Matthew Clark, Howard fan and Friend of TGR, has a new audio production making its premiere tomorrow evening (Monday, 07/16) on KBOO radio of REH’s “Vulture’s Sanctuary.

” The show will air live at 11:00 pm PDST and will be streamed on the internet.. If you can’t listen to it live, Matthew will have it permanently posted on the Gremlin Time section of the Oregon based radio station’s webpage in about a week.As readers of this blog know, Matthew has previously produced three other Howard stories: “Pigeons From Hell,” “Wild Water” and “The Valley of the Lost,” all of them posted on KBOO’s website. In addition to Robert E. Howard, Matthew presents stories a by a host of other classic authors: Jack London, Damon Runyon, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edith Warton, Rafael Sabtini, Zora Neal Hurston, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sosiki Natsumi, and many others.

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So if yuo want to hear a good want to hear a good story, tune in for a full hour on the 3rd Monday of every month.Here is Mathew’s description of this classic pulp western adventure by Robert E. Howard:

Tonight, Fortunato presents “Vultures’ Sanctuary”, an old school western by Robert E. Howard, first printed in 1936. At first, Big Mac just wanted to take a real vacation in California. But, he’d stopped off in the lawless town of Capitan, and there was this girl, Judith Ellis, who at first, thought the big man was just another brawling roughneck. Now, he was riding deep into the wild mountains of the Guadalupes and into the middle of an impregnable outlaw stronghold to rescue her from the clutches of the mysterious bandit chief, El Bravo.

“Vultures Sanctuary” and the other Howard radio plays are great adaptations and well worth a listen.