Westward Movement Essay, Research PaperThe West, is so much more to American history than merely a central way. Between 1815 and 1850, it was the sight of many of the events which set case in points, left bequests, and created struggles. The War of 1812 had simulated involvement in the West by uncluttering out the native Americans supplying huge sums of land ready for any who were willing to take on the West In the old ages instantly following the 2nd war for independency, 1000s of people migrated from the new universe, or immigrated from the old to the West. .

As the state expanded the West became the & # 8220 ; land of promise. & # 8221 ; During theses old ages the populations of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan grew enormously. The so called & # 8220 ; Era of good feelings & # 8221 ; began with Americans looking hopefully towards the west.For a hundred old ages after Jefferson, the existent history of the U.S. was the colony of the land between the Appalachians and the Pacific Ocean. It was one of the greatest migrations in human history.

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It went in moving ridges: the Kentucky febrility, the Oregon and Texas febrilities, the Gold Rush, the Kansas febrility. Zebulon Pike announced in 1810 that a big portion of America was hopeless desert, purchase by 1850 this excessively, had yielded to Mormon declaration and irrigation and long horned tip. It all happened so fast that neither the Mexicans, who lost the empty half of their state to the infiltrators of & # 8220 ; manifest fate, & # 8221 ; nor the bison, which were reduced from an ocean to a oddity in three human coevalss, rather knew what hit them. And where the colonists went, the & # 8220 ; civilizers & # 8221 ; adult females, sermonizers, Scribes, gamblers, speculators, shopkeepers, headmasters, and work forces of concern went excessively.

Wherever there are people there are jobs, and the West was no exclusion. The westbound motion of the population brought the enormous job of bondage, into light. Until this great motion of people had occurred, the slave-holding sou’-west and the non-slave-holding Northwest had experienced parallel growing. The issue was forced on both Congress and the United States by immigrants and bargainers who moved into Missouri. Once the colonists had established themselves at that place, they began to demand the political and civil rights and privileges which they become accustomed to in the older provinces, or districts from which they had come. In 1818, the Territory of Missouri applied for admittance to the Union as a slave province. At the clip of the application there were an equal figure of slave and free provinces in the Union. The balance was about to be upset.

Of couse this balance had been upset, temporarily, in the past but antecedently it has ever been easy to make up one’s mind whether provinces east of the Mississippi River should be break one’s back or free. Both Mason and Dioxin & # 8217 ; s line every bit good as the Ohio River formed a of course good understood boundary between the two subdivisions. Unfortunately no 1 had of all time constructed such a line West of the Mississippi River, and to do affairs even more complicated one half of Missouri was north of the Ohio River while the other half was south. Both the house and senate hotly debated on this subject for months. Finally a via media was reached. The Missouri via media stated that Missouri could be admitted as a slave province, and Maine would be admitted as a free province to keep the balance of power. The via media besides banned bondage from the Louisiana Purchase North of the southern boundary of Missouri, except in the province of Missouri.

The Missouri Compromise temporarily maintained the balance between free and slave provinces, nevertheless this crisis was small letter in comparing to the terror that originated in the West in 1819.A terror is a finicky and economic crisis marked by public loss of assurance in the finicky construction, it is characterized by tallies on Bankss and a rapid autumn of the securities market and normally ensue in bank failures every bit good as bankruptcies. The Panic of 1819 was non an exclusion to this norm in any manner. In January of 1819, the national debt had skyrocketed to $ 95,529,648.28. Western province Bankss had been excessively optimistic and had overextended recognition.

The Bank of the United States could hold taken control in the affair, but alternatively became caught up in the haste for net incomes. In late 1818, managers began to recognize what a job they had on their custodies and began to take long delinquent stairss to cut down recognition. They ordered subdivisions to accept no measures but their ain, to show all province bank notes for payment at one time, and to regenerate no personal notes or mortgages. The consequence was to rush the inevitable terror ; and in 1819 all the bank managers in the United States could non halt it. Many province Bankss collapsed, and tremendous sums of Western existent estate were foreclosed by the Bank of the United States. The turning animus of the now foreclosed West against the evil E and its bank, threatened the patriotism that until the panic struck had been turning in the West. The state & # 8217 ; s first domestic crisis and first finicky terror came from the West.

Hope excessively, came from the West, the handiness of land, and the chance to break one & # 8217 ; s station in life could non be dampened by any crisis. The West necessarily survived, more than that it thrived.It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful excessively frequently bend the Acts of the Apostless of authorities to their selfish intents.

Differentiations in society will ever be under every merely authorities. Equality of endowments, of instruction, or of wealthy can non be produced by human establishments. If the full enjoyment of the gifts of Eden and the fruits of superior industry, economic system, and virtuousness, every adult male is every bit entitled to protection by jurisprudence ; but when the Torahs undertake to add to these natural and merely advantages unreal differentiations, to allow rubrics, gratituties, and sole privileges, to do the rich richer and the potent more powerful, the humbler members of society the husbandmans, mechanics, and labourers who have neither the clip nor the agencies of procuring like favours to themselves, have a right to kick of the unfairness of their authorities. There are no necessary immoralities in authorities. Its evil exists merely in its maltreatments. In the west all people were considered equal. The land and the people were new. They were all equal in the sense that they all arrived, near to the same clip.

There were no traditions or set down keeping households that could be considered superior to those immigrants from the lower categories, or even from other states. These feelings of equality nurtured democracy. From these strong feelings of equality and democracy, came pride for the state. The patriotism, of the West, although tested was non killed.

These jobs were in fact merely a little part of what was approximately to come in the undermentioned old ages.