Last updated: April 16, 2019
Topic: BusinessMarketing
Sample donated:

What aspects of the message need to be considered when developing a message strategy and why?

Message strategy: The message strategy is a part of creative strategy that leads to the development of sales messages, brochures, and advertising. The components of a creative strategy are effective communication and target audience.

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The proper and effective communication aims at the actions or changes desired from the communication to solve the problem. The target audience is the population to whom we desire to communicate the message. It is important to develop marketing or sales message for promotion of the product.

The message strategy forms a foundation to all the marketing. The message must be highly focused and precise and lets the consumers explain and convey the benefits of your product. Message strategy consists of

(1) A positioning statement and

(2) Three support points.

Positioning Statement: The positioning statement serves as the central idea for all the marketing activities. Two one hour sessions are required to create it; the first session to brainstorm each question and the second session to focus on refinement and agreement. It should be clear, consistent, unique target oriented and well defensible statement about what the business and organization are and to whom the company serves. It should be adaptable to various media.

Use various latest media like Microsoft Windows 3.0 and Microsoft Business Solutions etc. to create, publish and public viewing of the positioning statement. It should be of short sentences and in simple language and of average level difficulty, so that a customer of average intelligence can understand it. It should be well supported by three additional benefit claims.

Support points: Support points are to explain and justify the positioning statement with three claims and explain how you achieve your marketing targets. All the statements qualify the same criteria as mentioned above a must be detailed enough to provide a structure for product demonstrations.

Reference: Consumer Behavior 7th ed, 2000 by Schiffman; chapter 9