The final volume of Wildside’s ten volume set of The Weird Works of Robert E. Howard will ship at the end of next month.  With the release of A Thunder of Trumpets, this long suffering collection will be complete.

The majority of the contents are stories and poems published in Weird Tales after Howard’s death, including his sword and planet novel, Almuric.Overall the ten volume collection is really nice, especially with Stephen Fabian color covers featured on each one. However, considering the first volume appeared in December 2004, it has been a long road for fans and collectors. For those of you who stuck with the collection to its conclusion, I salute you.  Volumes 2 through 6 appeared in 2005 and 2006 — then publishing slowed to one volume a year for 2007 through 2010.

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This was due to Paradox Entertainment acquiring Robert E. Howard Properties and asserting its rights, limiting the volumes to hardcover only and Wildside getting sidetracked on other projects. But editor Paul Herman soldiered on and completed the series.

Below you will find a list of contents and ordering information.

A Thunder of Trumpets Contents:Introduction by Mark Finn“Pigeons from Hell”“The Last Hour”“Ships”“Lines Written in the Realization That I Must Die”“A Thunder of Trumpets”“Recompense”“The Ghost Kings”“The King and the Oak”“Desert Dawn”Almuric“The Hills of Kandahar”“Song at Midnight”“Witch from Hell’s Kitchen”“But the Hills Were Ancient Then”“The One Black Stain”

A Thunder of Trumpets can be ordered through Wildside’s website. Also, with a coupon code you can save $5.00 on an order of $25.00 or more (use coupon code 5BUCKSOFF), save $10.00 on an order of $50.

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