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The new move Twilight is coming soon and I am faced with a decision, should I wait until it comes on television? Or should I pay to see it when it comes out? Although both sounds like reasonable choices, but watching the movies at home on television is better than watching the movie at the theater. The reason is because you do not have to pay the high prices, chose bad seating which makes you uncomfortable, and listen to rude people while you are trying to enjoy the movie. Paying to watch a movie at a theater is very expensive. The ticket price varies for children and adults at certain times of the day.

Snacks, such as popcorn, candy, and soda are too expensive to pay for one time or event. On the other hand, watching a movie at home is much better. The cost of a movie is free to watch with family. Most of all, you can choose any snack you desire that’s free during movie time at home (Money Blue Book, 1999-2011). Being comfortable is another big factor in determining whether watching a movie at home or at a movie theater? At the theater, comfort ability is not an option. All chairs in the theater are made in a certain way only allowing you to sit in a position in which the chair is made.

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Comfort ability at home is another story. When watching a movie at home, you have the choice of sitting on the floor, sofa, or chair (Watching a Movie At Home or In Theaters, 2011). Anyone that pays good money to watch a movie at a theater plans to enjoy themselves without interruptions. Ringing cell phones is one major noise maker that keeps you from watching the movie, because if it is not yours you are trying to see who phone is ringing, taking your eyes from the screen (Using English, 2000-2011). Then you have missed some of the movie, which makes you upset, because you don’t know what’s going on.

Sitting next to obnoxious people that makes deep sounds, smack on their food, and walk in front of you, ”probably to use the restroom” or whatever is a big interruption too (Money Blue Book, 1999-2011). Watching the movie at home gives you the option on interruption. You can easily stop the movie if your phone rings. If you want to eat something you can push the pause button to stop the movie and return to it when you get ready. Also, you can go to the restroom and not miss a bit of the movie. In the end watching a movie at home is much better than watching a movie in the theater.

Even though at home you have to deal with commercials, take them in a positive way. You can take a bathroom break, get a quick bite, or just stretch and you will not miss the movie. Although you will not be one of the first to watch the movie you will hear enough about the movie. Then you will know if the movie is worth watching, and you will not have to spend a dime.

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