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Medical Marijuana Essay, Research Paper

We Need to Change the Laws Regarding Medical Marijuana

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Since 1937 marihuana has been illegal in our state for all intents. From that clip many Americans have thought of it as a unsafe drug, and its medicative value has been disregarded merely because it has been labeled as an illegal substance. Recent surveies show that marihuana is so safe and has many modern medicative applications. It is proven to be good in the relief of symptoms of AIDS, glaucoma, malignant neoplastic disease, and epilepsy merely to call a few. I feel that the bulk of the populace does non cognize all the facts about the medical usage of marihuana. Without significant public support, marihuana will go on to be prohibited by the authorities and many patients will go on to non have necessary intervention.

Possibly the biggest misconception of marihuana is that it is non safe. On the contrary, marijuana is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known. No 1 has of all time died from an overdose, and it has a broad assortment of curative utilizations ( 4 ) . Harmonizing to Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, marihuana is one of the least toxic substances in the whole pharmacopoeia ( 3 ) . It is besides one of the most tried curative drugs ; historical records show that marihuana was a prescribed drug throughout China since the 2700s B.C. ( 3 ) . To this twenty-four hours, more is known about the curative utilizations of marihuana than about most prescription drugs. Marijuana has been tested by 1000000s of people for 1000s of old ages. In all that clip, there is non a individual reported decease caused by devouring marihuana ( 3 ) . As opposed to the petroleum methods of smoking the drug, marihuana can be given in the much safer pill signifier or by an inhalator. This already safe drug can be taken utilizing a pill signifier or inhalator since it is known that smoking marihuana causes lung harm.

The authorities used to claim that marihuana putting to deaths encephalon cells. Government experts now admit that pot doesn T putting to death encephalon cells. This myth came from a smattering of carnal experiments in which structural alterations ( non existent cell decease, as is frequently alleged ) were observed in encephalon cells of animate beings exposed to high doses of pot. Many critics still cite the ill-famed monkey surveies of Dr. Robert G. Heath, which purported to happen encephalon harm in three monkeys that had been to a great extent dosed with marihuana. This work was ne’er replicated and has since been discredited by a brace of better controlled, much larger monkey surveies, one by Dr. William Slikker of the National Center for Toxicological Research and the other by Charles Rebert and Gordon Pryor of SRI International. ( 2 ) Neither found any grounds of physical change in the encephalons of monkeys exposed to day-to-day doses of pot for up to a twelvemonth. Human surveies of heavy users in Jamaica and Costa Rica found no grounds of abnormalcies in encephalon psychological science. Even though there is no grounds that pot causes lasting encephalon harm, users should be cognizant that relentless shortages in short-run memory have been noted in chronic, heavy marihuana tobacco users after six to twelve hebdomads of abstention. It is deserving observing that other drugs, including intoxicant, are known to do encephalon harm. A myth is that marihuana leads to harder drugs. There is no scientific grounds for the theory that marihuana is a gateway drug. The pot-using civilizations in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America show no inclination for other drugs. The gateway theory took clasp in the 1960ss, when marihuana became the taking new recreational drug. It was refuted by events in the 1880ss, when cocaine maltreatment exploded at the clip marihuana usage declined. There is grounds that marihuana may replace for intoxicant and other difficult drugs. A recent study by Dr. Patricia Morgan of the University of California at Berkeley found that a important figure of pot tobacco users and traders switched to Meta Amphetamine ice when Hawaii s marijuana obliteration plan created a deficit of pot. ( 2 ) The one manner in which marihuana does take to other drugs is through its illegality ; people who deal in marihuana are likely to cover in other illicit drugs every bit good. Another myth is that marihuana causes birth defects. While experts by and large recommend against any drug usage during gestation, marihuana has small grounds implicating it in foetal injury, unlike intoxicant, cocaine, or baccy. Surveies have found no apparent nexus between antenatal usage of marihuana and birth defects in worlds. A survey of Jamaican adult females who had smoked pot throughout gestation found that their babes registered higher on developmental tonss at the age of 30 yearss, while sing no important effects on birth weight or length. ( 2 ) While marihuana usage is non recommended in gestation, it may be of medical value to some adult females in handling forenoon illness or easing childbearing.

Throughout its long medicative history, marihuana has established a broad assortment of curative applications. Most late, it has been used to handle some AIDS patients. It can redu

ce the sickness, emesis, and loss of appetency caused by the virus itself and other drugs ( 4 ) . Marijuana besides reduces force per unit area within the oculus and thereby alleviates the hurting and slows sometimes stops the advancement of glaucoma, the taking cause of sightlessness in the United States ( 3 ) . Marijuana treats epilepsy and has been known to forestall epileptic ictuss in many patients. It is considered to be the best medicine for many types of epilepsy and for most victims post-seizure injury ( 1 ) . In add-on, marihuana alleviates sickness and hurting associated with malignant neoplastic disease chemotherapy interventions. Research has shown that marihuana has besides been proven to alleviate megrim concerns, control malleability of multiple induration, and assist emphysema patients breathe easier. ( 1 ) . All of the scientifically proved interventions that I have merely discussed will hold no incorporation in medical specialty until stairss are made for its long delinquent legalisation.

Even with marihuanas s wide medicative utilizations, the federal authorities has stood in the manner of many provinces that wanted to utilize it in research. When the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was passed, the authorities idea of marihuana merely as a unsafe and habit-forming narcotic disregarding its pharmaceutical value. Since so many provinces have questioned the drugs medicative properties. Although the federal authorities has issued the overruling prohibition of marihuana, the provinces have held the right to take condemnable punishments for medicative marihuana. In the last 20 old ages, ten provinces, including California and New York, have removed condemnable punishments for ownership of personal usage sums ( 4 ) . Alaska, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Arizona, and California overpoweringly adopted enterprises relieving patients who use marihuanas under a physician s supervising from province condemnable punishments. These Torahs do non legalise marihuanas or alter condemnable punishments sing the ownership or cultivation of marihuana for recreational usage. Nor do they set up a legal supply for patients to obtain the drug. They simply provide a narrow freedom from prosecution for defined patients who use marihuanas with their physician s recommendation ( 5 ) . State legislative assemblies have the authorization and moral duty to alter the province jurisprudence to relieve patients with a physician s recommendation from prosecution for ownership and cultivation. In add-on, they have the power to exempt physicians who recommend medicative marihuana from prosecution. However, province authoritiess that want to do marihuana medically available have been halted by the federal authorities s predominating prohibition. Even California s Proposition 215 can non maintain patients and physicians free from federal prosecution. In the interim, patients continue to endure. Congress has the power and moral duty to implement a more humane policy that would let all 50 provinces to find their ain policies with respect to leting or forbiding the medical usage of marihuana. Currently, some patients enduring from AIDS, glaucoma, malignant neoplastic disease, epilepsy, and other unwellnesss are either non having the medical marihuana they need or are put on the lining penalty by obtaining it illicitly. Marijuana has been proven to be a really safe, non-toxic curative drug ; there is no ground for it to be illegal for the intervention of these patients.

Before oppositions of medical marihuana can do their ain determination on the affair of leting the drugs use as medical specialty, they must retrieve that this motion for legalisation for medical intents by no agencies assumes its legalisation for recreational usage. Medical marihuana Torahs would be regulated and doses would be controlled. Marijuana is excessively far utile to be excluded from available pharmaceuticals. I would detest to see its high medicative potency be overlooked merely because of legal affairs.

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