Due to the fact that I am an Accounting and Finance double major there are many needs that this computer I am buying for the University of Delaware and after must contain. To start off, I will start with talking about what this computer needs for both aspects of college and post college.First and most obviously, this computer needs to e able to connect with the Internet quickly and efficiently while also being portable, meaning it should be a laptop. While in college I will be bouncing all over the place from classrooms to the library and post college I will be traveling on business most likely. One of the most important things this computer must have is the best security program out there.

In college I will be doing projects and other types of work on this computer and if this information is taken it can be very bad for myself.Eventually I can see myself as an accountant which meaner dealing with people’s money. If a arson’s financial statements are on the memory of this computer, there needs to be a security system that blocks hackers from stealing these statements and committing identity theft against some of my clients. Another very important software that needs to be on this PC is disaster recovery software.

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If something were to go wrong on this computer, both a large project that I am working on at the University of Delaware or a client’s finances/taxes, could be lost and then this could get them or myself in trouble with the government.Getting into the specifics of my major, the majority of classes hat I will need to graduate will be math or business related. There are really no other subjects that I will be required to take in which I will need specific software for on this computer. But for these math and business related courses, there are different types of software I will need. For the bulk of my business classes they will be in the accounting and finance area.

Therefore, I will need an accounting software program where I will be able to prepare financial statements, whether they are someone’s taxes or a current company’s balance sheet.I will also need software that ill allow me to prepare excel sheets while also being able to create power points and databases. Along with all of that stuff, I will need a program that allows me to type papers tort college projects and tort graphs or charts that people can view. There does not to be any sophisticated applications like the ones they have on the Mac computers. Looking forward to some specific classes I will have to take in my major there are subjects such as statistics and finance where I will need specific software’s for each of these on this computer.A few small software items I would like for this computer to contain is organizational software. This can include a calendar so I will be able to write down when assignments are due during college and can also use this feature post college to write down my schedule as far as meeting and appointments go. Section 2 (What Computer System Configuration Do I need): The hardware parts of the laptop computer that are most important for my goals have to do with the life of the battery on the laptop, the speed of the computer, and large memory.

As stated before, the life of the battery is important due to moving from place to place while at the University of Delaware and when I have a Job going on business/attending meetings. The speed of the computer is a given of being important, it is very stressful and difficult to work with a computer that is slow. Work needs to be done by deadlines both during and after college so a fast computer is a necessity. And the large memory is also another obvious importance. There will be multiple documents, spreadsheets, graphs, presentations, and financial sheets saved to this computer.There needs to be enough room to hold all this information and memory. As far as software importance goes, there are a few software programs that are extremely important to my work throughout college and career. The first one is the most basic and is usually on every computer.

The software Microsoft Office will need to be on this computer, which consists of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powering, and Microsoft Access. These programs will give me the ability to form documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and databases. All of these programs of this software will be used in both college and during my work in my career.There will also need to be Norton AntiVirus software on this computer, another basic software that is usually on most computers to block viruses and hackers from entering the computer and destroying it. Recovery software is also needed on this computer as stated before, most computers these days come with this anyway. As for the specific software I will need for the Accounting and Finance major and my career as an Accountant, I will need Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2012. This is the best accounting software that is out there today and it covers both the accounting and financial aspects of dealing with clients.

I will be taking statistics classes and therefore need the Microsoft Excel for assignments like making graphs and charts based on statistical information given to me. Calendar and planning software can easily be downloaded from the Internet for free. Section 3 (What Kind of Computer Can I Afford) The price comparison of three different computers is listed in the table below: Name of Computer I Leno Thinkable Laptop I Dell Inspiring ERR I HP Pavilion DTV Quad edition series Price processor I Intel core ‘3-MM processor (2. GHZ, MOB LB, 1333MHZ) 1 2nd generation Intel@ Core”* 15-MM processor 2. 40 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.

0 up to 3. 00 GHZ 1 2nd generation Intel(R) core(TM) ii-DQMOT (2. 2 GHZ, MOB LB cache) with Turbo Boost up TTT. 1 GHZ I Memory | 4 KGB DRP- 1333MHZ (1 DIM) 1 BIB Dual Channel DRP STREAM at 1333MHZ 1 BIB DRP system Memory (2 Dim) I Battery | 6 cell Lie-loon Battery – 55+1 1 Up to 5.

25 hours of battery life (6 cell)+++ I Operating System I Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64 | Genuine Window” 7 Home Premium, 64-Bit, English I Genuine Windows Home Premium 64-bit I Display type | 14. ” HID (1366 x 768) LED Backbit Anti-Glare Display, Mobile Broadband Ready | 17. 3″ HID+ (1600 x 900) LED Display with Truffle 1 17. 3″KGB GODARD Radon(TM) HID MM Graphics [HID, VGA] I Hard Drive | 500 Hard Disk Drive, norm 1 BIBB SAT Hard Drive (5400 RPM) 1 BIBB 5400 RPM Hard Drive with HP Protectorate Hard Drive Protection I Cost of all software need on this computer | $372.

93 | $372. 93 | $372. 93 | Total cost of computer + software $1,221.

93 | $1,082. 92 | $1,272. 92 | Cost of software needed on computer: Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting 2012 – $199. 5 Microsoft Windows 7 (includes Microsoft Office)- $119.

99 Norton AntiVirus Internet Security 2012 – $52. 99 Section 4 Considering all of these computers have everything that I was looking for and needed on this computer, each of them had their own individual qualities that were utter than the other two, I need to compare prices relative to quality in order to come up with the one I will choose. To start off I want to compare the two most expensive computers, the Leno Thinkable and the HP Pavilion DTV Quad edition series.The HP Pavilion laptop costs about 50 more dollars than the Leno laptop yet its features are better than the ones the Leno has. Some better qualities are that it has a better processor making it a faster computer, more memory, the same amount of battery life, a larger screen, larger hard drive, and the same operating system. For all of those better features I will spend the extra fifty dollars. Now onto the cheapest laptop out of the three, which is the Dell Inspiring ERR.

Comparing this laptop now to the HP Pavilion once again has to do with price related to the quality of its feature.The Dell laptop costs about two hundred dollars less than the HP Pavilion. Yet, the HP Pavilion has a slightly better processor, more memory, same operating system and screen size, and a larger hard drive. Now the question is, are these better features worth the two hundred extra dollars? The HP Pavilion Leary is better but the Dell Inspiring ERR is definitely a quality computer worth the money you pay for it.

My choice out of these three laptops is the HP Pavilion DTV Quad edition series.Even though it is the most expensive, it is not that much more than the other two and its features are much more impressive than the other ones. The following qualities of the HP Pavilion were keys that I mentioned before in Sections one and two: It has the best processor making it the tastes computer out to the three It NAS the largest memory at 8 KGB out of the three allowing it to store more information that the other woo.

It has the same battery life as the others as well as the same operating systems and screen size as the Dell laptop.Lastly, it has the largest hard drive and with this hard drive comes hard drive protection, having to do with the importance of not losing items on my computer. Considering I will have this computer all of college and for the start of my career in Accounting and Finance, it is worth it to spend the extra two hundred dollars to have all of these great features and will make life much easier for me. This computer is by far the best out of the three, should last a very long time ND be worth its cost.

It fits comfortably under the $1 ,500 budget while saving some money.