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vvvvHuxley’s  and P.D. James Vision of a Dystopian WorldThe novel that best embodies the dystopian genre is the children of men since the infertility issue is far more serious than in brave new world and the government in children of men is more totalitarian,tyrannical and racist than in brave new world.First of all, in Children of Men the infertility issues are far more serious than in brave new world since the last baby born was two decades ago and humankind has lost the ability to procreate. Indeed, in 2021 people cannot have a baby because the men are infertile, they have zero sperm count. The author explained that they were many caused for the infertility problem, women were post-poning having children because of their career and also birth control and abortion were also an important factor. In addition, the youngest person in the planet “Joseph Ricardo ” died in Bueno Aires in a bar fight at the age of 25 and this tragic event has caused the people to panic. In other words, the conflict of infertility has led to the depression of this society and if it gets worse it could slowly lead to the extinction of the human race. Furthermore, Theo, the main character, states that no other generation has been as much scrutiny or has been as indulged as the Omega. However, in Brave New World there is no infertility issue since the babies are created through a unique scientifically process called Bokanovsky and there are various types of babies. Moreover, Brave New World can be interpret as being a Utopain society because the majority of the people living in it seem to be very happy since they are all raised and nurture scientifically to do and think what they are told as the director in the novel said ” Can’t you see? Can’t you see? He raised a hand; his expression was solemn. Bokanovsky’s process is one of the major instruments of social stability!”(Huxley, p.4). Further, what the director meant was that this scientific process brought solidity and purpose to the society. Additionally, in Children of Men people are encouraged to have babies since the human species is in danger and in Brave New World the society discourage their population to have children since they already live in a “perfect world”. Lastly, the two novels are faced with different conflicts with infertility. Unfortunately, in Children of Men it is a matter of life and death and in the other book it is not.Second of all, one can see that the governments in Brave New World and in Children of Men are completely different. Indeed, in Children of Men the government and the situation is far more chaotic that in Brave New World. Additionally, in Children of Men, the British government portrayed by the author is an anti-immigration totalitarian and fascist. Furthermore, the government has kept their borders closed for eight years and they have hunted down all the immigrants they could find and they have rounded them up like animals in cages and sent them to a refugee Camp. In addition, the government treats the population as if they were objects, for instance, in the novel they are people called ” Sojouners” they are immigrants that are brought form other countries to do some specific task and once they completed their task they are deported. Another example is when the government kills everybody that is too old or is described as being a burden to the society. Indeed, once someone becomes dead weight they kill them in a mass suicide as if they were the weak of the herd in order to prevent misery for others. All through the novel, one can see that there is a lot of injustice, for example ” it is said that when an Omega is caught he is offered immunity if he is prepared to join the state security police”(P.D James, p.28) this means that the Omegas are treated differently from the others since they are the youngest. Moreover, the people in Children of Men live under strict rules from their government and Xan Lyppiatt, Theo’s cousin is one of the many who enforce those unrealistic rules. Theo’s cousin, Xan holds a position of power as the warden of England and has at his disposal the state security police who are the ones that maintains law and order in England and the grenadiers that are the soldiers that form Xan’s personal army. Further, he is portrayed as being the antagonist since he is after Theo and Julian because she is pregnant. In chapter 8 the characters, Julian, Luke and Theo talk about how they do not live under a “sound government” which means “good public order, no corruption in high places, freedom from fear of war and crime, a reasonably equitable distribution of wealth and resources, concern for the individual life”(P.D James p.68).   However, Brave New World revolves around the idea of totalitarianism and it predicts a future overpowered by technology, according to Aleksandra Kovrlija (The Novel Brave World Is Dystopia). Finally, the situation in Children of Men is worse since one can imagine the chaos that the characters are living and in Brave New World the characters are not living in a chaotic situation where their lives are at stake since their world can be describe as perfect because of the advanced technology.In conclusion, these two books are dystopian novels and yet they both describe different version of what a dystopian world might be and these novels can be interpret as a warning of what our world might become if we do not start to change how we live as a society. In addition, Children of Men is the novel who represents better the genre of dystopia since the situation is far more complicated and chaotic because of the infertility issues and the problems with the government than in Brave New World where the people live in a perfect society.