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The text deals with a brand new kind of Tourism – War Tourism.

Our society has changed and some people want another kind of Holliday than the generally popular and common charter-Holliday. These people are not youngsters but frequently adult which apparently want some other experiences. It is not a big business yet but it is definable growing.

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After travelling to etc. Mallorca, Malta, Rhodos a hundred times mum and dad wants to try something new. People want action and excitement and that is why the concept of “War Tourism” has got a brand new meaning.

We will have a closer look at “Quenching the thirst for war” by Hadas Kroitoru.The article is written in the light of some interviews with etc. Geoff Hann. Geoff Hann is the owner of the company Hinterland Travel agency. The agency arranges travels to Iraq, Afghanistan, southeastern Turkey and Iran – in other words travels to some of the worlds places marked with years of conflicts and maybe war. We may think, “What is so interesting about travelling to these dangerous places? ” My first answer would defiantly be the moment of danger or action, but if we ask the agency we’ll get another answer “They don’t mind the occasional element of danger involved.But the are not necessarily thrill-seekers.

” As former written is the “common” customer adult grown up people and would under usual circumstances not be the usual group of “thrill-seekers”. Thrill-seekers may often be younger people who want to try to push themselves to the limit. When we are trying to define who these “tourists” are and why they are doing it, it is important to understand the difference between the “war-tourist” and the “thrill-seeker” except the age.

The war-tourist is not looking for a seconds long adrenaline-kick.They are looking for some “different and interesting” – which they may find at the places that the media tells about everyday, but where no one actually have been. “They come to “see for themselves” that which the media so heavily covers and, according to many sceptical Westerners, sometimes misrepresents” But I do not think that the only reason to the enlarged “War Tourism” is criticism of the media. Geoff Hann tells about an experience from one of his travels. He was caught between warlords in a pretty dangerous situation but luckily the situation ended up peacefully. Such encounters, says Hann, are just part of the experience – and part of the “fun” – of touring with Hann’s UK-based Hinterland Travel agency” As the quote tells it is the dangerous situation or the danger of actually becoming in a dangerous situation also a common and an important thing for these kinds of travels. No matter what Geoff Hann says the war and what is included in the war is important for these tourists.

You would not have to go to Afghanistan, Iraq or whatever if you just needed something “different and interesting”.I am sure it is possible to find something “different and interesting” other and more peaceful places than war-zones. Of course the definition of “interesting” is different from each person you ask, and that may be the keyword. It is the war right now that is interesting. It is not world war two or another war years ago – it is interesting to be in the war right now.

“… tourists who go to places like Afghanistan and Iraq to try and get close to what is going on there – now that’s a morbid fascination with war say Prof. John Lenon” It is adult people who do not need or seek an adrenaline-kick in the same way as younger people do. Being there, being in danger, feeling the atmosphere of war and feeling the moment is “enough”. The article deals with an older woman who states that if she were aware of any danger she would not be able to enjoy the tour. But I mean, she is travelling to place were there is war or just have been war. She may be aware that she is not home in her own safety-area behind her little white fence, but in a place where people actually die in a large number.No she is no a part of the war, and she is not going to kill someone. She is not a soldier and not a decent sacrifice of the war, so maybe she feels safer in that way.

Still we all know that it can be dangerous and no matter what – it is an important part in some way for the tour. The “excitement-barometer” can be very hot of various things from person to person. Some gets excited by bungee jump and bullets flying around their ears while others gets excited by feeling the atmosphere and seeing the recently bomb buildings. It is different experiences and can be various kinds of “dark tourism” but the feeling may be the same no matter who you are. As mentioned through the essay I do not think that the danger is not a part of the excitement of the tour. The author interviews and talks with people who etc. says that they would not go if the were aware of any danger and so.

He uses descriptions of the tours and tries to make it exciting, which is fair enough. But come on – the danger is defiantly a part of that kind of holiday.