For the rating of the two web site. I choose 3 chief standards. such as “The content of the website” . which means. what is the aim of the company? What are the organization’s ends by making this web site? Second. the “Design” is of import. why the company used this colors.

or images. or symbols? If the web site have dynamic and clear pages. it’s better to pull the attending of the visitants. Finally. if the web site are “visible” on societal webs for case. and the pilotage has to be “easy” for the mark audience that they want to make.Refering the web site of Pedicabs. I think it is made to inform people of the alternate manner of transit.

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and seek to convert them to utilize those trikes. by explicating “What’s a Pedicabs? ” and “What’s Spokes? ” . Furthermore. they offer to people a service. more eco-friendly.

by exposing the job of the turning demand for parking and public transit. Furthermore. they show us a really dynamic page.

like if we were siting a trike in the metropolis. with a really colorful web site. The trade name image is ecological. and we can see the emotions that they want to convey.

like a peaceable metropolis. really quiet. without pollution and conveyances problems.Finally. it is easy to voyage on this web site. you can download the map. and there’s ever the most of import subdivisions following you on the web site.

so if you want to hold the contact of the company. you do non hold to seek for a long clip. and they are seeable on societal webs. I think.

it’s a simple web site. there is non a batch of reading. they are traveling directly to the point. and you can understand quickly that this company provides a service. However. we do non hold some of import information. for illustration. it would be great to hold a portion dedicated to the monetary values of the trikes.

The web site Dadaab has been created to inform people. and to back up a human-centered organisation. When we visit this web site. there is a batch of narratives to read. and videos to watch. it’s really alive. The most advantage of this web site.

the paragraph are really clear. and non long. people enjoys reading the history of this small refugee cantonment. and because it’s a topic that concerns everyone. do a colourful and animated website it’s the best manner to acquire people’s attending. I don’t believe the chief aim of the company is focused on a concern end.

because there are explicating all their actions. and visitants are non obliged to do a contribution. But. by informing people of the state of affairs in the northern Kenya. it can appeal them to back up Dadaab. and follow their actions in those cantonments. and possibly do a contribution.For a human-centered company.

it is really of import to hold a beautiful design. with a tonss a visuals. because they have to affect the visitants. so they can be attracted by the web site. Like on the other web site. we can see all the Windowss on the top of the page.

with the chief topics following us. when we are sing the web site. and that’s easier for us to happen something. In add-on. the snipping “about” is a strategic pick.

and I think it’s really of import to hold it. because the visitants ever visit it. to hold a sum-up of the company.

and have no confusions. Finally. another standard is the buttons who appears in all the pages.

like “Subscribe to Dadaab” or “Donate” and the links for the societal webs.