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What Can Money Buy Essay, Research PaperImagine for a minute it is your large sister? s seventeenth birthday. Sheis out with her friends celebrating, and your parents are at the promenade withyour small brother making some last infinitesimal birthday shopping, go forthing youplace entirely. You so hear a knock on Thursday vitamin E front door. When you getat that place, cipher is at that place, merely an anon. note taped to the door that saysHappy Birthday, along with a 100 dollar measure. You? ve been deceasing toacquire that new picture game, and your sister will ne’er cognize. You are facedwith a tough determination, but non a really uncommon one.

In both Fences, byAugust Wilson, and A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansbury, toughdeterminations have to be made about acquiring money from person else? sbad luck. But money? s that of import right?The function of money in people? s daily lives is rather astonishingwhen it? s put into position. The primary ground most Americans get upin the forenoon is so they can travel out and do money. Money buys things ;money influences people ; money keeps us ali ve ; money makes us happy. Ordoes it? In Fences, by August Wilson, the Maxtons acquire their money whenGabe? s caput is shot in the war. In A Raisin in the Sun, by LorraineHansbury, the Younger household gets their money when Walter? s male parent dies.But do the Se things make them happy? Of class non. They are comingupon money from person else? s bad luck, person they love.

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The moneymay hold made life easier for a brief minute in clip, but the freshness shortlywears away and world shortly returns.The interesting thing about these two novels is that the moneyreceived by both the Maxtons and the Youngers did precisely the antonym ofwhat everyone expected it to make. It eventually made jobs for both ofthe households. In Fences, the Maxtons usedGabe? s money to purchase a house and even though it seemed like a good thought,when Gabe moved out, it caused a great trade of guilt in the household, butparticularly in Troy. He merely couldn? t get over how he? used? person heloved so much, and they didn? t even kn ow it.

In A Raisin in the Sun, theYoungers besides buy a house with the money the life insurance gave them.But their job are caused non by guilt, but by two wholly differentemotions. One is the feeling of being the object of racism in their new degree Celsiussommunity when the? Welcoming Committee? attempts to acquire them non to travel in.The other one is the combination of licking, loss, choler, and self-pityfelt by the whole household when Walter loses the remainder of the money and theYounger household is left with nil but a house in a vicinity wherethey aren? T wanted.

And money is a good thing?Answering that inquiry is a simple one. Yes, money is a goodthing when it is dealt with in the right manner. Both the Maxtons and theYoungers had problem in how they handled their money and that led to manyof the jobs they both faced. Money is wh at makes the? universe gounit of ammunition? in our modern society, but it? s non a manner to mensurate success, love,or felicity. As Bob Dylan put it, ? What? s money? A adult male is a success ifhe gets up in the forenoon and goes to bed at dark and in-between doeswhat he want s to make.

?All money truly is, is a manner to purchase material things. Certain, it? sof import, but non near to how of import the people we love are. Theyare where existent felicity comes from, non from small green pieces ofpaper.

Happiness is non holding what you want, it? s desiring what you have.