There are many different types of visual film techniques that I see being used in contemporary television. Some of the techniques I see are the use of extreme long shots, which shows a lot of landscape that helps establish the location and atmosphere of the film that is being shot.

Another technique that is used frequently is the use of a bridgingss shot, which is used to cover a change in time or place. Some specific television visual techniques that I see utilized in contemporary film is the use of the digital imagery. Digital imagery is the representation of a two-dimensional image using ones and zeros (binary).

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Depending on whether or not the image is fixed. Digital imagery has been used to replace actors in certain films with digital figures instead. The technique can spare the actors, cinematographers and hair and makeup people a lot of time and effort while opening up new storytelling possibilities, since such flashbacks can now be done more convincingly. There are many ways in which film and television have influenced each other during their shared history. One example is the use of certain technology that starts off on television and is successful, so it is then applied to movies as well as vice versa.

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