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West Side Story Essay, Research Paper

During my holiday in North Woodstock, New Hampshire, my two friends and I came

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across The Papermill Theater. An old tally down mill, turned into a theatre, with

tonss of history. We all decided to go to the drama, West Side Story, trusting it

would be a good experience. As we entered the theatre my eyes swayed from left

to compensate taking in all the history of the edifice. I saw old ceilings and walls

with different factory machines with in them. I came across the old set up of the

constructing dwelling of a rundown phase with many scene props and dust-covered old

chairs. These chairs truly stood out, they were all otherwise designed and

all different types. Some were foldable chairs while others were cushion film

like chairs. As the three of us discovered our seats we noticed how popular the

show truly is, as a affair of fact all 100 seats ended up being filled. After

everyone was seated I took out my plan brochures and began to read about the

backgrounds of the histrions and actresses. I discovered that they were all

professional histrions and actresses and had produced three well-liked dramas

already this summer. These dramas were? Anything Goes? , ? She Loves Me? ,

and of class? West Side Story? . As I continued to read I besides cited the

images and the descriptions of every histrion. I became really dying to see what

was to

semen of this production. The visible radiations eventually went out and I was immediately

enthralled with the dramatis personae and secret plan. The drama focused around the two packs, the

Jets and the Sharks ( the Puerto Ricans ) . They continued on to place the

ill will of these two packs through vocal dance and of class playing. Every

scene alteration was non a done with a drape, but instead a limelight. This

technique I enjoyed and found really challenging to watch. As the histrions toured me

through the drama act by act I enjoyed it more and more. I even felt suspense

while the battles went on and the twosomes fell in love. By the terminal of the drama I

was so caught up in the minute that I felt the cryings of unhappiness as I wept for

the atrocious decease of Tony and how much unhappiness it brought to non merely Maria, but

besides the other packs excessively. In fact both packs felt so much unhappiness that they all

assisted the transporting off of Tony to his grave. At that minute I knew Tony? s

decease resulted in peace between both packs. The drama was a calamity, but did hold

a instead positive stoping in one manner. This production was such a fantastic

experience for me that I would wholly see traveling back to see another one

and more. I give much recognition to every histrion for the perfectly fantastic occupation

they did in the drama. They made it so existent for the audience. I praise the

Mainstage Acting Company on what a terrific public presentation they held.