What are your thoughts about having a mentor?In life, a person always needs someone to guide him or her to accomplish the things or tasks that he or she needs to accomplish. Usually, this person is called a mentor but can come in many forms such as a teacher.

As early as childbirth, everybody already has his or her own mentor in the form of his or her parents. Parents serve as the most important guide of the newborn as they help the baby grow into a person who can stand up for himself or herself. Without parents, the baby would not survive.In the same sense, I believe that everyone needs a mentor in all aspects of life. In a job for example, it would always help to have someone who’s already experienced the things your about to experience as your mentor.Mentors provide their pupils the necessary lessons for them to be successful. They also nourish them and train them so that they may be prepared for any difficulty or obstacle they may face.

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In addition, a mentor would be the person I would run to when I have questions or problems about my work or my task. The mentor could suggest solutions, give pieces of advice, and help me work out those problems.Moreover, a mentor could also serve as my inspiration or motivation. Since he or she has already reached the position I want to reach or has already gone through a lot in life, I would be motivated to reach his level of success or even surpass it.In a company for example, my mentor could either be my boss or my direct superior.

As their pupil, my motivation would be to be able to reach their position someday and become as successful as them.In this connection, mentors also serve as standards. At beginning, as their pupil, I may be below their standards, but if I work hard, I could exceed those standards and even become a mentor myself someday.However, it could also be argued that the things that a mentor teaches could easily be learned through books and instruction manuals. This means that if a person could easily grasp a lesson that he or she could read in a book, then he or she no longer needs someone to teach it to him or her.

Although books and other reading materials can greatly help in the learning process of the pupil, the skills and lessons that a mentor imparts to his pupil can never be found in any book since these are based on actual experience.In martial arts for example, a book can never tell what it feels like to get hurt or fall down. On the other hand, a mentor can teach you not only how to fall but also how to get back up again.One other thing that is helpful about having a mentor is that they see things differently than a pupil does.For example, when facing a major crisis or a big problem, a mentor would react calmly and immediately think of a solution without using resorting to the harsh measures that a pupil usually uses.Over-all, more than a person’s enrichment of knowledge and honing of skills, what a mentor also does is to help his or her pupil attain personal and professional growth.