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What About Bob Essay, Research Paper

In the film, What About Bob, the chief character Bob Wiley is one of Dr. Leo Marvin s newest patients. Dr Marvin is an edgy, narcissistic head-shrinker who can t delay to acquire on Good Morning America to present his new book about emotional upsets. When Leo goes to New Hampshire to fix for his Television visual aspect and holiday with his household, Bob decides to label along, flim-flaming the physician & # 8217 ; s replying service into uncovering his location. Before long, Bob turns Leo & # 8217 ; s holiday into a incubus, winning over Leo & # 8217 ; s married woman and childs even as he drives his head-shrinker to the threshold of psychosis. Bob Wiley had rather a few upsets which, Dr. Marvin was unable to command. Bob s phobia s and upsets are all serious and immediate medical attending is needed.

One of Bob Wiley s biggest neurotic upsets was societal phobic disorder, or an irrational anxiousness elicited by exposure to certain types of societal or public presentation state of affairss, besides taking to avoidance behaviour. Bob told of his problems of being in certain state of affairs, and his symptoms of sickness, unwellness, hurting, etc. that lead me to believe that he needs intervention of his societal phobic disorder, or he may even be agoraphobic, which is the unnatural fright of unfastened or public topographic points. Social phobic disorder is a really prevailing and enfeebling upset, with public talking anxiousness being the most common fright among socially phobic persons. Although there are a figure of effectual psychosocial interventions for societal phobic disorder ( i.e. , cognitive-behavioral interventions and exposure therapy ) really small is known about the

underlying mechanism of curative alteration, and the variables that are prognostic of intervention result.

Among his problem in societal state of affairss, he besides has a phobic disorder of being soiled, Automysophobia, and hypochondria, the relentless neurotic strong belief that one is or is likely to go sick, frequently affecting experiences of existent hurting when unwellness is neither present nor likely. His inclinations of doing certain to ne’er touch anything that may hold sources, or diseases on it, tells me that he most probably has a fright of going dirty, diseased, or ailment.

Bob s fond regard and dependence show me besides that he has a fright of being alone or solitariness, which may either be, Isolophobia or Monophobia. His changeless inability to go forth Dr. Martin s side shows his exposure and a status where he is afraid to be without person. Bob tried to get the better of this fright by besides transporting a fish around with him, which kept him from going upset. Bob took the initial measure by doing a friend, his fish, and I applaud his effort to remain off from purdah. A simple remedy for his solitariness is a spouse or friend, and possibly even some psychiatric aid to get the better of his fright.

Bob Wiley showed to be a really complex and unnatural being. His behavioural inclinations lead me to believe that he has rather a few neurotic upsets. As a professional head-shrinker, I recommend Bob to seek immediate attending from either myself, or any of my recommended co-workers. His phobic disorder and upsets are rather serious, and many more may refer to his status. Professional aid may be Bob s merely hope.