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Water Aid

Water aid is a national
organization and in 2015 the United Nations launched the global goals for
sustainable development which made this organization an international. The
founders created Water aid in 1981. “We believe our vision
is within reach”. This organization is non-profit making.  Annual
Report and Financial Statements 2015–16



Water aid help the
people to access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene. “Globally,
2.6 billion people have been reached with safe water and 2.1 billion with
sanitation since 1990.” Water aid was
first established in 21 July 1981 and there first project was located in Zambia
and Sri Lanka. The organization started in two countries and now they are
helping people all around the world.     Annual
Report and Financial Statements 2015–16


Ownership and Liability 

Water aid is a registered as a charity. It`s not an organization which
earn profit. Liability doesn’t apply to Water aid as they do not have any
strategy to earn profit. As this suggest that no one has the responsibility to
own up to if the organization goes to debt.


Water aid
tends to employ workers to help the organization and try to reduce the number
of death and to give access to countries which have unclean water. As water aid
have and estimated figures of how much people they could save from death
because of the unclean water. The more employers and voluntary there is the
more fundraising which will enable them to help stop the diseases spreading
rapidly. “You are the driving force
behind everything we do.” The purpose and the aim of Water aid is to give
people in need of clean water and to reduce the number of deaths.




aid is an organization which provide tertiary which is providing a free service
to people. Water aid transport the water to the countries that need water to
save people lives also Water aid does advertising so people can fundraise to
the organization to collect donation to buy the equipment for the countries
that need help and support.




aid is an international charity organization which means that this organization
helps to solve water problems and reduce diseases globally around the world. In
additional Water aid works with 38 countries around the world which suggest
that this organization is international.




aid is mainly located around Africa, America, Europe, Asia and Pacific. Water
aid is currently helping 38 countries and are willing to help other countries
in the future if more people are volunteering. 
Water aid started just national in the United Kingdom but in 2015 the
organization grew and was globally. There are many people that voluntary to
help in this organization and many of this volunteers are student from
universities around the United Kingdom. In the UK there is around 1000
volunteer network and has currently 820 staff in working around the world. This
suggest that Water aid is a large organization as they have more than 249