Presents, cordial reception and touristry is one of the largest economic activity in the universe, became an economic sector has an of import function for economic development, national society of the universe. This is a smokeless industry, it earned foreign currency for many states and it is besides an economic unit with the fastest growing in footings of making occupations.In the hereafter, cordial reception and touristry industry affected by many factors to the success, outside the natural conditions of the state, besides have to advert the increased publicity of touristry merchandises, utilizing information engineering to publicity of national image for international friends, create favourable conditions to make clients.Besides, societal factors, technological factors, economic factors, ecological factors, political factors is besides consequence to cordial reception and touristry. Among them, technological factors which are considered of import factors in the development of cordial reception and touristry.

The popularity of information and communicating engineering to entree information on travel and booking easy, fast and inexpensive. Promoting the advantages of the development of information engineering, the usage of the site aims to convey information on touristry to the tourers, specializes in circulating information about tourer sites and tourer Tourss. Besides these sites were built and developed with the purpose of propaganda tool, advancing the image information on hotels, run intoing the online booking search free.One symbolic illustration of the usage Internet to advance touristry that is plan “ To better the quality of services – Ho Chi Minh City – 100 interesting things ” in 2009, organized by the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism Ho Chi Minh City. That plan select the touristry merchandise unique and attractive, manner to construct the touristry merchandises typical nature to present with domestic and foreign tourers, to better the image of Ho Chi Minh.100 interesting things about:10 VIETNAMESE BOUTIQUE SERVICES HOTELS10 AUTHENTIC AND ATTRACTIVE FOOD WITH VIETNAMESE FLAVOR10 MOST DISTINCTIVE SOUVENIRS OF VIETNAM10 BEST TOURIST SHOPPING PLACES10 VIETNAMESE MUST-TASTE10 MOST UNFORGETTABLE SITES10 STYLISH COFFEE SHOPS10 PROMINENT CULTURAL, SPORTS & A ; TOURISM EVENTS10 MOST FAVORITE CITY TOUR PROGRAMS10 Exciting ENTERTAINMENT VENUESAfter the ballots are 100 interesting things, they conducted to advance merchandises to domestic and foreign tourers through website Ho Chi Minh City 100 Excitement.

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This is a typical illustration, through the usage of information engineering to assist international friends should understand the touristry industry in Vietnam, besides, besides help visitants have a precisely pick of travel merchandises.With cordial reception industry, utilizing web site and cyberspace contributed in conveying a market advantage, easier to pull off the growing of eating house and client demands. It help clients shorten clip looking for information about finish, booking room, where to eat, where have amusements aˆ¦ all that information is already in the web site. Web site poses a batch of information about hotel, eating house and travel bureau, when client submit that information, they can take goods or services which make them satisfy.When you sign in the web site of Sheraton Saigon Hotel and Towers, you will experience satisfy with a batch of information about overview of Sheraton hotel, exposures, characteristic and activities and a batch of convenience. In there web site ever appear reserve in malice of you change another page of this web site, it make easier when client want to book online in all clip.

Besides, that web site besides provide of import information as publicities, particular offers, particular monetary values, price reductions, vouchers aˆ¦ This web site besides provides name of all eating houses in Sheraton Hotel and present the visitants when they should imbibe or eat and what they should imbibe or eat, it besides provides clip unfastened and close of those eating houses, culinary art and atmosphere, so the visitants will hold a batch of pick in their trips.In add-on, that web site provide information about conditions, local country map and transit of Ho Chi Minh City. Thus, visitants want to see Ho Chi Minh City will to experience secure when mark in web site of Sheraton Hotel because that have what they want.One more web site provide on-line reserve systems worldwide ( Global Distribution System – GDS ) , that is Genares ( ) , visitants use GDS can reservation hotel around the universe. Merely create history on GDS, the client will happen information about history of the hotel, monetary value of every room, and price reduction priceaˆ¦ Service of Genares conveying a batch of advantage for visitants, it connect with more than 1000 touristry websites all over the universe.

So that, information about eating house or hotel on web site will convey of import sense in developing and keeping quality of client. The content must be offer meaningful information and visitant satisfaction so that they will come back to visit.

Software in pull offing touristry and cordial reception:

One of most of import factors more to lend to the success of cordial reception and touristry industry that is direction. Addition, the package and applications helps direction better, easier, most attentive and more resourceful.With POS ( Point of Sale ) , it was be built when eating house operators looking for the manner to function their clients better, pull off employees easier and command dealing nutrient and drink precisely. Functions of POS system include: reduced service clip, order truth, security of hard currency dealing, reduced preparation load, public presentation control, gross revenues coverage, reduced larceny aˆ¦ In general, POS system focus three maps: Gross saless direction, Purchasing direction, Storehouse direction.

This system aid pull off day-to-day activities, from order nutrient and drink, guest-check settees to dealing by recognition card. It besides save the clip for employees, can work out demands of client fastest. So that, all sections of hotel have POS system such as eating house, kitchen, the saloon aˆ¦

Gross saless direction:

Functions include Customer Information Management, Information Gross saless, Gross saless Management, Debt of clients and take attention client better. Besides, this map besides support gross revenues section can care clients better through clients debt and figure of dealing of each client.With Gross saless direction, when clients order nutrient or drink, cabin crew recorded by hand-held devices or enter straight at the POS machine. Information will be checked and moved to bartender or kitchen to do nutrient or imbibe.Special, nutrient or drink can be order follow petition of invitee and they frequently wholly satisfied with service.

Besides, pull offing employees really of import to function invitees, there forward, the control of working clip of employees, eating house is really flexible in modulating together. The director can cognize gross revenues, tracking accounting, direction of nutrient inventoryaˆ¦and the director will hold programs to import nutrient or drink sensible, avoid harm and loss.

Buying direction:

With purchasing direction, order depend on stock list, purchase, depot and payment cost of buying.Besides, director can cognize goods are purchase by who providers, how much the monetary value and sold to whom, manage stock list for each point ( if there are a batch of points ) .

Storehouse direction:

Besides the maps as export, import, preservation, it besides provides more convenient to pull off many points of goods.

The decision: