizophrenia encompasses lunacy.

It is a conflict between thought and emotions ; it is a planetary onslaught on fundamentally everything that we consider human.Gerry is a schizophrenic patient that is fundamentally a text edition instance of what the disease is. He shows every celebrated characteristic of a schizophrenic, he is thought-disordered, delusional, paranoid, and he has perturbations in his temper. He had a normal childhood, he subsequently on graduated as a constabulary officer. His female parent now recalls that if they would hold caught on so that he had schizophrenic disorder, it would of been much better. He has a changeless fright of the fact that person wants to kill him.

Gerry feels that most surely an bravo type individual is traveling to kill him. He stresses that the manner he will decease is that he will be electrocuted ; the cause of his decease would be because of the wickednesss that he has committed in the yesteryear. These are non new experiencing to him at all, he invariably feels this. He has a great fright of most people. He feels that he was raped a few times when he went to kindergarten, and besides when he was seeking to raise his manus in category, a black kid would knife him in the dorsum of the caput with a pencil. All of these statements are false, but because of the fact that he is delusional, he feels that all of these thoughts are true and they did go on. When he was asked what he would wish to be helped with, he stated that he would & # 8220 ; like to discontinue smoke, cleaned up, travel place and back to the bakeshop, and travel to school to go a physician. He was faced with the determination to remain at the establishment that he was in or to acquire out of there and to be forced by the province to travel into a publically funded type of establishment. He kept on reiterating that he will remain merely if his female parent will besides remain with him, but she is merely able to travel to him one time a month. The ground why the physicians and his parents don & # 8217 ; t want to let go of him is because they are afraid he will ache himself. He has voices in his caput, normally male voices. The voices invariably accuse him of the past offenses that he has committed. At times, they tell him to make things, such as to stand up and go forth the room. They besides say things to him that frighten him or upset him. His female parent states & # 8220 ; there ( schizophrenics ) head is like that of a motor, it & # 8217 ; s invariably rushing. His head is ever making some kind of idea, when he sleeps he even has incubuss because of it.Abnormalities of thought, feeling, and perceptual experience ; these are all affected. The planetary damage of our encephalons, of all of our complex maps has occurred. Very frequently, a individual might travel into psychosis, or the backdown from everyone and everything that is familiar and known. It can lasts for old ages, and there is no remedy or no existent manner to assist the victims. In order to understand the patients disease, we can interrupt it down into tierces. The first 3rd, the victim might hold a schizophrenic onslaught one time or twice, and they carry on life as if nil of all time happened. The in-between 3rd receives the onslaughts on an off and on footing, and they do profit from therapy. The last and most serious tierce are called chronic schizophrenics. They ne’er recover from the disease and no sum of therapy will of all time assist them. Since their disease will last old ages and old ages, encephalon harm occurs because of the chemicals that cause the disease. The upset attacks the highest maps of our encephalon, those are the exact same maps that separate us from animate beings.To bear a kid that is so different from the others, that is considered such an castaway, that entirely is a enormous trouble that the parents must populate with. Schizophrenia has been considered a disease that is caused by the manner that the kid is nurtured. For many old ages, this has been the common belief and therefore was accepted. Recently, nevertheless, scientists have begun to get down to analyze and to inquiry that old pituitary. Not to hanker ago the disease was thought of being depth psychology, or caused by injury inflicted by the household, by the early childhood experiences of the patient. Although that was besides believed for quiet some clip, it was proven to be wrong. Schizophrenia is non caused during or because of 1s childhood. In the last 25 or 30 so old ages, we have determined that our genetic sciences have a really strong factor in the development of schizophrenic disorder. Although it is true that if person in your household has the disease, you will besides develop it. Although there are besides many instances in which relations of one person have the disease, and yet that single ne’er inherits it or possibly they merely don & # 8217 ; t develop it.Mrs. Owens had a boy that has late developed schizophrenic disorder. A major portion of her household has the disease, and yet she ne’er expected to be personally attacked by it. She says you try to happen a individual that looks, acts, speaks, and even walks like your boy, and so you try to replace this new boy with your old one. One of the first marks of the disease that her boy showed was that he drew a type of existence on the dorsum of a mirror. It was rather neatly and nicely drawn, there were many words that accompanied the drawing that had small if any significance in the human linguistic communication at all. One twenty-four hours, hen the boy was entirely in the house, his voices in his caput told him to cut off one of his ain toes. His female parent believes that he was in a different topographic point, infinite, or even universe when he committed this. Stress from the outside environment has a major consequence on how the victim will move. If the country in which you live in is nerve-racking, noisy, and such ; so the patient will hold a much harder clip to retrieve if he or she of all time recovers. But if they live in a suburban country, where it is comparatively quiet and it has a nice natural scene, so it will be much easier for the victim to retrieve.Schizophrenia is largely considered a upset that is a grouping of different upsets. We must near it with different tools. The hippocampal cells relate to the ways that we feel, the manner we feel with the country around us. Besides, the agreement of the nervus cells has a batch to cover with the upset. In a normal human existences encephalon, the nervus cells are arranged in rows, everything seems that it is in order. However, when you take a same of a schizophrenics encephalon, the nervus cells are wholly spread out. They seem to be in entire pandemonium, no order is present what so of all time.When Gerry goes on a visit place, he invariably asks the driver and tells the driver that the constabulary are traveling to kill him. He invariably blows things out of proportion, he states that he can raise two thousand lbs, when in world he would ne’er be able to raise that physically. When he gets place, he invariably argues and cries at his male parent. He states that his male parent wants to kill him, and he even asks the male parent why is he traveling to kill him. He subsequently besides admits that he is afraid of his male parent, he says that he is a good male parent, and even though of his age, he is till able to kick his buttocks. He besides states that a certain physician told him that he is so sane that he is insane. He invariably is reiterating that he has no merriment at all, ne’er any merriment, and so on. All his male parent has to state to this is that it is difficult to raise this type of kid, particularly since it is at that place merely kid. Ever since he was a immature male child, he was given everything that was possible for him. The parents were invariably seeking to do life easier for him that they had it themselves.Heather is besides a schizophrenic. She states that she has kryptonite inside of her organic structure, and she has to imbibe tonss of java and dad in order to maintain it down. She besides says that she has a monopoly in the java industry. She asks the newsman often if he eats natural eggs. She believes that male childs are the 1s that get pregnant and non misss. She has been put in and out of private infirmaries to house her, but now that